Was Leaving Afghanistan The Right Call?

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In business somebody's making a bad Decision at the top and it's a big Business not a small business Afghanistan is not a small business it's A big business meaning we put a lot of Money into it we didn't put 10 million 100 million a billion dollars we put Real money into Afghanistan some are Saying the trillion some are saying 3 Trillion that's a lot of money that we Put into this thing that's a big Investment so when something like that Happens and people are fully vested Their lives their friends have died They've seen crisis they've seen issues You've witnessed stuff that stuff's Going to be with you until the day you Die you can't get that out of you right So you're emotionally vested to an Average person's like what are you guys Complaining about we're out it's done It's over why are you still complaining About it you're talking about you Weren't they're seeing what's a Sacrifice we were paying

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