“Voting Democrat for 200 Years” – How LBJ Made Black Americans Dependent on the Government

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, and Vincent Oshana are joined by Stephen A. Smith!
Stephen Anthony Smith is an American sports television personality, sports radio host, and sports journalist. He makes frequent appearances as an NBA analyst for ESPN on SportsCenter, NBA Countdown, and the network’s NBA broadcasts.

In this clip they discuss How LBJ Made Black Americans Dependent on the Government.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

I think things are so different today Because you want okay let's go back to You've talked about this before and I'll Just kind of ask you I think it's good For the audience if you want to go Through it 1960 uh 64% of African-Americans would Were Democrat yes sir the rest was Conservative yes sir let's put liberal And conservative that's a better way of Saying it right 64 liberal 36 Conserva 1964 four years later 92% blacks are voting Democrat yeah Lind To be Johnson civil rights legislation So what what what happened there maybe Maybe give a little bit of the history Of gow you know Lyndon Johnson what he Did JFK is assassinated Lindon B Johnson's in office Republicans and Democrats back in the day dixie Crats Bipartisanly bring a bill to the desk of Lind B Johnson he signed civil rights Legislation in the Law according to whatever report you Believe Linda B Johnson Says we bring this legislation we signed This legislation in the Law we'll have the Negroes voting for us For the next 50 years MH sure enough That's what it was um and I think me Personally as I've edified myself over The years to See what's been transpiring in our

Community on one hand when I look at Legislation and I think about Affirmative action and other things and I see how I've benefited because Opportunities were given to me at a Particular moment in time in the 80s for Example when you know that some would Say may not have been given to me if I Were not an African-American or or you Didn't have affirmative action in the Place and what have you when you hear Those things you're trying to lean left Because you're saying they're thinking About us they're thinking about us and Like you said those Messengers from the Democratic party are very profound You've got Jimmy Carter in office but The economy was so bad so Reagan had to Get him out of there but you got Reagan In office from 80 to 888 you're looking At what transpired in his administration Good or bad depending on how you think About it but if you're not Educated what are you thinking did he Care about black people you're actually Asking those questions if you're coming From the black community and you're not Reading all the time you're not Educating yourself cuz you're literally Trying to survive and when that happens Ultimately it becomes habit your mama Voted Democrat your dad voted Democrat Your Big Sister Big Brother voted Democrat how could you think about

Voting any other way and all of a sudden Those habits kick in and then you get Older and older and you start seeing how It profoundly affects your life as an Individual and you're like wait a minute Like for example for me when we go back To 206 2020 um yeah Hillary was somebody That I would not have mind seeing in Office in 2020 I can tell you right now I would voted I would have voted Foration In 26 I would have voted for quich I Would have voted for Chris Christie I Would have voted um definitely for those Guys and there's a plethora I would have Voted for Nikki hilly if Nikki hilly was Running right now instead of Donald Trump she would be getting my vote over The Democrats I wouldn't hesitate I Wouldn't hesitate Because no matter what you think about Those folks they show you they know how To be an adult in the room that's a far Cry from where I was 15 20 years ago it Would have been Democrat all day every Day I don't think like that now I don't Think like that now and I don't and and Honestly speaking I don't think anybody Should I don't think it's right to have Any party affiliation with today's Politics because I don't think you can Trust either side I think you got to Watch what they do see what they do and

See what policies work best for you and Mark Levin once said this to me along With Dr Michael Eric Dyson he say hey Man most people vote their issues They're not looking at you you can bring Up gration the economy whatever issue is Most near and dear to them that's what They focus on so you got a black Community right now that'll look at Joe Bid you know what you know what you know What they'll say right Now well you know Barack Obama gave About 328 $330 million to HBCU Historically by colleges and Universities Trump comes in there he Gives about 360 eight years later Barack Obama did that in 2010 Trump did that in 2018 about 360 million but now look what Biden and Biden Administration done They've dedicated over 7 Billion for some folks that's enough not For me not for others but for some folks That's enough and it's about finding That one issue because why how did they Learn then this is why I can't I can Fault the politicians just as much as I Can fault the voter because folks got That way because the politicians got Them that way cuz you go into the Comm You go into their respective communities And you give that song and dance and That lip service about that one issue They cared most about that's what you Wanted that's what you trained the voter

