“We’ve ALL Been Robbed” – Andrew Schulz TELLS ALL On NYC Crime & Migrant Crisis

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by comedian Andrew Schulz as they discuss crime reporting in NYC and whether the migrant crisis is out of control.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

What the hell's going on in your city Brother you're New York born and raised I'm sure pbd wants to ask you about this Tell tell me tell me cuz I see it feels No different really but but where like Where you you're in Brooklyn no no I Live in uh Manhattan okay so you're in Manhatt so I mean from what we're seeing From just from talking about the migrant Crisis just from the migrant crisis uh Just from like she she deployed 750 uh troops into the Subways to check Bags with long rifles mind you that's National Guard that's pretty serious [ __ ] who deployed c yeah she did that I Mean uh you seen what they're doing with Her beating up the cops and all that Stuff and I get it it's not hitting home Yet I think this is it's starting to Like and we have a video of just in the Train station I mean this is just New York I'm from Yonkers bro in the train Station these guys are fighting one Pulls out a knife starts stabbing other Guy the guy that pulls out a gun gets The gun taken away and he's shot in the Head and this is the pandemonium in the Subway so that's the fight started the Guy in the yellow city is that in New York this is in this is I think this is In Brooklyn that guy right there with The yellow he has a knife the other the Black guy on the left has a gun they get Into a squabble and then the guy in the

Yellow takes the gun and shoots him in The head and this is in New York okay Don't play the shooting no no but like You should look at look at the Pandemonium just in the train station But I mean that's a well what he's Saying is Andrew's saying it's the same Yeah this has always Been I get it but when it comes when it Comes to the illegals beating the sh the Cops robbing people and then they get Into jail the next next day they're out And they're doing this I have a huge Problem with that so so the New York Thing is really Interesting cuz I I looked this up a Little bit um okay so New York is a um Well America I guess and I didn't even Know this I didn't know you could just Walk up to the border and be like yo I'm Seeking Asylum I didn't know that that's Kind of you don't even have you don't Even have to sneak in these why would You [ __ ] sneak in you could just walk Up and be like hey I'm here and we'll Take you in and then we'll look at your Case for like 2 years to decide if it's Like a legit Asylum case and in that Those two years after you're already in Then you could [ __ ] off and go wherever You want to nobody would ever know where You are okay not saying that this is Something that is like a legal thing to Do but that is another option instead of

Just like running and trying to jump Over a fence right now New York I think Is the only big city in the country that Has a uh a right to shelter law and this Was developed for our our homeless Population not for migrants yeah so it's A cold City it's a very wealthy City the Idea that there' be people sleeping on The street while people are making Billions of dollars on Wall Street it Was a little disgusting and I'm sure it Is a little bit liberal leaning so they Were like let's try to find a way we can Take care of these people and I think What happened is illegal immigrants or Asylum Seekers are taking advantage of a Law that was not made for them and that Is really starting to swell the system We were already at capacity and now you Have like I think 50% more illegals in The city than were in the last year or Something like that and the system I Guess can't hold it now we don't feel it A lot in New York it's really hard Because like everybody's looks like an Immigrant yeah do you know what I mean It's not like it's some like all white City and then randomly there's somebody From Sudan there and people go oh what The [ __ ] is that so it's really hard to Be like oh that's an illegal in the Right but but that is the problem and They are taking advantage of something That's not built for them and in a lot

Of ways affecting the homeless Population in New York the people who Actually need it because homelessness Isn't something that exists in Perpetuity it's like some people are all You know are down bad for like a year And the fact that they have shelter They're able to come back but those People now can't as easily so that's That's why New York is in this kind of Tricky Char are you saying that you Haven't seen anything change so like We've had Rudy Giuliani on the podcast Obviously he cleaned up the city in the In the90s and then there was Bloomberg He overwhelmingly I think we had a good Approval rating but then after the AO Yeah the city collectively has just gone To [ __ ] perception is reality a lot of Times you might say otherwise different Now Eric Adams for my trying to clean it Up I literally could be in my bubble Like I W my I I work 10-minute walk from My place I get coffee three minutes like I'm in this little section of New York That maybe just isn't as affected that's The reality of the matter um and maybe There are certain areas that are way More affective than others I know there Are like certain hotels that are Completely filled I think with the Asylum Seekers MH and I guess we're Paying for that and you know it's a Listen it's a it's a tricky situation

