WHATEVER IT TAKES – Best Motivational Video 2023

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Tyrese Gibson

Steve Harvey:

Les Brown

Ed Mylett

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[Music] I learned something about faith Faith comes from hearing Not from having heard my mother was Telling me those messages years ago But during my homeless years I would Re-hear them and that's when it mattered And I had this such a grand dream and Vision I was willing to push through to see What the vision was going to be to see If I could get to the dream and I kept Hearing my mother say words like God Didn't bring you this far to leave you So I said okay well maybe he ain't left Me let me just see if I can wake up Tomorrow or something changed you know Then I kept hearing stuff like faith is The belief in things that you cannot see Or say Okay cool so I don't see nothing But this homelessness right now but I Think I'm gonna make it one day and I Just kept going man I just kept Now don't get me wrong it was days I Wanted to quit a lot of days I almost drove back to Cleveland several Times and just gave up but [Music] If you could see that's why you have to Have Big Dreams Because your dreams have to be bigger Than all your fears and all your Consequences what makes people go back Is you dream too small see your problem

In life ain't if you aim too high and You miss it your problem in life is if You lame ain't too low and you hit it That's what you messed up now Listen I'm gonna put my suit on Imma Be Charming charismatic imma make The world see and understand if you Don't know who I am You're Gonna Know Who I Am when I walk in the room you Gonna feel my presence everybody who can Relate to what I'm saying That's the reason you're successful you Have not settled you have not gotten Complacent you have not gotten lazy so Many people take their blessings and Opportunities for granted they got a Relationship with God and you you keep Using these words God got me yeah God Got me too but you still got to do the Work you spend so much time on your Knees your knees are bleep get up off Your knees and do the work Ain't nobody gonna get in shape until You go to the gym and do the work Everybody want money but you ain't doing To go get it everybody want a better Life for their career and their family But you ain't doing nothing to go go get It I'ma go get it It's about this this is a game of Survivor out here man like I don't feel Bad for none of y'all I'm telling you Man it's another level out here some of Y'all gonna be in the comments that was

A real arrogant message you left some of Y'all gonna take what I'm saying the Wrong way that's your problem those are Your issues don't put your insecurities And all of your personal hang ups on me I'm letting y'all know I'm a force I move in an Unapologetic While giving it all to God and Understanding that without him none of These blessings and opportunities are Even possible but guess what I made God Proud every single day Because he knows that I am not taking my Access for granted I'm not taking any of My relationships or resources for Granted and if I don't have the Relationships if I want it I'ma go get It You know sometimes When you're going through some stuff I seem like life is just piling on you And you don't know where to turn You feel overwhelmed And there are things happening to you That's beyond your control there's Nothing you Can do But keep the faith Nothing you can do Don't deal with people who bring you Unnecessary drama As they keep a long distance and Love From a Distance people who create Unnecessary

Drama This is no time to deal with people who Create unnecessary drama because life Will give you enough drama by itself And also this is a time you want to Create special moments Keep social distancing from people who Create unnecessary drama That's number one here's the other thing Protect your peace Protect your peace My white blood cells to strengthen my Immune system to laugh to enjoy to Create special moments to protect my Peace to enjoy people who enjoy me And I'm so blessed I'm so honored but I Make God proud every single day I'm Telling y'all go get it if you got a Problem with your life and your career Stop complaining about it Foreign [Music] There's another level to this thing And I'm not afraid to go get it Y'all don't even understand I don't wake Up every day trying to figure out how Can I be more famous I'm trying to be Significant Do you know how much money Martin Luther King had in his bank account when he was Assassinated Does anybody know how much money was in Martin Luther King's Dr Martin Luther King Jr had how much money in his bank

Account when he was assassinated He was significant he made a statement He lived his life with a sense of Purpose he was selfless he wanted to Make a difference in everybody's life And everybody he ever came in contact With he even has a national holiday Still honoring his significance I refuse [Music] To be Another man that lived and died And wasn't significant What I found out though about self-doubt Is that you don't overcome it you build Something bigger than him which means You build your self-confidence and the Greater and greater your self-confidence Get it minimizes the impact self-doubt Has on us now why is that so important It's important because you have to Understand one thing about the doubts And the negative thoughts you have about Yourself as hard as this is to accept These are not your thoughts you weren't Born doubting you weren't born Discouraged you weren't born thinking Negative things about yourself those Were thoughts that were placed in you And given to you by an external Source At some time in your life it could even Be our parents don't do that be quiet Sit down be a good boy be a good girl Maybe it was criticism you received as a As a little one that you may not even

Remember to this day it could have been A school teacher it could have been Ridiculed at school from other children But when you were young in your Formative years these negative thoughts About yourself were planted in You by an External Source that's so powerful to Understand because these things you Think you believe about yourself that Have become really true to you you don't Even really believe they were not your Original thoughts [Music]

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