“Weaponizing The DOJ” – RFK Jr. Declares Joe Biden A Bigger Threat To Democracy Than Donald Trump

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by Chris Cuomo as they discuss RFK Jr.’s appearance on CNN, where he claims that Joe Biden is a bigger threat to democracy than Donald Trump.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

You know him very well you guys have Spent time indirectly even family member At some point so this is RFK Yer in on CNN go ahead and play this clip Rob when People talk about the threat to Democracy that Trump poses do you really Think that that is is an Equal yeah to Biden I mean listen I can Make the argument that President Biden Is a much worse threat to democracy and The reason for that is President Biden Is the first candidate in history the First president in history That has used the federal agencies to Censor political speech so to censor his Opponent I you know I can say that Because I just want a case the federal Court of appeals and now before the Supreme Court it shows that he started Censoring not just me with 37 hours After he took the other of office he was Censoring me no president in the country Has ever done that the greatest Threat democracy is not somebody who Questions election returns but a President of United States who use the Power of his office to force the social Media companies Facebook Instagram Twitter hly to open a portal and give Access to that portal to the FBI to the CIA to the IRS to cisa to NIH to censor His political critics President Biden For the first first president in history To use the secret his power over the

Secret Service to deny Secret Service Protection to one of his political Opponents for political reasons he's Weaponizing the federal agencies those Are really critical threats of course Tried to overturn a free and fair Election he tried to overturn one right Is he's still fighting a court he said How is that not a threat to democracy Well I think that is a threat to Democracy if he him over trying to Overthrow the election clearly is a Threat to democracy but the the question Was who is the worst threat to democracy And what I would say is I you know I'm Not going to answer that question but I Can argue that President Biden is Because the first amendment Aaron is the Most important Adams and Hamilton and Madison said my God we put the guarantee Of freedom of expression in the First Amendment because all of our other Constitutional rights depend on it if You have a government that can silence Its opponents it has license for any Atrocity so just to be clear you're Saying you could make an argument that President Biden is a worse threat to Democracy than than Donald Trump said But who else has ever tried to who has Ever tried to what president in history Has ever tried to censor political Opponents what president has weaponized Here's a man whose father and his uncle

Got assassin if there's anybody that Knows about this that's qualified to Speak on this topic it's him Chris Thoughts on this all right so there's a Lot here okay uh one you're seeing why Bobby doesn't get invited on a lot of Mainstream networks okay they do not Want to hear anything that he's saying Right right now uh my I would have had a Different conversation with him I would Have checked a couple of more points Early on cuz he's very clever there's a Very in intelligent guy people mistake His voice uh for his cogency and they're Two very different things um so Aaron You see is trying to distill the sound Bite Kennedy says Biden more dangerous Than Trump that's what she wanted out of It that's the clickbait I'm not I'm not Criticizing her I'm saying that's what It is Um he is touching on something that is Really really important for Democrats to Understand okay the Trump is the Boogeyman argument is not going to get It done for you with Independence it's Not going to work I'm not saying that You're wrong to make the argument I'm Saying that people know who Trump is He's been weighed and he's been measured Every moment you spend not discussing Policiy that you will put in place and Methods that you will establish with Your leadership that is better than his

Is a moment Lost people don't like what the Government did under Biden during covid With respect to policing what was on Social media this is the Democracy issue Of Our Generation what you're allowed to Process for yourself versus what is Manipulated on on social media is the Issue even the new feature on meta where You can turn on and turn off different Types of political speech huge problem Huge problem we are in a censorship Phase the federal government was Censoring information to social media Platforms we all know that there's Always interface between media and Government over the years I've had many Different administrations come to me and Say be careful about this be careful About that be care and I welcome it I Welcome it but there's a line and they Went over the line because they wanted To prot they wanted to protect the Government policies and they manipulated Social Med media the social media people Were stupid or gullible uh or Transactional whatever it was they Mispronounced complicit or complicit and That's what you believe that you think They were compli 100% 100% because look You don't have to do what the Government's telling you to do uh were There some subtle threats yeah I believe There were but Bobby is right about this