To be like and in most instances now It's coming back to bite you may I I Want I want to say cuz you said a lot And I want to I want to write it down And I want to go through each of these To the best of my ability so 1964 rob You pulled it up and I'm glad you said It because I I went and actually looked At Snopes go to Snopes because I wanted To know did he actually say that right Because this is what we found I won't Read it but the audience can read it uh Uh can you go a little lower where it Shows the whole thing okay we can just Show that at the top and then we'll read The whole thing okay right here you can Do that right there These that's right they're getting Pretty up it these days and that's a Problem for us they've got something now They've never had before the political Pull to back up their Uptin now we've got to do something About this and we've got to give them a Little something just enough to Qui them Down not enough to make a difference and Then boom you know that line you brought It up I'll have him voting this way Democratic for the next 200 years you Know what Snopes said Snopes didn't say It's not right go a little bit more Unproven and snopes is one that would Typically be quick to say they never Said this then CNBC writes an article if

You can pull this one up uh CNBC writes An article saying Lyndon Johnson was a Civil rights hero but also a racist and If you look at the stuff about him how Many times he dropped a you know NW and All this other This guy was not wanting to do what he Did with civil rights credit goes to one Man and the community that pushed it There's a reason why we all have a Poster or painting of him in our offices And our walls and he's admired by Everybody it doesn't matter Left Right Center white black Asian Hispanic Everybody loves and admires what this Man one of the greatest movements of all Time he accomplished it in a peaceful Way different than x he was able to get It done right Okay um at that time you know can you Type in Civil Rights march just type in Civil Rights march if you don't mind Doing that just type in Civil Rights March and go to images if you could do That you know when you type in civil Right click on that first picture what Do you see a lot of look at the way They're dressed yeah just look at the Way go to the bottom left picture maybe That's got more people in suits bottom Left bottom left look at the ties look At the suits at the tuxedos look at the Bow ties wow pure class on the way it's Being dressed so Lyndon Johnson wore on

Poverty 1964 do you know at the time him Uh uh can you look up when Planned Parenthood came out maybe you look and Look at I don't know the exact year when The plan parent to come out I think it Was 71 72 70 what year is it go a little Bit uh singer whatever her name is where He started the movement anyways so you Look at some of this data and you see That we went at the time when kids are Being born yeah only 4% of kids in America if you can pull up the stat rout 4% of kids in America were born okay Yeah in single family household 96% Mom And Dad yeah fast forward we went from 40 to 4% to 41% and by the way it's even Higher for African-Americans this is America this is not African-Americans Percentage of children born out of Wedlock but African-American is to the Roof that wasn't the case you guys were Always United conservative it's a good Community respectful Bible Bell when I Was in in in the Army and my friends in The Army I was hanging out when I would Go see their families I was afraid of Their mothers no no seriously your Mother would have talk to me like I'm Her son and she would put me in my place It was a different kind of a culture That was what I was accustomed to right So to me when they say systemic Racism if you want to give anybody Credit it's Lyndon Johnson and he he

Succeeded in actually trying to create That kind of an environment and the and The reason why he he he was very Creative on the way he did it is he Blamed the other side for it and got Them the the the blacks to vote Democratic for God knows how many Decades until now where things are Slightly changing and I'll wrap up the Thoughts here and I want to get your can I respond to what yeah absolutely I Think That when you mention all of those Things first of all you said nothing That I can dispute nothing because That's just factually correct what you Pointed out and I think that the Important thing to bring up when we Bring that stuff up is that is exactly The Reason Why black folks in America have historically over the last 50 plus years had that divide with the Republican Party stay with Me what happened is Patrick you invite Me onto this show and you talk to me We're having this Conversation you show me facts I leave this office I give you no Resistance and then you turn on the TV And I'm like Patrick B DAV is full of it Look what he brought up this some racist BS blah blah blah blah blah you'd never

Want to talk to me again it's Disingenuous it's not educated it's not Fair one of the things that we have to Pay attention to is that there is a Republican Party that can't disguise its Resentment towards Black America because Of what you just pointed out it's just That we're looking at it differently as This black person when I got to know Republicans and I heard my parents Speaking about conservatism and stuff Like that I remember asking my my mother One day I said you know that Fact how would you feel if you Know that you contributed to Bringing Civil rights legislation to the desk of The presidency to sign in the law and That was Ignored because the party that he Represented he made sure they got all The credit for what you played a role in Bringing to the table that helped the African-American Community supposedly And it was completely ignored you'd lose All respect because you'd Believe you're not educated enough You're not you're not doing you're Putting for your due diligence to know It wasn't just him it was us and his Intent wasn't honorable ours was I think That you have a lot of Republicans who Are knowledgeable about that history That you just pointed out and the

