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Foreign So in this box you're going to find one Of the most valuable assets I've created In my journey going from completely Broke to multi-millionaire at 23 and the Thing that sits inside of it will allow You to accomplish in one year when it Takes most people an entire decade to Accomplish 10 years of progress in one Single year however I'm not gonna say That what's inside of it will make Anyone who puts their hands on it Successful that as long as you use this You're going to be rich because that's Not true this is not for everyone the Thing that's inside this chest will only Work for one specific type of people the Ones who have decided to finally give Their leap of faith because they've come To realization as I once did that you Cannot expect to achieve unconventional Results following the conventional path And that's why I told you on Monday that You need to not only have the keys but Actually Implement them in your life Otherwise you'll just keep following the Conventional path and this will do Nothing for you so what's inside the box After all well Inside the Box my friend Is the unconventional past and if you're Ready to take it well welcome to the First day of the rest of your life I'm Actually going to start this with an Uncomfortable truth because most people

Have absolutely zero idea what it takes To get rich and some people think you Have to go to college some people think That you have to study or work like a Slave for an entire decade to get there And some people think you have to work a Fancy profession such as law accounting Or medicine and some people think you Have to start a business and the truth Is they're all wrong and the problem is Not only most of you think like that but Also the ones teaching you how to get Rich and that's why 99 of you listening To them never get there I mean let's Really think about it let's say you're Someone who's introverted and dreads Talking to other people how the hell am I gonna tell you the best option for you To Achieve Financial Freedom is for you To do something that requires you Speaking all day long I mean surely that Might be the best option for some people But definitely not for you and the exact Opposite is also true let's say you need Human interaction you crave human Interaction and you can't stay too long Without talking to other people well Then in that scenario how am I going to Sell you the idea that the best option For you to make money online as a Beginner is to become a remote developer For example if all you do in such a rule Is sit alone at your desk all day long Every single day writing 12 hours of

Code with barely no human interaction I Mean it just doesn't make sense and by The way some people hate the risks and Unpredictability that comes with Starting a business and all they value Is a safe and consistent income and Here's the thing if starting a business Was the only option no one who values Income safety would have ever gotten Rich and I'm sure you can think about Quite a few people who are extremely Wealthy but haven't started their own Business listen the fact is there is a Million ways to make a million dollars If there's anyone out there telling you The opposite well then they are flat out Lying and the problem is everyone out There is selling a one-size-fits-all Solution Drop Shipping Amazon FBA Affiliate marketing even College if you Really think about it gives you a One-size-fits-all solution they assume That every single career out there Requires you to study five years of Highly theoretical subject before you Start working on said field which by the Way is completely backwards for most Fields today so today I'm gonna give you Something no one else has ever given you I'm gonna give you options and above That I'm gonna show you exactly which Options are the best fit for your Specific personality type because at the End of the date we're all different and

Our differences will they play a very Crucial role on the paths we must choose And the success and fulfillment we're Going to get out of them so we better Make an informed Choice here once you do Take an informed decision here that's Really when you unlock warp speed scale And are able to achieve in one year what It takes most people 10 years to achieve Even if you consider yourself too old to Shift your career or try something Entirely new I really want you to know That when you make the right choice here Your Financial Freedom is closer to you By starting from scratch on a complete New Field than it is by stubbornly Following the wrong path and if you're Young even better with this you will Have the potential of achieving in your Early 20s when most people will not Achieve in their 30s and 40s and that is Really the power of what I'm giving you Today since you now possess all the keys I gave to you in episode 1 I can now Reveal to you what's inside of the Box You see during episode 1 and all the Build up that happened during this event I really got it ahead and teased Multiple times about the secret to Success you might be asking yourself now Is this the secret to success no it's Not you see if you want to possess the Secret to success you need to First Understand this the secret to success

Comes later this what I have right here Well this is a plan and this plan Contains the unconventional path I Mentioned to you earlier on Monday or Paths should I say you see inside of it You're gonna find three distinct pads And no other pads have turned more Regular individuals into Highly Successful People people who get to Enjoy the perks of financial location And time freedom and by the way each one Of these three paths appeal to Completely different types of people and You must choose one by the way with this Plan for the first time in your life You're truly gonna have options all of Which by the way can lead to success as Long as you make the right choice here And I'm gonna go ahead and actually Explain how in just a minute in it but First things first let me go ahead and Explain how these paths actually work And how you can use them to make more Money than you know what to do with so Here is the most important thing you Should know when it comes to making Money you are paid in proportion to the Perceived value that you have so it's Not actually about how hard you work you See the the cleaner who's sweating and Tiring himself out for 12 hours straight Will always get paid less than the Lawyer sitting behind a desk at a fancy Office who only works five hours a day