Issue does it make Biden a bigger danger To Dem democracy I think the whole thing Is hyperbole I think neither of these Guys are going to destroy the Democracy Right but okay there a lot of people Disagree with you I know not necessarily No not necessarily not necessarily I Think the part here the one part of the Democracy the Republic the one part of The Republic that remember this is a Republic but I understand the Democracy Argument as well the one part of it is That the argument he's making which he's Right which he's right okay the guys use The doj against his opponent to keep him Busy you know that part is a precedent So for example you know uh this whole Thing about what they did to McCarthy Impeach him you know how much I wasn't a Fan of that Kevin mcarthy yeah I'm like guys what he So now you know what's going to be Happening so what happens in a Company you know the saying goes higher Slow Fire fast fully get that so that Part of it I agree with higher slow Fire Fast you hire somebody and you're like Dude this is not working out look bro I've had the conversations and I let Them say face to say I decided to resign A leave you go for it and and I'll will Never give the name if they call me out Then I have to give the name but till Then I'm never going to give the name

You're right say face go do your thing Totally get it zero names will ever be Given unless if they want me to say it Then I'll have to talk about it Sometimes just like listen bro I don't Think you like working here and I don't Think it's going to work out we got to Move on right but for the most part when You work with somebody Tom and I Remember Tom and I started working Together one time after you know three Months okay we had something that we Faced what jump now we're moving on and We moved on and we moved on and we moved On then we had an issue then we moved on Then we moved on now Tom's family to me Christmas every Christmas we're together He's pretty much ayrian he doesn't know It he doesn't know what I'm thinking About asking him to change his life name David because then for sure all the Asses flow through you know just like It's going to be a different kind of a Situation I'm learning to shave my back Why' you why' you have to go there Racist as weird as this sounds how much Hair do I have on my back Tom zero you Can't find a single hair on my back dyl Is a different Dly boy is different story but the point Is like this whole let's impeach let's Impeach let's impeach let's impeach Let's impeach bro let him have a little Bit of momentum to see what he does what

Did McCarthy do okay the negotiation With mt you know and Matt Gates and all This stuff okay fine now this next guy Johns so let's F now most of these guys Are establishment guys you're putting There as a speaker what do you think You're getting as a republican guy that You're putting there right that's one Thing on what we're doing If there's anything that's given me a Lot of trust in the system is the last Three years uh uh four years in America I'm new to politics I've not been in the Political world my entire entire life Matter of fact I hate politics because To me every time I think about politics My parents got divorced twice because of Politics I was a kid that wanted to come Home to both my mom and dad being home Together one was a communist one was an Imperialist they divorced over politics I hate politics until eventually I Realized taxes is politics and you want To silence me now I'm not going to stop Doing this because I don't like to be Controlled and I have to fight for some Of the guys that maybe can't fight for It right but to part for me on what Happened these last three years you know What it is this system in America is a Freaking sick ass system for the B no But let me tell you bro Biden is giving His speech four weeks ago and he's Trashing the Supreme Court and it's a 63

Supreme Court they're 100 % United Against the president amazing do you Know how emotional that moment should be For every single American to know that They are fighting for the freaking Constitution I would love to stand in Front of them and salute the freaking Supreme Court that we got the system we Have with the Senate with congress with I'm meeting with my Goldman guy and he's Saying listen here's a history since 1929 except for the Black Swan events That we have the Market's always done Better the more it's the divided the Market is done always better the more It's divided meaning you know divided Government 100% executive as a republican Democratic Congress and he we're looking At have the data upset she said look at This he saids cor the way it is every Goldman's every Morgan every every one Of these guys want a divided Administration between you know all the Stuff look okay the system is buil so Well however Chris if if Trump was your father If you were born a trump not a Cuomo Okay this is purely hypothetical if You're if you're born a trump not a Cuomo just this is not even a Hypothetical we're going this is not Even a this is a question we're asking Here that could be if I'm born a Cuomo

