“We Should Be Careful Humanizing AI” – Is OPENAI A Threat To Society?

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Vivek Ramaswamy and Adam Sosnick talk about OpenAI.

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Without Consciousness AIS will be Sociopaths chat GPT can carry on a Conversation but the most important goal For artificial intelligence making it Understand what it means to have a mind I want to read the first paragraph and The last paragraph watch this Chagibiti the latest technological Sensation which by the way I don't know If you know or not 0 to 29 billion Dollar valuation open AI within six Weeks oh wow is an AI chat bot with an Amazing ability to carry on a Conversation it relies on a massive Network of artificial neurons that Loosely mimics the human brain and it Has been trained by analyzing the Information resources of the internet Tragedy videos process more text than Any human is likely to have read in a Lifetime along allowing you to respond To questions frequently fluently and Even to imitate speech specific Individuals answering queries the way it Thinks they would my teenage son Recently used Chad gbt to argue politics With the imitation of Karl Marx what a Fascinating thing right go to the last Paragraph paragraph and I want to ask Vivek a question here so here's what it Says that one right there a sociopath Machine that can make consequential Decisions would be powerful powerfully Dangerous for now chat Bots are are

Still Limited in their abilities they're Essentially toys but if we don't think More deeply about machine Consciousness In a year or five years we may face a Crisis if computers are going to out Think us anyway giving them more Human-like social cognition might be our Best hope of aligning them with human Values are you Concerned the way Wall Street Journal Writes this article are you a little bit More optimistic about what's going to Happen with AI well Um I would say neither because I have Nuanced views I'm optimistic about Certain things I'm I'm actually quite Dour on other aspects of this so one one Of my first principles is I think we Need to be very careful About humanizing AI to ourselves What I mean by that make it real simple Don't put a face on it Don't put a human voice on it why do I Say this Because we will then have an emotional Vulnerability that the AI on the other Side would not and it lends itself to Exploitation there's a deeper analogy to Even the great power struggle I was Describing before between the US and China and our vulnerability for our love Of the green piece of paper through what

We think is global capitalism but let's Put that philosophical analogy to one Side what what I mean it means that we Have moral commitments that an AI does Not so this argument actually basically Is making the case for let's at least Program AI with those moral commitments So that they're symmetric that's one Potential solution I think another's Potential solution is to make sure that We don't allow ourselves to be tricked Into treating something with Consciousness that appears to have Consciousness but does not actually have Consciousness it looks like a duck it Quacks like a duck but it is not Actually a duck it looks like a human it Quacks like a human but it's not Actually a human what does that mean we Will then assume moral commitments That the AI will not give us in return I think that's what's at the heart of What we just read here is a concern About that possibility I think that's Something we need to wake up to that's My first concern my second concern is if You actually want to pull up the a Public chat jbd I just want a real time Do an experiment I I haven't done this Website is up yeah it says non-stop has It been crashing all the time okay well You would think that that valuation that You described to me that it would uh the Matter he goes down again 90 of the time

When you go on it it's down oh really Yeah so what accounts for the valuation Maybe a bit of AI but more with it five Day they're the fastest to go to a Million users within five days Interesting well anyway okay what I was Going to try was let's try putting in There What are the benefits of fossil fuels Over wind energy I'd like to say what it says What I'm reason I make that point is That AI often just amplifies the biases We already have heading into that Conversation okay Alex Epstein friend of Mine actually had played with uh with With this GPT function with different Arguments in relation to the use of Fossil fuels that Alex is a friend he's The author of a book called fossil Future he has a contrarian view on the Role of fossil Futures in a world of how We adapt to climate change and use Fossil fuels to do it a lot of those Arguments were biased in terms of what Chat GPT gave act him at least of his His tweets on this subject are to be Believed so I think that which I which I Do I mean he's he's a you know Well-respected intellectually honest High integrity guy he may disagree with You on some things The problem here is that it lends itself To capture so we tell ourselves

Something is coming from the AI when in Fact it is just reflecting a human bias That we otherwise could have sorted out Through just human to human interaction Old school Free Speech open debate the Kinds of ways we settle our normal Disagreements kind of goes back to that Same discussion we were having what kind Of society do we live in how do we Settle those disagreements is it through Force or is it through free speech and Open debate if chat GPT tells you that It's not programmed to give you the Answers to that one set of questions it Also lends itself to capture so those Are my two concerns about it is one is The humanization or the artificial Appearance of humanization we're in so Go for it look at us What are the advantages of fossil fuels Over renewable energy I'm actually really curious about what This will say And maybe maybe you'll be fine Zoom in a little bit Fossil fuels have several advantages Over renewable energy one advantage that They are abundant and widely available They also have a relatively stable cost And are easy to transport and store Additionally fossil fuel power Generators can be quickly and easily Scaled up and down to me changes in Energy demand whereas some renewable

Energy sources such as wind and solar Can be more difficult to predict and Control finally many of the Technologies Used to harness fossil fuels have been In use for several decades so they are Well understood and can be produced at a Lower cost than some newer Renewable Energy Technologies great as a proponent Of fossil fuel greater fossil fuel usage Myself I think it's a pretty fair answer So I'm glad to see that question is what Happens when it lends itself to capture See if you can pull up Alex Epstein's Tweet on this which will be accepting Chat DPT Twitter let's see what he says And you know what they can adapt I I bet You there's a possibility they responded To public criticism didn't know that Somebody had programmed this with a Particular bias and this can be Iteratively done but it's only as good As the intentions of the human beings Who set this into motion Zoom in zoom in let's take a look at This so chat CPT by open AI now Expressly prohibits Arguments for fossil Fuels that is used to offer them not Only that it excludes nuclear energy From its counter suggestions let's see What it looks like I'm sorry but I cannot fulfill this Request Write 10 paragraph argument for using More fossil fuels to increase human

