What Science REALLY Says About Productivity 🔬#shorts

This research explains why the secret to productivity isn’t discipline – it’s joy.

When we're in a positive mood we tend to Consider a broader range of actions be More open to new experiences and better Integrate the information we receive in Other words feeling good boosts our Creativity and our productivity one of The first people to explore how exactly This works was Barbara Frederickson in The late 1990s fredericksen proposed What she called the broaden and build Theory of positive emotions according to The broaden and build Theory positive Emotions broaden our awareness and build Our cognitive and social resources Broaden refers to the immediate effect Of positive emotions when we're feeling Good our minds open up we take in more Information and we see more Possibilities around us build refers to The long-term effects of positive Emotions when we experience positive Emotions we build up a reservoir of Mental and emotional resources that can Help us in the future resources like Resilience creativity problem solving Skills social connections and physical Health over time these two processes Reinforce each other creating an upward Spiral of positivity growth and [Music] Success

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