Distaste that they have had for African-Americans for a period of time At the very least emanates from that From folks not knowing what role they Play when I listen to a Sean Hannity or Mark Lin and Andrew Willow and others Talk about black America's history and Racism they never fail to point out the Democrats played a huge huge role in This y'all and the black community lets Them off the hook they look at us and There's a level of absolute frustration Palpable frustration that comes from That I don't always agree with it but I Understand it which made it easy for me To communicate with members of the Republican party when they come to me And they want to talk about different Issues cuz I'm like I want to learn more I want to hear this because you're not Going to come to me and engage in Demonization talking about the other Side in this case the right you're not Doing that what are your policies what Are you bringing to the table don't talk To me about them being racist because You know what Else you're asking me to assume you're Not how do I know you're not I know There were KKK members that in in Members of the democratic party that Were on Capitol Hill Robert bir of West Virginia to name one of them I know that For a fact and so why are we to assume

That just because you're a Democrat You're on our side so I do get where You're coming from and I understand yeah So to me that that part to me is you Know you you check policies to see how It's benefited a community and you say Yes or no you have no idea how much I my Favorite part of this podcast is when You said your mother when she went on Welfare she was despised of it and she Couldn't wait to get off of it I can't Tell you what that means to to me to Salute and and respect and then let's go To a couple other things you said on who You would vote for and who you wouldn't Vote for you said John Kasich he was he Was a Centrist I think he was an Independent I don't think he was a Republican but I think Heist yeah I Think he was he was a nice guy I think John Kasich was a nice guy he was a Republican Governor he was yeah he was Ohio he was a nice guy uh uh I think uh Christie yeah he's a fighter I actually Enjoy listening to Chris I think he's a Little bit I'm aware yeah and I was a Little bit like you know I think you Know I have some friends that were you Know part of Trump's Camp he fired him And then there's a bitterness and you Know that's between them I I just watch It and say you're not going to win being A bitter candidate it's just not going To happen you're not going to you're not

Going to win that way and you know maybe That was it it wasn't it is what it is Um Nikki Haley so you know for me when I Wasn't into politics mhm and I was Purely business guy like I don't have Time for this stuff man I'm yeah I'm Just going to go to business make my Money my dad's going to retire 99 that's A lot of people in this world yeah like I have zero desire for politics right And then the bigger I got I'm like oh You kind of got to study a little bit of Politics on what's going on right Because why why would I want to study Politics uh the taxes you pay is Politics right the policies in your Community is politics homelessness is Politics the war that happened that Wasn't safe is politics all that stuff Is okay I got to pay attention to it so A Nikki Haley very eloquent incredible Speaker tough right strong good Background you know all of that so now We're dealing with left right and then You have uh the the anti-establishment The anti-establishment and the Establishment okay the Anti-establishment is not Republican Like Kennedy were anti-establishment Okay uh uh Reagan was semi Anti-establishment uh uh Trump Definitely anti-establishment Right you can go Lincoln was Anti-establishment these are

Anti-establishment guys establishment is The big families you know you see some Of the guys that been president multiple Times that's establishment when when Somebody's part of the establishment They're part of the same party okay it's No longer like a left or right Nikki Haley to me is part of the establishment She's an establishment right she's going To do what the establishment right's Going to do and in many of the states She got all the Democratic votes they They were willing to vote for her you Know some of the big money guys said are In New York establishment guys are Willing to give him give her the money I Can no longer remain in today's Democratic party Tulsi gabard said she Is no longer a Democrat a potential Tulsy gathered VP where we are being Told that we just have to comply and go Along with whatever they say American People uh are smarter than this however We must remain Vigilant to recognize Their propaganda for what it is pure Life unfortunately we live in a time Where free speech is under attack Whatever they say goes and we we have Have to just fall and the people who Suffered under your reign as prosecutor You owe them an Apology taking on kamla Harris on a Debate stage before I would look forward To doing that

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