VT’s 24 Most Influential Last Names in 2024 #24

This list is a ranking of the 24 most influential last names in American life, chosen by the Valuetainment team. The ranking system measures four things: Social Reach, Economic Impact, Political Influence, and Family Duplication.

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Number 24 on the list are the clintons With a net worth of $120 million the Clintons with positions like the Presidency and Secretary of State under Their Belt have wielded significant Political power and managed a global Philanthropic Foundation their influence Comparable to the kennedies and bushes Extends Beyond politics into Global Charity however their legacy is marred By controversies and criticisms Particularly regarding their Foundation's operations and financial Dealings overshadowing their Philanthropic efforts Chelsea Clinton's Relatively subdued public presence Contrast with the family's otherwise High-profile activism and political Engagement hinting at a complex Legacy That intertwines significant Accomplishments with contentious Episodes in conclusion they have a Social impact score of eight an economic Impact score of six a political Influence score of eight and a family Duplication score of three this results In a total influence score of 6.25

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