You know how do you what do you do I Think I don't know I'm all About yeah I mean yeah it's just it just It's it's not that difficult that when You say something like Hey listen Eric Adams got man the hell with what they're Saying on the right everybody come on And when you open your mouth and then Now it affects you and now it's like Wait a minute y'all got to get the hell Out of here it's too late the damage has Been done ER Eric was Eric was actually Being a shrewd politician he was using It to get more funding so what he what He did is he said and this is how the Game works I guess he goes listen we're Swollen we can't handle it anymore and He goes he goes to the fed and he goes To the state government he goes guys I'm Going to have to I can't even recruit a New class of uh police Cadets I'm sorry We can't do it we can't we don't have The money to do it we got to shut down Programs in schools we don't have the Money to do it and what happens he gets Some money and then none of the [ __ ] Ever got shut down in the first place Weir so he's being shrewd about it too He's fun and when you were talking about The like and Andre just to go back a Little bit when we were talking about The pride in America like you know Veteran in the country my mom and dad You know legal immigrants Pat legal

Immigrant we we we serve my brother my S Like weal like yeah loser but um I just It's just sad because you know that Pride only when tragedy happens remember 9/11 bro that week following you people Were I don't give a [ __ ] if you were Black white tall shirt nobody gave a [ __ ] it was us against everybody here's My question for you us against the cab Drivers Yeah here's my here's my question for You how much of it is how much of it is You Defending Your City how much of it Is your pride and your city where it's Kind of like a code I'm not going to Trash my own City how much of it is Pride family mom dad history what youve Build uh how much of it is the bubble That you're talking about maybe I'm the Bubble 10 minutes you know walk I get my Coffee I'm doing this I'm doing that so I'm I'm living in this community you Know how much of it is just you know uh Uh not seeing it not watching the news To see what's going on with New York City I think a lot of it is the last one The last not watching the news Being in my Bubble and uh and also coming up in New York in a time where it was like way More dangerous so now when I see it and It's a [ __ ] Apple Store I'm like what Are these people complaining about like When I was younger like one winter me

And every one of my friends got robbed For our North Face we all had North Face Jackets and every one of us got robbed So that was just like a write of Passage So I'm hearing about people getting Robbed now and I'm like oh did you get Robbed oh did they take something for You welcome to the [ __ ] club like it Was when we were our Middle School these Are we're 12 years old our Middle School Had to make an announcement and say Please don't wear red to school around Halloween because there's a gang Initiation and if anybody asks you what Time it is do not tell them because They're going to slice your face with a Box cutter so that was what they were Telling 11 and 12 year- olds mhm so for Me I'm not the most alarmist cuz I grew Up at a time where New York was Objectively much more dangerous than it Is now much more you could get away with [ __ ] there weren't [ __ ] cameras Everywhere like so it is a it is a very Different it is a very different time it Could be by the data way worse I haven't Experienced it that's all I'm trying to Say got him just like some guy in San Francisco that exists on the marina that Beautiful Marina they're not going to See the tenderloin where people are Shooting up they never would go there They're not getting their groceries There they'd never even be there so

They're like oh everybody's just [ __ ] on San Francisco because we're This liberal City so when it's not Perfect everybody's going to bag on us The most there are way more [ __ ] Homeless in Los Angeles than there are In San Francisco it's not even close There's like a whole city of Homelessness in Los not even a question La is the number one city for that yeah But but but even in uh San Francisco Like a couple people whose concerns is Where this lady that just got elected Who won the uh uh election Committee in San Francisco now is a Chinese yeah Who's only been in America for 4 years And she's doing interviews in Chinese But she is now sworn in as San Francisco Election Commission little concerning You know right after the event they did In San Francisco with you know she Coming in with Gavin Newsome and Cleaning up the streets but the data People Le in New York I wonder how many How many friends do you have people do You have cuz I know you lived here for 4 Months give or take how many guys do you Have that live move to Florida during Co And they're back to New York I don't Know well just our crew um Florida is Amazing I I think one of the things that Happens with New York though New York Has tons of Pride an immense amount of Pride we love our city every time you

See it in a movie it's romantic even if The movie's supposed to give you anxiety It's still sexy like you see uh uncut Gems and you you're in the Diamond District and you're like oh my God There's a there's life here electricity Elect oh this is incredible everything About this city is incredible and um so We have a lot of Pride and I think like For example every New Yorker grow what a Weird movie by the way on so go ahead The way it ended was confusing go ahead It was but but Amazing by the way he made he made the Most money last year as an actor 73 Million get out of here 2023 the number One earner was Sandler 73 million but go Ahead so um yeah so so I think what Happens is New Yorkers we have so much Pride that and sometimes when you have So much pride you don't even like we Think okay okay how do I put this Together New York we like this is the Greatest city in the world right I felt That before I ever left New York so how The [ __ ] would I know right the the the Thing about New York is it's surrounded By objectively shitty places so when you Do leave you're like yeah it must be the Best oh my God Connecticut do you know What I mean like the [ __ ] is in Connecticut right you go across the Bridge and you're in [ __ ] Hoboken You're like thank God I'm not in Hoboken