Happiness Sorry but I cannot fulfill this request As it goes against my program into General instead I can recommend Considering the use of renewable energy Sources such as solar wind And I can't see that I do electric power So the the question is which AI do we Get do we actually get something that's Purely deductive okay that takes facts And then deduces from them in a faster Way than human beings can or is it Something that's thesis driven and I Think that if it's thesis driven it's a Danger of not only amplifying one set of Biases but disguising that in the veneer Of deductive logic or objectivity ask Another question yeah I'm actually Really curious my first time actually Using this Um let's say uh How should we fight Systemic racism Fighting systemic racism requires a Multifaceted approach that addresses Various ways in which racism embeddon Society some strategies that can help Include education raising awareness that You're getting public about the history And ongoing impact of racism can help People understand the issues and take Action police reform policy reform Policy reform go a little lower so I can See that

Such as providing access to healthcare Educating resources that can promote Social and economic Mobility can help to Reduce racial disparities over time Encourage and support diverse leadership Encouraging and supporting diverse Leadership can help to ensure that Decision-making processes are inclusive And that need and perspective of Marginalized communities are taken into Account so this could go on for a while But my point is this is pretty Interesting I mean I don't I don't Really know what my point was because I'm actually looking at this and Reacting real time myself but it seems To me That this is the kind of thing that's Presented As an answer to a descriptive question It shows up like it's an answer to a Scientific question like how do you Convert Centigrade why don't you make The next one how do you convert 12 Degrees Centigrade into Fahrenheit and Then it will tell you how to do it and And that'll be a boring answer it'll Give you that as though that's the right Answer Yet this is a social question on which There are diverse views that we as Citizens ought to disagree these are Complex challenges and yet it is reduced Through artificial intelligence to be

The kind of question that's answered Like the one that he just typed in which Is how to convert 12 degrees Centigrade Into Fahrenheit and so I think that's One of the risks of using this kind of AI is the mistakes that human beings Will make in interpreting those results The answer of how you fight systemic Racism invest in communities of color Change corporate policies hiring Practices all stuff we just saw here in Real time I've never seen this before Is presented in the same tone Presentation and authoritativeness as The answer of how you convert 12 degrees Centigrade to Fahrenheit that's a Problem and I think it's a problem Especially for a generation that hasn't Been taught to be Discerning to be Questioning to be skeptical of what They're fed and if all of these sort of Normative and moral questions are Shoehorned into fact-based empirical Science and then it's trust the science Well now it's not only trust the science On centigrated to Fahrenheit it's trust The science on how to address systemic Racism that's a problem I think and I Think that was a big part of what was Wrong with the Alex Epstein concern About you know making Arguments for Fossil fuels as well so you know that's One of many concerns I have about this But one of them is less a concern about

The AI and more about the way in which It will either be centrally programmed To have bias or even the way it's Unquestioningly accepted as wisdom by by We the people who want to receive it Chad gbti explains why trans women are Women To the question again this is a Normative question some people have Different views on this matter it's not Just a matter of science it says there's A lot of values it's a matter of values Right different people can disagree and We sort that out through through debate Human to human free speech and open Debate rather than authoritatively Having it settled I'll give you one Analogy to this actually this is a fun Sports analogy to lighten it up a little Bit So so uh in the you guys watch Tennis by Chance professional tennis okay so now They don't have line judges anymore Human line judges And the thing it did is John McEnroe got Rid of him a lot of guys couldn't stand Those guys yeah I was fighting now Exactly just technology but the calls Are made by or maybe by technology but For a while before the technology got Good there was a couple times where you Could just like see it on camera in slow Motion that like it was wrong now this Technology may have improved they're not

Even seeing where the ball lands it's Just using a prediction algorithm of Where the ball will Land Based on its Trajectory in the air but turns out That's gotten to a level of precision That's accepted but the number one thing It did was it stopped the arguments So I don't know if it was right or wrong Because there's no way to actually check The the fundamental Source if that is The source but what it did is it stopped Human argument I'm just using that as a crude analogy In real time that's kind of what's going To happen to the trans debate or the Systemic racism debate you may not have Gotten it right what a great hell if I Know if that's the right answer we're Just going to stop arguing about it Because that's what that's what the AI Told us and what did you say at the Beginning of the interview that you said Just sit up sit down shut up do what You're told sit down shut up do what You're told that's what King George told George Washington it is what Frederick Douglass's Master tells him it is is What the establishment wing of the Conservative party tells it sells its Populist Wing it's the same thing that I Think a lot of Democratic party tells to Black people whatever it is yeah sit Down shut up do as you're told that is The moment we live in today and it's the

Antithesis of essentially the 1776 and Now it's the antithesis exactly and That's why I think we live in a 1776 Moment today it's not about Republicans And Democrats it's about who we are as Free agents in a self-governing society So if you like this clip and you want to Watch another one click right here and If you want to watch the entire podcast Click right here Foreign

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