What You Realize When You Become Rich


Andrew Tate Explains, What You Realize When You Become Rich.

Best things in your life for people best Things in your life for family things Make you happiest are your friends your Life experience is the best if you have Good team around you good assistance Good helpers good staff whatever it is It's all about people and controlling People what do you want money for to get Other people to do what you want that's All money is I want a Lamborghini I Can't build one he can I will pay him to Build me a Lamborghini it's all about People so once you get Beyond a certain Level of money and there's a certain Level of control you want that money Perhaps can't buy then you think well I Don't care about the money I want the Power I want money I want them to stay In their houses why because I said so I Don't know do they have to ha ha it's Funny I think if you were born into a Wealthy family where money has precisely Zero value and you are arrogant to the Moon because you're this whoever and you Believe you're God's gift and you don't For our anger make you happy you can Throw Ferrari Ferrari's freeze pennies You don't care about anything what makes You happy is everyone respecting you and Being afraid of you to a degree you're Gonna try and influence some power and Fear

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