“We Are NOT Ready For CHATGPT!” – Bret Weinstein On The Dangers of AI

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Bret Weinstein and Adam Sosnick talk about the dangers of AI.

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Chad gbt is passing the test required For medical licenses and business Degrees I don't know if you saw this or Not pull up a little bit so we can kind Of cover this so the viral chat bot that Has raised concerns from teachers and Academics over its ability to cheat on Essays and exam has now passed a Wharton MBA final exam the United States medical Licensing exam and components of the bar Exam and this thing's only been around Since November by the way the A Wharton Professor conducted a study in which he Used open AI gp3 Gpt3 the language model on which it is Built on to take a final exam of a core MBA course it concluded that gpt3 would Have received a b to B minus on the exam The professor Christian tarawish founded At GPT 3 performed the best at basic Operations management and processing Analysis questions for these the chatbot Provided both correct answers and Excellent explanation as to why an Answer was selected in the paper summary Teacher acknowledged that the gpt3 is by No means perfect at times he the bot Made mistakes and simple mathematical Calculations and wasn't able to handle More advanced process analysis questions The study further fueled the Conversation that academics are now Having as a result of gpt3 GPT Advanced Writing skills regarding exam policies

Etc so some professors are extremely Concerned some are worried some are Saying this good question the existing Business model teaching model Universities How concerned are you how Excited are you how little do you care About this Um I don't think anybody is worried Enough I think the hazard of what we're Facing is almost beyond what we can Imagine and that is I'm saying that even Though I know I know what you have to focus on If you want to comfort yourself that This isn't so terrible Um you know you can focus on the fact That this model has no capacity to be Conscious right it's it's simulating Meaning without knowing what it's saying But I don't know how long that lasts I Do know that this is a pretty good spot Check of where we are in the uh Trajectory that results in uh General Artificial intelligence And I don't think we are remotely ready For what's coming And I will I will point to the you know The The most obvious of these problems is Already already critical and you're You're hinting at it in what you're Reading here but the fact that It is going to become extremely Difficult to assess actual competence

Is it should alarm us at the highest Level right to have a the possibility You could have a conference of people All Consulting whatever descendant of uh Chat GPT happens to be available at the Time and talking to each other as if They know what they're talking about you Know we've already got a problem with Our experts who don't mostly seem to Know what they're talking about this is Going to be you know a hundred times as Bad in a world where they can be Consulting something that sounds very Knowledgeable and May in fact be Completely on the wrong track which I Would point out is another argument and Maybe even a much stronger argument for Including Real world physical interactions in Which you do not have to assess whether Or not somebody knows what they're doing They either fixed your engine or they Didn't right it either runs or it or it Doesn't those kinds of things are not Going to be easily faked though even They right a mechanic who does not know What he's doing but is able to consult This device in order to figure out what Is likely causing a problem is going to Become less and less capable so I don't know what we're supposed to do About it but I do know we're not ready We're not ready and the rate at which This is going to get better is clear

Right exposing it to larger and larger Data sets is going to make it better and Better at at simulating this kind of Interaction and that's you know that's If it stays unconscious The question of what happens if this Doesn't stay unconscious or this stays Unconscious but it's descendant picks up Consciousness is even more troubling And I I But but go okay go to ugly Place good Bad ugly worst case what happens Is it the fear that uh Um I actually want you to go there Before I tell you what I think is the Fear for some people okay First of all we don't need Chat GPT to take us to the worst case Scenario we are already losing our Capacity to understand the world we live In to manage the tools that we are Creating to live in harmony with each Other we are losing those things in the Present prior to chat GPT All of those problems get worse this is Like an accelerant right this is like You had a house fire and then you just Threw gasoline on it right now we have a Raging house fire so I don't know that This is or isn't the thing but I do know It's not going to help at this moment we Can't deal with this and this is not the Last time that's going to happen by the Way right we had a world we had an

Internet And then we dumped smartphones into it And it was like an accelerant it took The um the derangement that was arising Out of natural algorithmic processes Within the internet and they got vastly Worse when people were constantly Confronted with their phone and the Ability to interact in this way all the Time so we've seen that we're going to See it again with fusion power fusion Power which I believe is The one technology that potentially Bootstraps us out of the system we're in And into one that is sustainable but if You just added it to the system tomorrow If you read the paper tomorrow and Turned out we'd accomplished scalable Fusion it would likely make things worse And not better because we're not ready For the world that it creates so I don't Know what the name of that problem is But that we're not ready for that Problem is a very serious one and we can Swap in one technology after another and You know it will create different Disasters so does chat gbt chat GPT Scare intellectuals is it where Intellectuals are sitting there saying And professors are sitting there saying Uh oh if if this happens like in the Insurance industry I'm in the Life Insurance space the moment they started Doing Predictive Analytics without

