“We Are a Divided America!” – Reaction To SHOCKING Data From Wall Street Journal

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana react to shocking data from Wall Street Journal.

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A new Wall Street Journal poll finds That American priorities have helped Define the national character for Generations such as patriotism religion Having children and involvement in the Community are receding in importance Money is the only priority that has Grown in importance in the past quarter Century younger Americans in particular Place law importance on these values Many of which were Central to the lives Of their parents only 23 percent of Adults under age of 30 said that having Children was very important you got to See these numbers show the show the Charts that you have take a look at this Look at this one here really Percent who say that these values are Very important to them patriotism 1998 70 that's only 25 years ago today 38 Percent Religion was 62 percent 39 who is talking about God having Children was 59 double 25 years ago it's 30. people don't want to have kids today Community involvement went from 47 to 62 Down to 27. money went from 31 to 41 to 43. If you go a little lower look at these Other numbers that it has with religion If you keep going Lord there's a few Other charts uh okay zoom in on this one Here so we can see so zoom in so we can Read what it says at the top as well

Zoom out a little bit a little bit more Go a little lower so you can have there You go percent who say these values are Very important to them personally shown Amongst the youngest and oldest age Groups patriotism 36 percent Having children age group look at the Age group religion hard work go to the Bottom now hard work the only people That believe in that is what above 62 Years old okay go go lower there's Another chart that they have I believe That talks about you know uh uh read the The people who say these values are very Important to them Democrats look at Patriotism wow Independence look at Republicans 59 percent Republicans are More Patriot by 36 percent this is Wall Street Journal talking religion Democrats 27 Republicans 2x having Children 26 2038 Community involvement 32-23 Democrats have the highest one Without Community involvement money Democrats and Republicans are tied for Money it's the one area they agree with For each of the following has our Society gone too far to not gone far Enough or is it about right shown by Percentage who say too far Democrats Accepting people who are transgender Okay look at that Point spread look at the spread there

Adam I don't know if you're looking at It yeah 15 Dems versus 75 Republicans Schools and universities taking steps to Promote racial and ethnic diversity six Percent to 50. look at the look how Wider the wings how much we have divided Accepting people who are gay lesbian and Bisexual seven 31 is the people that are In the middle reasonable ones look at Democrats and independent what 731.52 Businesses taking steps to promote Racial ethnicity 729.52 promoting equality between men And women two percent but you would Think that Democrats were doing it That's weird no no it's it's the Opposite of what you're thinking it's The opposite of what you're thinking so When you look at data like this what do You think about time when you see this We're in a divided America number one is What I think and number two and I may Not win any friends on this but I got to Be part of carrying the mantle because The values that made America great in That built America still are necessary We need people that are unapologetically Capitalists and entrepreneurs to build The jobs and the tools and Industry of Tomorrow we need that and along the way We need to be you know what you know We need to be neighborly and we need to Serve in our communities and you look at This someone has to carry the mantle for

The things that truly built wonderful Communities and companies but here's my Question to all of you Tom and YouTube And Adam what what what what made this Shift what from all what was like that Was 25 years Pat what something's Happening Tom where all those values all The community all the you know doing Being held accountable it's shifted I've Been I've may have an opinion on this What do you think I I think we've You know you can go back and look at Just the last Look it was 25-year spread right and Just look at the the last 16 years of uh Presidents and and see what's happened Uh we've been I think in many ways it's Each person's responsibility for where They are and what they say and what they Do but I I think we've been led into Um Discord and we've been Led You Know By our leadership and the way political Campaigns come out And we've been led into this this Great Divide well let's go to 98 so who was President 98 was a Clinton okay So Clinton goes to Bush goes to go back To the polls again if he can show it go Back to the polls again Uh uh go back to the polls okay so check This out check this out seven from 1998 To 2019 is how long 19 years yeah from 19 2019 to 2023 is the big drop off okay Look at the drop off here and which

Sector if patriotism if you look at Patriotism from 70 to 61 that's 19 years So meaning we had a drop off after Clinton after Bush after Obama at 100 we Had to drop off okay But from Trump to Biden this is the Lowest we've ever had look at the Patriotism on how low it is in America Today religion from 62 to 48 it's a big Drop off 62 to 48 to 39. go to the next One having Um Children 59 that's a massive drop off of 16 points so the credit for that goes to Uh Bush and Obama 59-43 now 30. Community involvement 47 to a 62 to 27. May I is the 62 2019 2019. so you lock Us all up inside can you federally tell Us we have to get inside and we can't Work and can't help with each other and This happens yep I'm so surprised yeah Weird so but but the moral of the story Here is these are these are values and Principles of what others think about America okay these are basic values and Principles of what others think about America for me the biggest Factor Tom if You ask me is the following I was at the Uh church this week and it's a big Church here in Fort Lauderdale so I was There and people pulled up and they come And they talk and we have great Conversations to get you know what the Biggest thing was how many people would

