VT.COM News Bites: Google is an alleged Democrat #Google #news #shorts

VT Creative Christie is back with a News Bite worth chewing on.

This time, Google is an alleged Democrat.

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Here with another news bite a recent Report unveiled by media Research Center Has stirred up some controversy alleging That Google was involved in election Interference for the past 16 years folks Get away from Google as soon as you can And they are the most dangerous company In America right now according to the Mrc's findings Google has allegedly Intervened in 41 instances since 2008 Consistently favoring the Democratic Party president of MRC Brent bazelle Condemned Google's actions labeling them As unacceptable and the biggest threat To American democracy today report Highlights interference back to the 2008 Democratic primary where Google Allegedly tilted supports towards Barack Obama while censoring criticism of him And his opponent Hillary Clinton during The 2016 election the report suggest That Google favored Clinton by Manipulating search results in her favor While allegedly neglecting similar Measures for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders moreover in 2020 it's alleged That Google censored Democratic Candidate tulsy gabard in favor of Joe Biden the question is who's going to Keep an eye on this search engine Oligarch when November comes make sure You stay up toate on all the news Stories over at vt.com

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