Needing Underwriters and saying Brett You don't need to do blood and urine Anymore we don't need to do that anymore We don't need Underwriters anymore Here's the test we're going to be taking On you we're going to get your social Media score we're going to get this We're going to get this we're going to Get this based on that your preferred Elite underwriting you're healthy you're Going to live till 85. Mom lived to 89 Dad lived to this you're going to be Fine right we don't need Underwriters Underwriters sat down they're like dude Don't you can't stop this I I'm a Quarter million a year there's no way I Want you to get rid of my job this is Scary right but guess what that's Innovation getting rid of Underwriters Could this model get rid of some Educational system that will replace Professors and they're sitting there Worried saying hey I've been bragging About how smart I am now I can't do that Anymore this is not cool Yes and you know there's We have just watched the entire Expert class Um fail a real world test Right we watched all the universities Every science department they have all Just failed a major test so and you know If you were inside that system and you Kept your wits about you you knew that

There was a problem with competence you Knew that a lot of that was fakery and Nonsense right it sounds it looks like Science but it doesn't function like Science if you actually understand the Magic that makes science work you knew It wasn't taking place in these Departments that it wasn't taking place In the major journals and so on the one Hand It is possible that something like chat GPT helps us discover The level of incompetence that is Putting us in Jeopardy which would be Great but my concern is that it actually Arms the next wave of incompetence so That it sounds competent and so it's Harder to detect and My guess is that ladder problem Outweighs the benefit of the former well I mean we you took me to a whole Different place we've already been Having that I mean we have a president That is uh giving speeches of people That gave the speech 10 or 20 years Prior to him and sounding very Presidential and getting caught Plagiarizing John F Kennedy's speech or Ted Kennedy's speech or all these other People's speech so plagiarism's not Going away people sound very very Intellectual I think what what is going To be interesting is we can right now Produce a robot if we don't already have

It that would be the UFC champion for Every weight okay we can probably Produce a robot I don't know if you've Seen that one robot that shoots three Pointers and how accurate it is have you Seen that one or no Steph Curry of Robots no no it's not even Steph Curry It's better than Steph is 43 42 percent This guy is like just hitting him left And right okay perfect accuracy and he's Shooting the ball so the robot James the Robot Jordan yeah it's but uh uh so you Know we're already going in that Direction but do you really want to see Robots playing no you know if we can Create a robot to go into UFC and fight Them am I really intimidated by that Probably not now the future of robots That are military that's a different Story that's concerning but you know Intellectuals debating like if you were To have a debate with Chad gbt you're Probably going to lose the debate not in The sense of who's right or who's wrong Who can recite more information and Remember and memorize well the the Ability to memorize as an individual it Was very a valuable skill set 20 years Ago today you know you can just go Somewhere do it but I think we're still Going to want to see a hand-to-end Combat with people debating and going Out of versus just debating a machine Right and the question is will you be

Able to know what you're seeing so uh I I used to tell students interesting that You are here in this classroom to Enhance the capacity of your mind you Are not here to learn things right Things are now freely available on the Internet you don't need to go to school To access them what you need to do here Is practice how well your mind functions And so yeah you know today I would I would beat the pants off chat GPT Because I wouldn't let it come down to Volumes of information on the volumes of Information question then you know if Chat TPT 3 can't do it at gpt4 will but At the level of the ability to Um reason and I'm not arguing that There's no ability because we've Actually seen it right the fact that This thing can write code and fix code Is incredible and that is a kind of Thinking even if it's not doing it in a Way that we recognize as as a valid Cognition But Um But we do have to worry about what the Future is going to look like and you Know I already don't think that we know Exactly what we see when somebody's Giving you know especially somebody very Powerful is giving a speech on Television

Um but we uh we're going to be in a World of confusion once you Um plug this thing into our mechanisms For sense making yeah it's going to be All I know is it's going to be Interesting to see what happens next This thing is not going to be slowing Down by the way it keeps getting smarter And smarter so if you like this clip and You want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right here All right

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