“We’re Outnumbered!” – Why A Strong Family Unit Is So Important Today

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David and Full Send talk about why a strong family unit is so important today.

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In universities for every one Conservative Professor you know how many Are liberal 12 12. yeah I've seen you Talk about it yeah twelve to one that's A monopoly yeah if that was a business And a company For every one coffee that coffee been Sold and McDonald's sold if Starbucks Sold 12 they're getting shut down Because it's a monopoly and they have to Be split apart yeah universities have Have a monopoly now let me go to schools And high schools K through 12. They went and monitored teachers based On which political party they gave money To and they donated to wait to see these Stats here English teachers 97 gave to the Democratic party only Three to the Republican Party Health Teachers 99 to one math and science 87-13 math and science you have to learn How to research yeah 87 to 13. we're Sending our kids to schools yes where These people are shaping their minds and Our kids are spending more time with Teachers than they are with us yeah you Think parents spend more time with kids Than their teachers they don't no Parents see their kids in the morning For 30 minutes when you're dropping them Off yeah at night when they get home After sports or whatever you only got Them for a couple hours these guys are

Getting for eight hours so this is there There is the whole reason why we're Doing what we're doing with the media Company like I'm at the fight all these Guys we're having all these Conversations with people like hey let Me tell you hey you did this and we did This and I decided to do this and let me Tell my kid is doing this and my kid is Doing that and I'm watching to see what People are saying Nothing excites me more when I see a guy That says I've been following by Tim and Since I was 16 years old I'm now 24 Years old I made 600 000 last year and Let me tell you that I don't know my dad This or my those excite me because that Means long term there's a community of Us that people are watching and we are More important than you think yeah you Think it's just about sponsorship and All this other stuff but they're more Sitting there saying man I just like These guys and they think that way why Don't I think this way and in a year 5 10 20 years the only way we can fight Against what's going on in our Educational system is to have a Different Venue of getting to them and this is one Of the formats but eventually we have to Also win in schools if we don't win in Schools this problem is going to keep Reappearing for the next hundred years

Well that's why I think a lot of people Are moving to private school are moving To homeschooling stuff like that and I Think that even balances out further to A point that I've been trying to make Probably the last three four years is What and this kind of ties into the Women the feminist thing is that Like stay-at-home moms wives are not Appreciated enough in a in a in a Societal setting Women are only getting you know praised When it's like hey I want to be a boss Lady I want to have this job I I a CEO Of Google this that and I'm like you Guys are missing the like what I feel at Least in my opinion is the most Important role a woman can play which is A a good Homemaker a good a good mother Because men just don't we don't have it In us it's just it's just not in our DNA And that's how you shape a family that's How you shape the children coming up so I even think from a from a man's Perspective is that we need to even what We can do at least is start respecting You know the stay-at-home moms and start Respecting the the women that want that At least I'm not saying that every woman Should should have to do that but we got To start showing love to them because They're the ones that are going to shape Everything they they you know they're They're the ones raising and birthing

And birthing these children and there's Not enough respect for them well I think There's an attack also on like the Traditional family structure they don't Want that they don't want a father a Mother two three kids they don't like That because there's strength in that There's tradition in that right there's Numbers in that so if they can divide That I think and even with schools I Feel like I've said this before but I Feel like it went from your parents Raising a child like our parents raised Us they taught us Traditions values and And how to behave ourselves to now Teachers are now raising children like You said when you see your so you see Your kid for an hour at dinner after for Some sports or stuff like that so I Think that's a problem and I wanted to Ask you how are you How are you now as a father knowing that This stuff is going on and having having Young children how are you protecting Them from this how are you navigating This by openly talking about all of it Wow every single thing about it wow by Going online with my nine-year-old and My 11 year old son when they were eight And ten and reading the history of AIDS And going back and seeing why AIDS was a Epidemic in the 80s and how it started Yeah what caused it was it really Monkeys or where did AIDS come from