Right everything around it kind of sucks So it reinforces this idea like this is The greatest ever and it is the greatest Ever don't get me wrong but a lot of New Yorkers would never even consider and There is an arrogance this like Coastal Elitism you never even consider moving To a Utah and then New Yorkers go to Utah and we're like whoa trees are Cool [ __ ] animals are nice I saw a Deer deer is beautiful you ever look at A deer you know and then we experience This like calm and we're like existing Within nature and I think a lot of us Are really compelled to do that a lot of My friends who I grew up with leave New York they they leave it's a hard City to Like grow up in and then live in Forever You know like if you're not in New York For your Business you're kind of an idiot like if That's where you're making your money or Your passion or your art and you need to Be there for that that's where I make my Art and I need to be there for that that Makes sense but if you're working at UPS And you can make the same money living In Denver or living in some Florida and Pay half the taxes and kids go to a good School a beautiful neighborhood with a Pool and soccer practice and all this Other [ __ ] like I get that I get that And yeah so I I understand what happened During the pandemic where New Yorkers

Experien a new thing and they're like oh I want to check this out a little bit Mhm by by by the way it's crazy I'm Looking at it right now do you know out Of the the last Republican Governor New York had was [ __ ] which was uh 95 to 07 Okay and if you look at uh the last four Consecutive Democrats and if we go from 75 1975 till Today only one Governor has been Republican everybody else has been Democrat now I will say something New Yorkers don't care about our Governors Like I don't know who the governor is You care about your mayor yeah yeah Right because New York is the state New York City whoever the mayor is is the Governor you think the mayor has more Power than the governor in New York know If they do but we're like yo a bigger Literally we're like yo mayor mayor Adams get that [ __ ] in line yo yeah Like we don't know who she is I just Found out it was a Lady I had no clue we had a blind guy Governor remember that remember the Blind guy Governor yeah he he replaced Somebody else David patter That's how Little we give a [ __ ] about the governor He didn't even know he was in New York He's a Simpson so it's like we don't care about The governor the Govern is meaningless It's mayor and then it doesn't matter

What happens outside of New York City Totally feel that yeah kind of like that Miami too if you go there and you go Look at New York city mayor from day one If you go to it and you look at the P The only reason I'm saying this is Because uh so you got what you got Adams You got DeBlasio you got Bloomberg so Back to back to back that's since O2 Prior to that Giuliani M then he had Dinkin C then you had Co yeah Co then he Had AB beam then he had John Lindsay Then he had Robert F Wagner Jr by the Way everything I said to you except for Giuliani has been the left okay Everything except for Giuliani and prior To that it was uh uh LaGuardia which was 12 12 years Republican right policies It's it's a trump actually is thinking That he could win New York very weird to Think about that I don't think it's New Yorkers this is a financial Hub like we Weir liberal in that we we think gays Make cool [ __ ] that's it we're not Liberal in terms of our financial policy They don't go to heaven though because Listen listen listen you guys decided That no you guys yeah the Jews long time That Old Testament That Old Testament is Rough rough for the gays the Old Testament have you read the Quran listen Yeah but that's later they they working Off of your Source material that's right The Old Testament started at all baby

I'm just saying you're all ripping our Stuff Christians the Muslims exactly Thanks shout out to Moses out there but The Christians mix it up in the in the Coolest way that's what I love about the Christians but why do you like the gays So much in New York cuz they just make Dope [ __ ] like what I don't know like When you're not trying to [ __ ] [ __ ] all The time like you can just create cool Stuff that's my problem do you know what I mean like they make cool exactly yeah You know what I mean like like a gay guy Wouldn't wear that outfit no e you know What I mean E I would never do that they Put in some fashiony thing together you Know they make some beautiful piece There's some great art dancing like they Do make dope [ __ ] like if you're in New York so we love their contributions to Our society and culture right that's Really important to us and uh it's Important that they're able to flourish Because we enjoy the things that they Create right you're not going to go to Musical theater without Gaye I'm sorry It is what it is you're taking your kids To [ __ ] Harry Potter the musical There's some Queens in that [ __ ] you Know frolicking the [ __ ] around no Straight guy goes I can't wait to be in Harry Potter the [ __ ] music right It's not possible so we like it but Outside of that we just we're like a

Money City you know this is the Financial Hub of the world so we're not Going to have some guy coming in here Who's going to clip Us in the balls and Our ability to make money we know what We're after and so I think that's why The Republicans can Thrive so if you Like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right Here

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