“Wanted To Save The Public” – John Barnett’s Attorney Explains Why He Spoke Out Against Boeing

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Robert Turkewitz, the attorney representing Boeing whistleblower John Barnett, as they discuss why John Barnett spoke out against the company.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

So there is proof that he called 911 Before he killed himself like the the Timing like in his phone that he dialed 911 before he killed himself is that is That what you're saying no what happened Was um uh I called the hotel when he Didn't show up at the deposition and I Actually tried calling John before that To see if he needed a ride we were Having like a really horrible rainstorm In Charleston and downtown half of Downtown was flooded and cars were Getting stuck in down there so uh I Called earlier and wanted to see if he Wanted me to pick him up and we'd ride Together and uh didn't get an answer uh So on the way to my way on the way that While I was driving to the deposition I Tried calling him a few more times and When we got to the deposition you know All the attorneys were there the court Reporter was there and he didn't show up I called the hotel to see if he had Checked out because he was planning on Driving back from the hotel hotel or Driving back after the Deposition and uh found out he had not Checked out asked for the uh operator Put me through to his room and the phone Just rang and then I talked to the Manager of the hotel and asked if we Could get someone to do a room check and Go up and you know see if he's there Maybe he's sleeping and overslept we

Didn't know and she came back and said That uh that nobody was there and that His bags and all were there so I asked If she could look to see if his truck is Still there thinking maybe he already Left and he's maybe stuck in some of the Flooded areas and that's when she came Back the manager and said this truck is There and I called 911 and I can't Provide to you any other Information this is so we were waiting At that point as I was saying we thought You know maybe he had a heart attack or Or something because you know we knew That this was putting a lot of strain on Him I mean that was that was pretty Clear at his deposition that um you know That reading through the documents and Talking about it it it was you know it It was hard for him it was hard for him Because he was having to relive what he Had got through yeah so uh I called her Again the manager and she said that um That a police officer will give me a Call and uh police officer called she Wouldn't give us any information about What was going on she wanted to know who I was and we explained that you know I Was an attorney and we're sitting here With other lawyers so we didn't get it She she said I can't tell you what's Going on so we all got in our cars and We drove to the hotel and and that's When we we found out uh what had

Happened and it was just you know it was Just horrible Situation uh Robert did he have any Kids he had two Stepsons okay and that's through his Wife who used to be with boing as well For 28 years and I think at the even in 2020 his wife used to work with FAA if I'm not mistaken right till she had some Kind of affiliation with the FAA yeah his stepsons are with his his First wife um and they were she did work At Boeing I think she might still work At Boeing and uh that was in Washington And he had two stepsons who he cared Very much for as well but they got Divorced and they stayed good Friends uh but he came when he came to Charleston uh he was also one of his Best friends also came to Charleston and That was Diane so and she was the I believe the FAA leison with Boeing she was the fa Lian tub almost Like an ambassador representing a Country to go talk to UK or Iran a a spokesperson for them to like a Middle middleman type of a person yeah I Think she worked for Boeing but she was Someone who also communicated with the FAA if I'm not Mistaken so she's working at but they're They're no longer married but they're Still friends she's at boing 28 years

She has relationships with FAA and then He doesn't have any kids he has two step Children step kids and you know again Based on you you said something as well Where you said you you I think you said It yesterday where he loved Boeing he Didn't have any problems with Boeing and He was just trying to get this uh the Truth out there to minimize the amount Of uh mishaps and mistakes that were Being made ever since the merger Whatever the year was when there's a I Think it's in the late 90s and and to Give context on how long he's been there He worked there from 1985 I want to say To 2017 that's 32 years give or take so Even when the merger happened with uh uh Uh the company is it called Douglas um Uh uh 1997 is when the merger happened Uh uh uh MC McDonald Douglas I believe It is yeah 1997 when it was a massive Merger of$ 144 billion prior to that Standards were higher but you said he Didn't have any ill intentions to boing He loved boing you said something like That yesterday I believe on Fox with Jesse Waters yeah no it's true he he he loved The old Boeing he loved Boeing that he Had worked at while was an Everett and he was he was he had Problems with the Boeing in South Carolina and was uh felt like he was Being subjected to a you know just a a

Horrible situation a hostile work Environment in which you know he was he Was that they were not following the Rules and he was someone who you know as A quality manager you know he felt like He his job was to make sure that those Processes and procedures were being Followed because you know they basically Ensure the safety of the airplane the Aircraft so he loved the old Boeing and He saw where Boeing was going and he was Really concerned um he was hoping or he Tried to get Boeing South Carolina to do The right thing and to follow the Processes and procedures but he was not Successful so yeah he did he did love Boeing and he wanted to save Boeing but He was also wanting to save the the Flying public as well I mean it was it Was a situation where you know it's it's Like you see something that you you grew To Love and they and and they they they Turn and it was really frustrating for Him it just uh I I think it it caused a Tremendous amount of stress to the point Where uh at one point his doctor told Him that that you need to leave Bo or You're going to have a heart attack Because he was going through so much Stress um so it you know it's one of Those things where uh you know you he he Was faced with this situation where you Know he just had to had to do something

About it and he refused he was he had so Much integrity That you know he he refused just to just To see it all happening and not do Something about It um couple of things that I want to Just point out you you mentioned about Uh his his wife Diane she this is his Second wife Diane she was working at Charleston Boeing Charleston and they Were best friends but they knew each Other from Washington and after he Retired early he planned to work another 10 years but he retired early Uh based on you know his the fact that He was his health was being you know was Going down he also he also knew that he Was probably going to get fired because He was being retaliated against so he Decided he saw the writing on the wall And said I better retire rather than Lose all my benefits and all that's part Of it but anyway Diane uh was working Here in Charleston and um uh after he left he Went down to Louisiana And Diane uh came down with brain Cancer and um when he found out that she Was going to be put into her nursing Home he said he's not going to let his Best friend go into a nursing home he Came to Charleston and and got her and Brought her back to Louisiana and and nursed her and she

Lived probably three times as long as The doctors had given her uh but in the Course of that they got married and um You know that was that's that's the kind Of person that John was I mean he just Cared about other people was Selfless um you know never met a Stranger he just cared about people and And wanted to do the right thing and That's that's why he he spoke up while In in Charleston I can no longer remain In today's Democratic party Tulsi gabard Say she is no longer a Democrat a Potential tulsy gathered VP where we are Being told that we just have to comply And go along with whatever they say American people are smarter than this However we must remain Vigilant to Recognize their propaganda for what it Is pure life unfortunately we live in a Time where free speech is under attack Whatever they say goes and we we have to Just fall and the people who suffered Under your reign as prosecutor you owe Them an [Applause] Apology taking on K Harris on a debate Stage before I would look forward to Doing that Again so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here

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