Want To Be Rich? Avoid These 3 Things!

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You watch every single productivity YouTube video your for you page on Tick Tock is filled with motivational David Goggins videos and you have read every Single self-help book and you can do all Of these things but at the end of the Day it means jack unless you Unshackle yourself everything you do is Futile all of it it's pointless because Yes you may take one step forward but You just take two steps back unless you Let go of these three things that I'm Gonna reveal in this video you can wave Goodbye to ever seeing a million dollars Sat in your bank account because life is All about offense and defense just look At Floyd Mayweather I mean he became the Highest paid athlete in terms of actual Career earnings from the sport by Mastering the art of defense or just Look at Warren Buffett his number one Rule of investing is don't lose money so The reason I'm saying that is because When you give up these three things your Defense is stronger you make yourself Stronger and what that means is you have To do less fancy things you have to be Less smart less talented less hard Working because if you give up these Three things you're already at such a Massive Advantage now one little caveat That I do want to make is that once you Reach a certain level of success you can Actually indulge in the things I'm about

To mention except for Point number three That I'll reveal in just a second so the First thing you need to give up if you Want to become rich is drinking now Before you click away and you think ah These are very obvious points listen Most of success is very obvious but yet You still don't do it so it's not about Hearing UniQue Ideas it's about hearing The ideas you've always heard but having Someone that you trust explain it to you In a logical manner you need to Understand that drinking is literally The devil it puts a cloud over your mind It ruins your sleep it leads to bad Decisions as well as very illogical and Sometimes very emotional decisions quite Simply you need to understand that if You drink and someone else doesn't they Have a competitive Advantage they will Destroy you in the marketplace so ladies And gentlemen until you see a million Bank and by the way if that's your goal Because for some of you your goal is to Make three or four thousand dollars a Month live in Thailand have a very happy Chill relaxed life and if that's what You want that is beautiful that's Incredible and go for it I'm speaking Specifically to the people who want to Become millionaires multi-millionaires Retire their parents give back to the Community do all of these things until You see a million dollars in your bank

Account don't drink give up drinking Because listen if you are a male under The age of 30 what is more important in Your 20s than having a strong body and Having strong finances you need to Understand the things you do in your 20s In terms of your physique your strength Your agility your speed your capability As well as what you do from a financial And income perspective that will set you Up for the rest of your life if you get To the end of your 20s with a solid Foundation in those two things it is Really and I mean really hard to up The rest of your life because you've Built such strong roots and you've given Yourself such an advantage as well as The right habit stack to carry through For the rest of your life quite frankly If you get this ship right in your 20s You basically play easy mode for the Rest of your life and so as I said until You see a million in your bank account Just stop drinking what's the point Especially if you are in your 20s Because you need to focus on strong body And strong finances and drinking alcohol Well of course there is the financial Side of it actually costs a lot of money And then more importantly there is the Cognitive side of it and by the way I Pretty much followed this path to T I Don't think I've ever told the story on A YouTube video but it was New Year's

2017. so some of you guys know my story Some of you guys don't without getting Too into detail I had a very difficult Upbringing in my younger years from the Age of 14 to 16 I dabbled in alcohol Drugs pretty much tried everything while Also being into reading books and going To the gym was very weird childhood but I remember on New Year's 2017 I wake up At 2PM I go downstairs my mom is in the Kitchen she was like where were you last Night because it was New Year's I didn't Even say Happy New Years to her and as I Was about to explain myself I turned Around and I throw up everywhere in the Sink I turn back and my mom has just Stood there crying and she's like I Don't even know who you are anymore and It's funny from that moment maybe except For two or three times for the next two Years I did not drink and the next two Years I made my first million dollars And because I didn't drink going Clubbing was not that appealing to me Partying was not that appealing to me I Basically just stayed at home locked in And worked on my business and that is When I went from having one client in my Business on the morning of 2017 when I Looked at my mom's face and she was just Disgusted by me all the way to two years Later making 70 to 80 000 A month's Profit from my business by the way you Can ignore these big numbers of eighty

Thousand dollars and seventy thousand Dollars and stuff like that I know for Some of you guys you just want to make Your first three thousand five thousand Maybe even ten thousand dollars a month From your business so I'm not gonna Touch Too Much on that in this video if You want to see that I recently uploaded One of my most popular videos you guys Went crazy for it it's a full breakdown Of how you get rich in your 20s step by Step I'll leave that as a first link in The description I seriously recommend You check out that video so Point number One give up drinking now the one thing I Will say is you get to a certain stage In life where you should drink obviously If you're not drinking for religious Purposes that's very different but I can Tell you right now in my position where I make 10 millions of dollars a year for My software companies as well as my Various other Ventures I have not met a Person who makes eight figures a year Plus that doesn't drink that's just a Pattern I've spotted do with that Information as you will I've just Noticed that in the higher echelons of Society people drink Fine Wines they Like their fine whiskeys I personally Hate whiskey I can't stand it so for That reason I don't drink whiskey even Though wealthy people do so I'm not Saying drink if you don't want to drink

I'm just saying it's a pattern I've Spotted because over a glass of wine or A drink deals are done relationships are Formed friendships are formed so I'm not Saying give up drinking for the rest of Your life I'm saying for your first Million it's honestly a lot less about Who you know and it's more about picking The right business model and sticking to It now the next thing to give up if you Want to be rich is women I have a 90 Male audience so I'm speaking to you Guys directly you know the way that I Was raised is as a man if you take a Woman out to dinner you pay for it There's no questions there's no F's ands Or buts about that I was raised very Traditional with the Eastern European Slash even Middle Eastern mother so for That reason until the age of 25 don't Even worry about women now also don't be Scared of women interact with women Don't be a weirdo or a creep in your Day-to-day life you can interact with Women of course if you find someone Attractive go up speak to them Compliment them but what I'm saying is Serious dating you are not in that Position right now and this goes hand in Hand with drinking because obviously Most the time when you're on dates You're drinking as well you need to Understand as a man Your Glory years are From the ages of a 28 to 38 that's

