VT’s 24 Most Influential Last Names in 2024 #14

This list is a ranking of the 24 most influential last names in American life, chosen by the Valuetainment team. The ranking system measures four things: Social Reach, Economic Impact, Political Influence, and Family Duplication.

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Number 14 on the list is Kardashian Jenner with a net worth of $2 billion in Today's ever evolving landscape of Celebrity culture and social media Dominance one name stands out the Kardashian Jenner family theyve become The epitome of modern influence Transcending mere Fame to wield Significant economic and social power Through their ventures in Fashion Beauty And entertainment they've not only Amassed wealth but also shaped consumer Behavior on a global scale their reach Is staggering with millions of followers Across various social media platforms And a constant presence in the media Spotlight while their impact on politics May be limited their ability to sway Public opinion and drive Trends cannot Be understated comparing them to Families of traditional business or Political backgrounds like the Fords or The bushes the Kardashian jenders Represent a new era of influence a Dynasty built not on traditional power Structures but on media Savvy and Cultural relevance in conclusion they Have a social impact score of nine an Economic impact score of 7 and A2 a Political influence score of five and a Family duplication score of seven this Results in a total influence score of 7.33

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