Okay our relation the first time he's DM Me saying why would you want me on your Show you remember the first time you Know I said what do you mean why would I Want you on your show I respect the Facts I have two boys my my boys I'd Love for them to have each other's back The way you have your brother's back I Have so much respect for the way your Father raised you I don't need to know Politics right the rest is just Conversation what Happ oh okay thank you So but but the point with what they did This time if you were a trump not a Cuomo and they did to your father let's Say Donald they did to him what they've Done the last few years just to Twitter Okay you know don't let that uh uh New York Post story go 50 intelligence Agents oh you know there's nothing to do With the laptop we all bought into it And even Comey in 2016 in October came Out and whatever the date was 29th I Think came out and said no those emails She could have handled it Better he could have waited a week and He didn't as much as we can Trash Comey You have Trump because of Comey I think So you can say whatever you want about Comey you don't have Comey you don't Have Trump Hillary would have been the President and she would have probably Been a two-term president by the way you Think about it right don't forget

Impeachments and allegations so so all I'm saying is if that was your father And they did what they did to your dad And they they they went after him the Way they have dude you would be like What the hell is it matter with you so The the RFK is the only example I can Give with RFK is three families it's Really think about three families it's The Kennedy family it's the CUO family It's the Trump family cuz that part you Can as a you can go to a case study and Say Don Junior how do you feel RFK how Do you feel Chris how do you feel yeah Cuz why could you relate to that Father Mario three-term brother two-term New York Governor this is not like this the Financial capital of the world you're Not a governor of that state it's the Equivalent of a president of another That's not you're you're a president of Any of these bigger countries in the World that part I agree with RFK with What Biden has done well Bobby starts With high ground in this regard not Giving him security as a Kennedy is a Risk that is not worth taking God forbid I had somebody asked him on my show the Other night uh a caller you know came in And said aren't you afraid given what Happened to your father and your uncle That they may come at you and he said he Was not afraid because he had been Taught by his mother and family that

They're worse things than death which First of all think about how heavy a Lesson that is that is not hypothetical As it would be for anybody Else's um but given who he is not giving Him protection look we know why they're Not giving him protection they'll say uh Some BS about he doesn't check the right Boxes that trigger it or we don't want To set a precedent that when someone Doesn't have really a legit chance and He's not from a party he gets protection Say whatever you want this guy's special And they should have been aware of that It's a bad move that they Should what is the reason why you know The reason why're saying that he doesn't He doesn't meet the criteria of threat Profile and things like that that Required or that there is no set policy Of this guy of just someone getting Protection because they're running There'd be too much protection needed Whatever ever the rationals are they Don't apply here so that's first second We are absolutely in a phase where we Are Prosecuting political opponents it's Happening all the time even the Impeachment now that's a purely Political process okay okay fine that's What it's for it's still being abused Because we are so addicted to grievance We're so fed on division that that's all The two parties are playing to I agree

With you about the system I always say America sucks until you compare it to Anywhere else you know it's it's easy to Attack yeah tell me with cap tell me Where else you want to be however However this party structure is not what It used to be your friend who was Showing you the graph and the Black Swan Events we're in a Black Swan event where They don't believe they have to do Anything anymore CU they have succeeded In dividing people to the point where a Vinnie and a Chris forget they have Common concerns Vinnie believes these Things should be done and here's who he Blames for why it was on the border I Blame different people and I want Different things done but we both care About the Border they have succeeded in Getting us to forget that and all Vinnie Thinks is that I'm a threat to him and I Think he's a threat to me so they aren't Doing what divided government usually Does which was compromise and create Policies that balanced equities and Moved us in a direction they're doing Nothing right now and they're being America should learn from the Supreme Court example they're set 100% I'm Telling you America should learn from Those guys on what they're doing and by The way they didn't agree in their they Agreed in the ruling but the Democrat uh Whatever the liberal justices wrote uh

Opinions that were like we don't like This about it we don't like that about It totally fine but they had common Concerns and so do Americans every time You do a poll it's 7 and A2 out of 10 Pat 7 and 1/2 out of 10 they meet on the Same issues protecting your family what Kind of education are they going to get Do I have a chance for my kids to make More money can I be upwardly mobile how Safe are we we care about the same Things one time I was in a former Company a guy named Jack lender great Man I traveled with him on the private First time I traveled on private jeda Was with him and his wife's name was Linda great people and one time you know We're having a conversation about Leadership I'm 26 years old and he says Here's how I work he says I'm on the Board he says there's many times I Disagree with all the decisions that We're making and I'll tell him I Disagree with you but he says the moment We walk out that door we're all on the Same page MH and he taught me this this Very vital lesson because you know some People well I never agree with them Anyways well I know I'm with you and Those divisive personalities he was Trusted I wouldn't say by everybody the Way he L I think it's Supreme Court kind Of showed that Vinnie I want to go to And I'm going to the next story and then

