VT’s 24 Most Influential Last Names in 2024 #21

This list is a ranking of the 24 most influential last names in American life, chosen by the Valuetainment team. The ranking system measures four things: Social Reach, Economic Impact, Political Influence, and Family Duplication.

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Number 21 on the list are the Obamas With a net worth of $70 million the Obamas maintain a prominent role post Presidency influencing Democratic Politics and social justice highlighted By barack's pivotal maneuvering in the 2020 election to consolidate support for Joe Biden Michelle with her widespread Admiration faces repeated calls to enter The political fry herself while their Influence is Undisputed the Obama's Legacy differs from dynastic families as Their children are yet to carve their Own public path This focus on Legacy through their own Actions rather than as a family Dynasty Places them in a unique position Inviting scrutiny about the extent and Nature of their influence in shaping Political Landscapes and societal Norms In conclusion they have a social impact Score of eight an economic impact score Of six a political influence score of Six and a family duplication score of Six this results in a total influence Score of 6.45

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