Say Patrick you're a Christian I thought You were a Jew really I said so really So yeah no this entire time I've been Following your content I thought you Were well South Florida I bet David yeah Joseph I thought you were Joseph no I'm A Christian so now I'm so happy you're Coming to a church like this etc etc Yeah it's great I said you know one of The biggest things right now that Um I can't you know people sit there don't Let me tell you this person won because Of that and that person because I don't Know why other people want I can tell You what I want At 44 years old today uh I had a uh Something interesting happened to me This weekend not good tough but Something happened this weekend to me Okay and it's not it's not a big deal It's not something I want anybody to Worry about health or anything like that But it's something that it was it was Annoying what happened this weekend And I'm sitting there talking to Jen and We're talking we're going back and for Having a great conversation together and I said you know What this makes me realize I can't understand people who are Willing to risk life living without God I I can't understand that life

Because To live a life without God you think you Know it all I don't think I know it all To live like with life without God you Think you can do it all on your own I Can't do it all on my own to live a life Without God is saying you have all the Answers I don't have all the answers I need help in raising of my kids with Good people around me as well because I Only have certain amount of hours with Them every day they go to school to to Live a life today without God man Upstairs prayer a community you're a Part of if there's ever been a time in Our lifetime at least you know in the Last however many years to risk living Life without God this is by far the Worst season to do that I agree take any Risk you want to take do not take the Risks today of living without God okay And and by the way This isn't the debate we can have the Debate conversation no problem we can Have the uh uh debate conversation of Christianity or you know seven day or LDS or Jew or you know Muslim or you Know Buddha we can have that debate no Problem okay But I'm telling you right now the debate You don't want to have is living life Without believing there is a God and you End up being wrong and there isn't which There is a risk but the risk of living

Life saying there's not a God and then All of a sudden there is And you know you could have had a source To help you through some of the times That you are by yourself If kids know today listen mommy's not Going to be there that is not going to Be there but if you're ever alone God's There with you what do you think that Does to a kid think about a kid today That's like nobody's there with me and My dad's not here my mom's not here But you know what God I think you're There because I was told you're there Whether it's true or not what is that Kid going to go through during that Season we all go through certain Seasons We can all look nice and Polished today Man think about the season that you were Not polished well how did you make it Through that what if you did something Stupid during that time we don't know About your story many of us could have Done something stupid to not be here Right now so what this validates to me When you look at these types of numbers Is division is the lack of love for America when I talk about how great of a Country America the concepts that it was Founded on I can't tell you how many People say you know I can't believe You're saying that and all this other Stuff man I'm I'm a patriot and I'm from Iran and I love what America was founded

On What America was founded on I love what America was founded on it changed my Life an average regular guy like me There's nothing special about me trust Me don't let me fool you there's nothing Special about this guy regular guy I was High School Junior High School you will Never find a report card that you can Say bingo Figure this guy out he was very smart he Was the captain of the football team Nothing never played organized Sports Never had any kind of 2.8 3.0 GP I don't Even know what the the what is the class You take that's above the other stuff I've never taken an honors I've never Taken any of that stuff you know you Talk magnet stuff like that we were more Repellents more than Magnus we were not The kids that you would sit there and Said these guys are going to do anything This guy went to the Army thinking my Plan was 20 years and I was going to Retire six years ago nobody would have Known me until didn't this the other day On the importance of God So you realize if God wasn't in my life You and I would have never met wow I Said can you imagine if you and I never Meet how cool is it that we know each Other God did that to your son I told This to Dylan and he looks at it he Probably was like what you don't even

Know what that look to each other was Like and a hug man it's like man I'm so Glad we met I can't imagine living life Without ever meeting Dylan God is so freaking good to us sometimes We got to take a moment Uh we got to take a moment and just be Grateful and take us back to uh uh not Solving for Perfection not solving for Any of that stuff solving for why this Place has 40 plus million people of Immigrants that chose to come here and Our family our parents our grandparents Didn't say let's go to Russia didn't say Let's go to Iran didn't say let's go to China didn't say let's go to Cuba didn't Say let's go to Venezuela but they said Let's go to America there's a reason for That and we have to fight for it we have To sell it we have to explain it and we Have to encourage others to buy into it My Tico yesterday finished at the Shrek He finished on Saturday and six days It's 2069 page book somebody commented On the bottom and she said I can't Believe you had that's torture for a kid To make him read us the first of all the Kid wasn't required to read it by Himself but I said I said I said I if if It's up to me I'm going to read you Exactly what I told this lady I said if I have to choose between me brain Washing my kid into thinking for himself Or allowing Society to brainwash him to

Think he's a victim I'm gonna do my part I'm gonna do my part so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here

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