Going back to her because her main thing Was uh is you Trum Aaron Bernett is more Of a threat to democracy uh than Trump And it was yet so Trump is saying it Wasn't a free and fair election let's at Least admit right now that it was not a Fair election especially when you said Twitter the FBI was actively there they Gave everybody their clearances Chris to To freaking stop all these stories which Would have helped them so and this goes To me saying that the First Amendment Amendment mandates that the government Uh can't limit or censor uh Speech based On its content the Biden admin rtion and Others they casually dismissed this Arrangement as rationale for somewhat to Prevent misinformation but we all know Misinformation is in the eye of the Beholder correct it's not up to the Government to say well we think it's Misinformation we don't trust them at All so at the end of the day it's up to The government not the government to Decide what's misinformation the FBI has Zero legal authority to stop it by using Twitter as its agent as it violated spe Uh Free Speech rights of the people to Who were censored so going back to Trump It's he has 100% % ground to stand on it Wasn't a free and fair election when Your Administration with the FBI is that Twitter stopping stories and they said For a fact they did a poll what was the

Poll if they found out that the hunter Biden laptop with China information with Biden with all those deals was actually Public they would have voted what 60% Would have gone the other way so at the End of the Day so so let's I just want to stop 6% I 67% so let's all all of us stop that is Called cheating you cheated by making These stories not go out the other guy Won besides China and stay home which by The way we still don't know definitively That it came from China I think it's Still racist a little bit to say that it Came from there that is cheating so how Can you blame a guy for saying it wasn't Free and fair it wasn't you guys were Cheating so if we could say that he's Not a threat to democracy he just wants To be like oh okay you guys cheated Let's at least admit say you guys Cheated and then we'll move on cuz if They cheated then with that who knows What else they were doing If you you got caught doing that what Else were they doing you know what I Mean in a world of sound bites you have To to kind of listen careful to this and Unfortunately that's not the way the Average person listens to CNN what he What what RFK Jr was saying is I would Argue that and so what he was saying is Hey I would argue that the guy that did All these is is more of a threat to

Democracy he was not waving the flag and Saying Biden is is a threat to the Future of the Republic the Republic's Going to to fall under him but that's The sound bite that she wants that's What the producer that's on him Tom he Shouldn't have said I'm not going to Answer that question but I could make an Argument that you don't have it both Ways you did answer the question by Saying that you chose to argue that Biden is as big or bigger a threat That's going to be the sound bite that's On him so so what should have have said What are you saying either say I'm not Going to answer the question I'll let People decide don't answer any of it Well he said I'm not going to answer the Question but and then he said answered It you know you can't have it both ways You just can't have it both ways look on The election you can't have it both ways You're right about the messaging Argument that you make yeah um the Problem for Trump is that he tried to he Tried to get people to change the vote Structure and then he had people Advance Theories right to be generous about how Things had been corrupt that were not Provable in any way and the organization That he was banking on came forward and Said we don't have the proof that's what They're worried about that's what the Lawsuit's about I just wish that lawsuit

Had come first because these other Lawsuits in New York make the opposite Point that you guys are talking about Which is wow it looks like they're out To get him it just looks like they're Out to get him with these New York Lawsuits mean but because at the end of The day can you blame Trump for going Well I don't trust any of them if you if You literally had the agency at Twitter Which was bro that is our fre I don't Blame him for the feeling I blame him if For what he was alleged to have done and Said I don't blame him for feeling that He was get getting rooked but what you Do to deal with that situation has to be Legal well well you can't go to the FBI No listen you can't go to the government They're the ones screwing you over I get The predicament but I'm saying picking Up the phone call saying find me X Number of votes correct you got a Problem that's why the Stormy Daniels BS New York stuff Laticia James stuff that That's why the I think it helps him uh FBI Files the mar Lago stuff that's That's I think it helps him yeah that Correct but and on the files 11,000 Votes January 6 this is where they can Happ I think he baited them I think Trump is very Savvy and knows that every Time the government comes after him it Proves his point that they're coming After him because he's trying to protect