And why is that well that's because the Perceived value of what the cleaner does Is far less than the lawyer you see the Cleaner can kind of be replaced by Anyone it's not really that difficult to Learn how to do his job and therefore The market will pay him less than the Lawyer because the lawyer is the guy who Spends half a decade studying and has Saved his clients tens of thousands of Dollars if not even hundreds of Thousands of dollars but remember it's Not about the half a decade he spent Studying it is simply about his Perceived value because the thing you Need to understand is that there are Rules that have the same or even higher Perceived values than lawyers doctors And accountants but they do not require You to slave away studying for half a Decade in order to get there so if you Want to be successful and achieve it Without having to slave away for decades Your question should be how can I Increase my perceived value without Having to spend an entire decade working My way up and listen the answer is you Have to find the position that makes Companies the most money the more money You make them the higher your perceived Value is going to be and the higher Perceived value the more money you get Paid it's a simple formula that goes Like that and right now I'm going to

Give you the three best pads that have Some of the biggest perceived values out There in the market in 2023 and here's Some things you need to know about them First of all they all make companies a Lot of money and none of them require You to have a college degree to study For years before starting to make money Or any previous experience and by the Way each one of these three paths will Appeal to different personality types And most importantly and I I really need This to sink in different than what most People out there who preach that their Way is better for every single path in This plan that I'm going to recommend to You I have either made a million dollars Personally with it or and I'd say this Is even more powerful I have paid more Than a million dollars for people on my Team who work such positions or rules in One of my own companies which is super Interesting by the way because most People out there they think that in Order to achieve Financial Freedom you Need to become the new Iman gaji and People think like this even though at The same time I have dozens of people Who work for me and have achieved Financial Freedom in their own lives and Most people don't even see them or know That they even exist because they work Behind the scenes but they have Extremely high perceived value to my

Companies because they make me a lot of Money as a consequence they get paid a Hell of a lot of money as well so know That in order to achieve the lifestyle You want you don't need to become the New e-man Gadget by any means you just Need to become someone of value who for Example individuals like me would pay a Lot of money to have work talking in our Companies now before we jump into the First path back on Monday I kind of gave You some prerequisites for this plan to Work we discussed three keys so let's go Over them real quick now the first one Is you cannot expect to have an Unconventional future by following the Conventional path and the second one is That in order for you to be successful You got to be in the industry that moves At the highest speed and today there's No arguing it that industry is the Internet and lastly you gotta choose Something that plays to your strengths Rather than your weaknesses these are Really the three keys and as I told you Already implementing them is a must in Order to successfully put this plan into Practice now I also gave you another Mission if you remember and that was the Myers-Briggs personality test and it's Really going to come handy now because Every single path inside this plan I'm Actually going to tell you which Personality types performs the best with

It and realistically which one should Probably avoid it and with this you're Really gonna be able to find a path that Plays to your strengths rather than your Weaknesses obviously each person will Have a different path that best fits Their specific specific personality now If you forgot to take the test don't Take it now I want you to watch this Video Until the End and then take it as Soon as you finish and then you can Re-watch this video and match it up now When it comes to first path I'm actually Going to start with the one which Personally turned me from a broke High School Dropout to making my first Million dollars by the age of 18. and You've already probably heard me talk About it before which is a service based Business and this is actually the only Business model in this list the other Two options don't actually require you To start a business at all now before I Talk about them let me explain why this Is the only business worth starting in 2023 you see the way this works is very Simple there are countless Services out There that businesses pay anywhere from A thousand dollars a month all the way Up to ten thousand dollars a month for Let me just name a few we've got web Development paid advertising email Marketing content creation graphic Design and there's a lot of people out

There who are very good at fulfilling These services but they really struggle To get the clients so all we do here is We simply connect the two so first we Have to find the businesses that are Looking for these services and then we Go ahead and find the people who are Actually good at fulfilling these Services and hire them as contractors And this is what I like to call the Expedia business model I mean really Think about travel websites like Expedia Or booking.com all they do is connect Someone who wants to travel with hotels That offer accommodation in the city That that person is traveling to it's Really that simple and by the way maybe You didn't know this but they do Hundreds of millions of dollars a year By doing that and the cool thing is they Don't have to worry about servicing the Client because the hotels will they take Care of that for them and in our case It's the same thing you see we don't Have to become experts at paid traffic Or web development we just get a Contractor who gets all the services Delivered for us and I call this Business model an Roi agency now for Those of you that didn't know Roi stands For return on investment and I call it An Roi agency because we really need to Focus on services that have a high Return on investment for our clients

