“We Need More Debate” – Response to Tim Pool Criticizing VT for Hiring Chris Cuomo

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana as they react to
Tim Pool criticizing VT for hiring Chris Cuomo.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Can you pull up the tempool uh tweet Please if you don't mind Rob uh uh it's It's right at one of the top tweets that I have I've left it on for a while for People to uh uh enjoy and watch just go To my profile this is yesterday so the Announcement was made go a little lower And just show the Timol tweet first if You don't mind zoom in so Tim P the Announcement is made with Chris comoo Huge f up Chris comoo faked being in Covid lockdown his brother is a murderer No Redemption Arc pbd go CNN is very Disappointing right now this is after if He can show the picture at the bottom With us showing that Chris comoo joins Value tment so go up and show what I Responded to to uh Timol my response was Tim I trust Capitalism one of these days the market Will wake up and realize what our vision Was all along I'm extremely comfortable Being misunderstood before the market Validates our vision I respect your Impatience with our vision in the Meantime keep kicking out here's Tim P The guy is very good at what he does Sincerely he's very good at what he does Incredible communicator and the way he Communicates it's very like he doesn't Lag 8 minutes of getting to the point he Just kind of goes he goes like this and He's he's just very very good we had him Over at the house one day we had on the

Podcast I invited him over to the house Afterwards we fed his entire people we Sat down we talked really enjoy talking To this guy and he invited me to one of His events that we went to and I think We were there together right what a Great Experiencei great exper he did live so I Have no comments on what to say about Tim P Tim keep kicking ass you're Phenomen all lie what you do I respect Your game let me kind of paint the Picture of Chris Koo here's how I work Since I was a kid being raised in a Manipulative Gamesmanship environment of two parents Divorcing and trying to see which kid is Going to go to which side and then Escaping Iran going to refugee camp Coming to the States going to the Army Trying to figure out a way to get along With everybody while I'm Middle Eastern In the Army everybody's black Hispanic White and Puerto Rican and who the hell Is this Iranian guy a lot of them had Never met an Iranian before because They're from South Dakota North Dakota Whatever all these other places are I Have to always watch and kind of size People up I've been in a business of Sizing people up for a long time then I Go into sales and then I go into Insurance and in the insurance business You have to watch everybody because

Everybody's like oh you're so phenomenal And flattery and you're learn about Flattery and you're so this and You're so that no problem okay sounds Good but then you go into insurance and You build a business and you start Working with people and you see some People just want to use you and take Advantage of you and that's no problem You learn that as well and then Eventually some of the people you Thought were going to be your best guys That were fully loyal to you they Backstabbed you some of the people you Thought were the ones that would never Would backstab you ended up being your Most loyal guys and the Market's going To confuse you a lot this is how the Market works you can't because you're Not God you can't look at somebody know Exactly what that person's going to be Doing Trump fired God knows how many Different people Elon Musk fired God Knows how many different people Bas Those couple years ago lost his entire Sea executive team CFO there is nobody In the world that knows how to pick a 100% of them right nobody having said That let me bring it Back my first conversation when I Watched uh Chris we've criticize Chris a Lot on this podcast and if if Chris Comes from somewhere where he's going to Go back to doing that we did it on the

Podcast this week live when we were with Candace I'm like dude are you trolling Are you really saying we don't need an Idea what are you talking about right When you're saying you don't need an Idea and Candace and all this stuff We're having this civil conversation We're having this Debate my experience with them behind Closed doors has been great he's very Good to the kids he's very respectful to My wife I watch how he is around the Girls in our office uh never above and Beyond he's very civil the other day we Were together till 5:30 in the morning His wife's like what time you guys Getting home 5:30 how much have you guys Been drinking babe I'm getting home at 5:30 and we had zero drinks all night And with 25 of us so it's like what do You who get who the hell gets some at 5:30 and doesn't drink this is who we Are and in life Tim this is the one Thing you need to realize there's two Different types of people okay there are Those to impose their values on others And change them and then there are those Who have stronger values that impose on Others if you don't en like my values And principles are not changing this is Who I am I'm not breaking if you come Into my environment and that makes you Feel uncomfortable you will not be in This environment long-term meaning if

You don't do respect well if you don't Respect a woman in the environment well If you don't if you're somebody that Drinks in in front of me and you lose Control and your lips are like this if You're somebody that does drugs if You're somebody that acts like a clown If you're somebody that can't do debate You're just not going to like me so so This relationship right off the bat will Not work out if you're somebody that Does that that's the reason why I think Don Lemon and Elon Musk had a fallen out Cuz Elon is like straight up this is What I'm all about bro what you think Elon sitting there and other people are Changing elon's mind no Elon is imposing His beliefs on others and is getting Others to question themselves this Doesn't mean that Elon walks on water This doesn't mean that Elon is 100% Right it just means the guy's Convictions about his beliefs are Stronger than other people's convictions That's why he's changing the world we Are that way our relationship with Chris Having people here the reason why I'm Kind of having this conversation of Bringing folks from sides that we Disagree with is because we need more Debate the moment more of us keep Talking and we're all agreeing on Everything the conversation is over the More you have people around you that

You're not and you're debating and the People are watching there's a reason why The live that we did with Candace and uh And Chris was a number one live Worldwide that day why because the world Is saying I don't want Echo Chambers I'm Sick of it and there's Echo Chambers for Republicans there's Echo Chambers for Democrats there's Echo Chambers for Independence there's Echo Chambers for LeBron James fans there's Echo Chambers For Michael Jordan fans there's Echo Chambers for every single topic and I Value debate that's why we're excited About this partnership how it's going to Work out long-term shortterm I have no Clue Chris may screw up Chris may make a Mistake and it doesn't work out Chris May use us and go do something else I Don't think he's going to do that Because we've had some incredible Conversations together we've had some Phenomenal there's like a Brotherhood When we're together you feel it it's not An act off camera you just feel that Moment that we have but if he values That we'll be running together for a Very long time to come if he doesn't I'm Okay with that okay we're not Compromising our vision we're going to Roll for a very very long time and all When I pray and I'm asking God bring the Right people here that help us unify America simple it doesn't mean help us

Make more money help us unify America And we need the right leadership team That's our vision and that's my reaction To then Tim I want you to criticize us As much as you want I welcome it I Respect it I appreciate it because if we Have any kind of blind spots I want to See it but it doesn't mean you're right The Market's going to determine who's Right or wrong and by the way that's Going take about 10 to 20 years but we Are very patient so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here

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