VT’s 24 Most Influential Last Names in 2024 #6

This list is a ranking of the 24 most influential last names in American life, chosen by the Valuetainment team. The ranking system measures four things: Social Reach, Economic Impact, Political Influence, and Family Duplication.

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Number six on the list is Ford with a Net worth of $30 billion in the Industrial landscape of Detroit Michigan The Ford family Saga unfolds as the Epitome of American Ingenuity and Perseverance Henry Ford a Visionary Entrepreneur revolutionized Transportation with the mass production Of automobiles forever changing the World his Model T became an icon of the 20th century empowering individuals with Newfound Mobility as the Ford Motor Company grew so did the family's Influence Henry's son Edsel Ford played A pivotal role in shaping the company's Design aesthetic and expanding its Global reach despite facing challenges Such as the Great Depression in World War II the Ford's remained resilient Adapting to Changing Times while staying Committed to Innovation and quality Compared to other industrial families Like the Rockefellers their impact is More concentrated in the automotive Sector and their influence there isn't As dominant as it once was however their Philanthropic efforts spanning education Healthc care and Community Development Ensure their name will last for decades To come in conclusion they have a social Impact score of seven an economic impact Score of nine a political influence Score of seven and a family duplication Score of eight this results in a total

Influence score of 7.75

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