Americans interests let me tell you one Thing about RFK whether you're going to Vote for the guy or not you have to Respect the man the mainstream media Doesn't know how to control him they Don't know how to manage him they don't Know how to how to handle him that's why They don't invite him saying that's why They don't invite him and that's why I Like him and who do you think he's going To hurt more I don't want who who do You% Trump he's going to hurt the Trump Vote more absolutely why do you think What do you mean why do I think like is It like is it those indep those people That are kind of Wishy was like hell Because because a Democrat is is not RFK Almost says everything Trump says but Where RFK is different is what uh Abortion RFK is different and some of The social stuff well the independent And the libertarian now has an option For those that will never vote for Trump They're going to vote for RFK and that Vote's not going to matter just so you Know that the Democrats who hated Trump And they voted against Trump they're Still going to vote for Biden for sure You know they're going to vote for Biden No matter what they're like dude I Voting for Trump for them is like I had Stephen A here the other day right I Love it by the way great great Discussion oh by the way one of my

Favorites I really love the conversation We had and I asked him question about His mom when I said hey your mom she was Uh she lived like a conservative but she Voted different way right left I said Okay I said if your mom was around today How would she vote oh without a question Conservative without a question Conservative he didn't even hesitate he Said without a question conservative Right I think there's going to be some Closet Trump voters this year that they Won't tell anybody I think there's going To be a lot of people that are still Part of the camp that they hate Trump And they're going to vote the other side No matter what but I think RFK is going To take and make those people who are Anti-trump like Charlamagne the guess What that's his out okay those guys who Have influence RFK is going to pick up That vote and it's it's going to help The left it's not going to help the Right it's going to hurt Trump so those Sound bites whether that you agree with Them disagree with them he needs stuff Like that I mean he's what are his Polling numbers even look at this is 538 Right here it's shocker alert still neck And neck Trump Biden Kennedy is going to Decide the election if he gets on enough Ballots he could be Ross perau uh and Then some I will tell you the Democrats Are more angry at me for having Bobby on

News Nation than they are for me saying Look if you want to vote for Trump vote For Trump he's not my guy but you got to Look at the policies that pisses them Off cuz they say this guy is an Existential threat he's the devil yeah They're more angry about the Bobby and They just had um a bunch of uh Key State Matchups and when you add in Bobby Biden's number dropped in every one of Those States so that's why they're Spooked and that's why the DNC um just put together a team they're Saying to Target thirdparty candidates But it's really just Bobby and if you've Noticed in the last couple of weeks cuz I know a couple of the people they hired And they're good Bobby's starting to Take hits and you're going to start Seeing more hits it started with about Shanahan which was a weird VP pick Especially when he told me I would have Picked her even if she was broke come on But um and then it's there's dissension Within the campaign people don't like How things are being run bobb's not Really in control which makes no sense Those stories are going to be fed by the Left I don't know if it works with Bobby's audience I think the the the the Audience that's going to vote for Bobby like for example I'm not asking You this I'm just speculating I think You'd vote for Bobby I think you just

Watching you and talking to you the last Year or so I don't think you're excited About a Biden vote you don't have to Answer this question I don't think You're definitely not excited about a Trump vote that's more family you can't Vote for Trump because it's a in my Opinion in my opinion I'm not telling You it is I could vote for a republican I'm not going to vote for somebody who Openly attacks my family okay so that's What I mean that I don't think you would Vote for Trump yes and I don't know if Trump can do anything to gain your vote You said yes a couple months ago but I Don't think Trump can stop attacking my Family yeah stop making it hard for my Kids yeah and then I'll start assessing The policies would you though would you Sincerely would you if let's just say Let's just say if I talk to Trump and You we do an event and you do the town Hall okay it's you and Trump doing the Town hall you're interviewing him we'll Do it that our studio here we'll sell Out the tickets boom you're hosting an Event it'll be hosted on pbd podcast Let's just say but it's your I'll come Up and I'll say hey great to be here and Then I'm out the way and you're doing The town hall the two of you guys Together okay I wouldn't love that Arrangement because I'd lose 50% of my Intelligence as soon as you walked off