Let's read it let's research it oh wow Okay so based on this study Ace came From here okay this is not a good idea Guys just so you know how and then going And looking at hey you know when Somebody wants to talk to you about Having Secrets there's only a few people In your life that can have secrets with You until you're 18 years old yeah and That's your brothers your sisters your Mom and dad you can't have secrets Openly with people like you got to teach Your kids what the whole concept of Secrets is I showed him a video the Other day this is a video of a guy named Jack Reynolds I don't know if you've Seen this or not Incredible video okay It's a video of a child uh uh uh Molester who did 12 years in jail and he Got out and he agreed to be interviewed Wow by a woman on how he was able to get Kids that he could take advantage of Like his strategy you have to watch his Interview let me tell you right Jack Reynolds I'll give it to you afterwards Okay Jack it's a two-minute video and The way he looks he's looking like this And by the way full blown I can't Believe this lady got this video the Guy's Dead uh uh today but this was an Interview that he did in the 90s and he Went to jail in the 80s for 12 years he Says first thing I Target is I Target Coming into the family and I'll say

Listen if you at all you need me to Babysit your kids I'm here to help out If you need me to do anything and he Says parents who don't care and they're Not involved that's my easiest Target he Says who do you not Target he says if There's a very strong father figure in The family and he's very involved I Don't Target them he says what else do You not Target if the family's got a Strong sense of spiritual and they go to Church or God I don't Target them Because I have to be careful with them What do you typically Target I asked Them around with their friends to learn More about how their friends are and if They're kind of kids that they don't Talk and I see they can keep secrets That's also a target of mine he gives The entire Playboy okay I watch this With my kids I said so what do you think about this Dad there's people like that out there Unfortunately there is and you have to Stay strong and you have to have each Other's back and you can't fall forward If somebody wants to offer you a gift or Candy or ice cream or video game or Money or any of this stuff don't worry About that stuff we're gonna be all Right so and then we have dialogue so Explain to me this so tell me about this Tell me about that so for me it's the Conversation we have I remember one time

The kids were younger my my wife gets Uncomfortable she ran out I said okay Guys let's have a conversation together What's that We got out of the shower I said okay you Ready yes I said this is my dangling That's yours that's yours Your dangling only you can touch You're dangling Only You Can Touch One Day a woman that you like will touch it Till then it's yours to play with God Gave it to you this is mine that's yours That's yours and you see them they Freeze because it's like an Uncomfortable conversation my wife just Runs out So I said does this make sense to you And then you see their conversation like The follow-up conversations they're Asking and I said don't worry about it I Was also six years old at one point I Was also eight years old it's Uncomfortable but you're gonna go Through it the other day one of my kids Was going through the puberty class and Hey Dad do you want me to go to this Puberty class and teach it and I know Who was teaching them because Adina is a Very good friend of ours so I'm like You're going to be fine I know who this Guy is he's a Christian guy it's going To be solid with the values and Principles but they're going to go Through this it's going to be normal

You're a man I went through it we're all Going to go through it so the more open You are with this I was studying a how This is a crazy statistic guys about Indian parents okay did you know Indian Immigrants like from India Indian Immigrants and India in Indian ethnicity In America they're the highest earners In America They make 120 per year okay America Amer White Americans was 65 000 a year Indian Americans 120. they got a 25 000 lead on Second place second place was 95 000 a Year So we start going into this data because I visited Mumbai and I was speaking at IIT and I had a great experience I'm Like why are Indian parents doing so Well U.S population only accounts for Indians Account for one percent of the U.S Population but eight percent of CEOs of Startup Silicon Valley companies okay One percent population eight percent When they go get degrees they're Their parents encouraged them to go Through stem is what they target 72 Percent 71 is all STEM Science it's all They they're targeting those Industries And then we went on this website called Indiaparenting.com And you look at India parenting.com on What's different about having Indian Parents and you notice number nine was

They're judgmental Indian burns are Judgmental how is that a good thing American parents would be like oh it's Okay it's just like that some people are Different Indian parents will be like You cannot yeah yeah oh my God and they Put the fear in you yeah if you're a God So one of the points was they edify the Behavior they want and the other one is They judge the behavior that they don't Want their kids to take on in America It's like no you can't this [ __ ] you Better get a lot of appearance But some of these qualities are good but I think you know as a parent today you Got to be involved you got to be willing To talk openly with your guys because if You don't other people will Foreign

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