Really the years where women find you The most attractive you know it's funny I even have friends that would never Even go near a guy if he's under the age Of 30. you could take the exact same guy And change his age from 32 to 24 and she Just would simply not find him Attractive anymore of course in general Women are looking for older men because Usually they bring more stability more Guidance more wisdom more Direction so As a man if you know that why not spend All of your younger years work on Yourself make something of yourself Become the man that you want to become And then go present yourself to the World because listen I'm gonna be very Honest with you right now if you really Painted out like your dream dream dream Girl not the girl that you would settle For like your dream girl you probably Can't get her right now so what's the Point in going out there on dates on Tinder getting drunk all of this to settle for a woman that is Subpar from the vision of who you want To be with why not just lock yourself Away work on yourself as a man for a few Years in every area of your life and Then in three years five years eight Years present yourself to the world and You will be able to get your dream woman Like this because let alone being a high Value man you are a high value person

You can sit here and you can and You can complain that things are unfair For men and we have to sit and work our Way through our 20s and literally like a Sculpture shape and more for ourselves To become the right man in order to Attract our Dream Woman whereas let's Just be very honest a lot of women all They need to do is just be beautiful Polite respectful have good feminine Energy that's not something that takes 10 years of work to accomplish so you Can sit here and you can and you Can complain but that's just the way Life is so if you are not where you want To be cut the women there are Distractions what is the point in Settling for a subpar version of the Woman who you want to be the mother of Your children lock yourself in your House work on yourself and Present yourself to the world in five Years and you'll get her like this now The last thing you need to give up if You want to be rich is keeping up Appearances and no matter what position You get in life because unlike drinking And unlike women I think that once you Get to a certain place in life it does Make sense to incorporate those into Your life again if that's something you Want by the way everyone is wired Differently everyone wants different Things from life but keeping up

Appearances is something that you should Never ever divulge in ever I can tell You right now that so many of you are Stuck because you are paying for a car You cannot afford you're buying all this Gucci Balenciaga all this even though you cannot afford It you're taking trips to Dubai when you Afford it you're flexing you're stunning On the gram even though you are broke And you need to understand that that is A sad existence because every single Night you're gonna look at yourself in The mirror and understand that I'm not That guy and by the way I know of people Who make 20 million dollars a year and Spend 30 million dollars a year I know That sounds ridiculous to you I know That sounds crazy but there are some People that simply get all of their Worth from the money they spend the Lifestyle that they present that's it Now I have a very pragmatic approach I Save and invest 70 of everything I make And I know that a lot of people look at My lifestyle and think it's crazy that Sometimes I spend upwards of half a Million dollars a month but for me it's Just percentages and when I had no money When I was broke I was very cognizant And I was very aware of the fact that When I make money that is the most Dangerous place to be because that is Where you stop keeping track of money

That's where you just spend willy-nilly And the Empire that you build can Collapse in a second so Keeping Up Appearances no matter what position you Get to in life is something you need to Let go of if you want to become rich and Also stay rich now one thing I will Mention is it's something that you will Get out of your system you know it's Funny there's no Playbook on what to do Once you get money like there's no one Who has a guide that tells you hey spend Money on this because it's worth it Don't spend money on this you know There's not really that much advice out There so I will say as you start to make Some money you will probably need to get It out here system you will probably Need to flex a little and stunt your Money and throw it around but then You're going to get to a point where You're very comfortable with your wealth And for me comfortable with your wealth Does not mean that you have to be humble So that way other people think you're Humble if you want to fly private or you Want to spend money on this or you want To spend money on that do it it's your Money as long as it's reasonable as long As you're saving and investing a good Chunk of your money I think comfortable With your wealth is when one is Expensive and a lot of people will be Jealous or envious of it and the other

May be cheaper but you like the cheaper Thing and you're not going to get as Much recognition for it but you still go For it I'll give you an example and this Recently happened to me if there's two Cars and by the way you can totally Afford both cars in one car you can Flex On the ground with another one is a nice Car but it's not a head turner if you Simply just like this car more for Example if it's a Tesla compared to you Could buy yourself a Rolls Royce and you Could do that very comfortably for me Comfortable with your wealth is I like The Tesla so I'm just gonna buy the Tesla so the reason I say all this is Because you're gonna go through an arc And you're going to get to a point or Eventually you settle into your money And you don't feel like you need to keep Up appearances you don't need to feel Like you need to constantly upgrade your Lifestyle for other people you just do Things because you like it and by the Way there's a lot of people who have a Lot of money but they're so caught up With Keeping Up Appearances that they're Simply a slave to their money they're a Slave to keeping up this facade that They have so ladies and gentlemen those Are three things that you need to give Up if you want to get rich and by the Way if you want to stay Rich because This whole process of getting rich and

Staying Rich it's not one year or two Years this is a 10-year plus journey and By the way you can look back on my YouTube in 2015 when I was a broke kid Starting my first business to take care Of me and my single mom watch my YouTube See the journey see the process you need To remember that you're going to put one Foot forward in front of the other for Years and years and years and as I said At the beginning of this video life is Just as much about defense as it is Offense so protect yourself make sure You're strong make sure there are no Leaks In Your Vessel and on that note I'll be watching you from afar and I'm Rooting for you

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