The stage I think you would benefit the Conversation but okay I'll accept it Okay but let's just say we did that Right okay whether you and I do it or You do it yourself maybe we do it Together and I say but what do you think About this Chris maybe we do it together In it right can he do anything to get Your vote Yes on my vote no let's let's Go slow here if the former president Came out on that stage and said that Fredo stuff bothered you and I shouldn't Have played with it and I shouldn't have Tried to get you fired and I shouldn't Have celebrated what happened with your Brother and I shouldn't have baited uh My followers in a way that they went After your kids um that was wrong and You've never done that to my family You've always treated me with respect in Person shouldn't have done that uh you Give me my respect I give you yours now I would take a step back cuz look I mean You know I think most people are Probably like me guy comes out and Insults your family and makes it hard For your kids you're never going to vote For him it doesn't matter if he's Offering you zero tax rate for the rest Of your life then I would say all right Let me look at the policies and let me See what kind of leader I think this guy Can be but I will never give a guy a Shot or a woman a shot with my vote if

You openly attack my family um but I Said what I said on the show last time Which you know was a little taken out of Context by people but that's okay you Should be open to voting for whoever Supports your interests I don't believe That Donald Trump has the strategy the Vision or the ambition to destroy our Democracy I don't believe he's Interested in that I don't believe he's Capable of that frankly so look at the Policies you have two weak choices look At the policies figure out what's better For your family go with it yeah so I Again so for me finishing my thought I Think You're I internally Feeling more comfortable with an RFK Vote than anything else and I love the Disruption yeah I love the disruption of The two- party system but I also think But I also think there is a little bit Of affinity with the families I think There's also a little bit of connection There and that makes an easier vote well His family been swe his family's been Sweating me because they're not to see This the chances that Trump apologized To you publicly zero can't you can't say Zero you can't say zero I don't know con School of thought never apologize no no I first of all I don't I don't disagree With him I'm on his side I don't Disagree with him I think what he could

Say is it's behind us and look you know Like I remember one time he was on your Show and he's like you know I I much Prefer your father than you and he would Always try to kind of get On Your Skin But that's kind of like what I'm okay With that but by the way that's kind of Like what that happened like even when We did the live podcast one guy made a Comment from the back I'm not a fan of That and and I'm sure you know what I'm Talking about you said something come Sign W and whatever I'm not a fan of That kind of stuff when that happens With us I'm I don't entertain that Conversation because I want to actually Have the conversation right I'm not Trying to disrespect I'm trying to have The conversation no I think I can see How it would be tough but at the same Time Chris I can also see from having Conversations with you like as much as You guys watch this year you I wish you Could see how we are in the car with Zero camera zero audio zero nothing it's A 100 times more fun than what you see Here right relationship what it's like Right and it's sincere genuine love we Enjoyed right it's a and you would sit There like a lot of people come to me And say the other day I'm I'm uh uh Getting ice cream with the kids and guy Comes up and says hey you know I know People are giving you a hard time with

The CUA thing and all that stuff but I I See what you're doing you're trying to Bring America together man I just want To tell you I support you and all this Stuff but you know and it's these types Of comments that come up great dude for Three years people were telling me fire Fire fire if I get one more people would Spend $100 just to tell me to fire at Them I'm like bro save your $100 on Theck with it to me tell me you the chat Right now is already saying Can I some Kudos cuz this anecdote you're talking About Cuomo I actually think that's the Most of America I think because it's a Business-driven political podcast and It's an election year people are it's we So divisive you put any two Americans in A room they're going to get along more Than disagree and that's the fallacy What's going on with this two-party System and this binary it only benefits Them and that's why they keep us apart They hate when we talk to each other Yeah they hate it amount of traffic We're getting right now with manck is Unbelievable yesterday I can't even tell You how many mans came through yesterday For me great conversations people Booking 15minute calls Tom is about to Cross 2,000 manets okay he'll be the First person to have 2,000 paid man uh Uh there I know Chris uh is probably one Of the fastest to respond respond on man

I think he's a 24-hour guy at 100% Responds back to answer so if you have Any questions today if you disagree with Me or agree with Tom or Vinnie or Adam Or comoo these are their QR codes ask Him any question you want on man there's A 95% chance you get a respond back on Instagram you get respond backs 5% on LinkedIn 5% on Twitter less than 10% on Man there's a 90 to a 95% chance they're Going to get back to so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here

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