Because these are the services that Clients pay the most amount of money for And as I said this can range anywhere From a thousand dollars a month to 10 Thousand dollars a month because these Are the services that clients pay the Most money for as I said it can range Anywhere from a thousand dollars to ten Thousand dollars and very important is That that's not a one-time fee they pay You that every single month and here's The real beauty of it we take advantage Of a little loophole that I like to call Contractor Arbitrage and what that is is Actually very simple as I mentioned we Outsource all the work to contractor and We work a deal with the contractor so That they get paid based on the amount Of clients that they service so let's Say you get one client well they get Paid for that one client if you get five Clients well then they get paid for five Clients now if two of those clients Leave you well you won't be paying them For five clients they'll now only get Paid for the three clients that you have And by the way most importantly is that Clients will always pay you up front Before any work gets done that's just Very normal when you're working with Agencies and you always pay the Contractor after they fulfill the Services so this way you literally have Zero risk on your end because you're

Always going to get paid before the Contractor even does any work and this Way there's never going to be a Situation where you have to pay a Contractor and you haven't gotten paid Yet you only ever pay them after the Money is already in your pocket so it is Literally a zero risk business and there Will never be a situation where you find Yourself in debt or burn a bunch of Money in the same way that you will with A lot of these other business models That all these other Knuckleheads on YouTube are suggesting to you now we Usually pay contractors anywhere from 200 to 500 per client while we charge Those same clients a thousand two Thousand five thousand ten thousand Dollars a month and that by the way is Why this is a superior business model to Start as a beginner and I really want to Make something clear to you here you You're going oh why would we pay Contractors 200 to 500 per month per Client but then we charge clients five Times that what do you think happens When you go to a law firm a lawyer that Works at a law firm gets paid 200 Grand A year but brings in a million dollars Of business for that law firm when you Go to a creative agency a graphic Designer there gets paid 40 Grand a year But yet takes on 300 Grand of client Projects so we're doing the exact same

Thing as all of these traditional Businesses but the key thing we're doing Is we're using Talent from all over the World and that's where the Arbitrage Factor comes into it and that's why I Really say that it's the superior Business model to start as a beginner Because with all the other business Models for example Drop Shipping E-commerce affiliate marketing info Products developing an app you always Run the risk of burning through Thousands if not tens if not hundreds of Thousands of dollars before even making A single dime which is extremely risky For a beginner and should be avoided at All costs plus the other thing that I Will say about the other business models Is that even if you manage to make a lot Of sales in a month you always have to Start from scratch in the next month Because all of the sales are one-offs so Every single month you run the risk of Burning through all of your cash again Whereas with an Roi agency you never run This risk and every single client you Get pays you recur currently every Single month which means that if you get One client that pays two thousand Dollars you're gonna make two thousand Dollars every single month and if you Sign another one well congratulations You're now making four thousand dollars Every single month and if you sign five

Of those over the space of six months Well you're already making ten thousand Dollars a month and by the way that is Less than one sale every single month do You think you can make one simple sale Per month over the next six months Because I genuinely believe that you can And as you probably know I have already Taught this business model to more than Twenty thousand students and thousands Of them have achieved their Financial Freedom through this path so it's Definitely something that's proven to Work not only for me but for thousands Of others in fact I was actually just Talking to my lead Student Success coach Last week and what he told me put the Biggest smile on my face he told me that Every single student who had been Coached by him for at least six months Had one paying client at least which Means as long as you stick to it you are Most likely going to succeed and in General I'm not gonna lie to you it Takes at least two to three months to Start making money with this now how do You know if you should choose this path Or not as I said previously there are People who are more likely to succeed With this business model than others in Fact I've noticed the ones who do not Succeed well they all have a few Personality traits in common and these Traits are not necessarily bad traits to

Have in fact if you have them your Likelihood of succeeding in the other Two paths is extremely high it just Means that this specific path may not be The best fit for you and this has gotta Sound counterintuitive but the first Trait is if you're a very analytical Person and loves to spend a lot of time Studying and practicing your craft and Becoming one of the best at what you do You're probably gonna struggle more with This business model than people who are Lazier and don't care so much about Being the best at the service that they Deliver well and that's actually because If you spend all of your time practicing Your craft and fulfilling the services For your clients well then you kind of End up forgetting about the most Important activity in this business Model and that my friend is getting Clients and I have seen so many people Struggling here because they use the Work as an excuse to not reach out to New clients so they end up stuck in the Same income level for such a long time So if that sounds like you may be the Next two paths will be a better fit and The second trait I mentioned is if you Don't like dealing with people and Responsibilities because within Roi Agency your entire job here is kind of To deal with people you want to reach Out to potential clients and sell them

On your service and then you need to Work with contractors to fulfill such Services so basically all you're doing Here is really talking with different People and managing their work and their Expectations and that also really brings A higher level of responsibilities Because you have to ensure the service Delivered will match the client's Expectations so if you get stressed Easily dealing with different people and That's something that you dread doing Well then I'd probably avoid this path And the people who usually perform well On this path are decisive strategic Organized and comfortable with Leadership roles and these are all Essentially traits for successfully Running a business as a whole and if you Want to know the specific personality Types the entj which is the Commander in The ESTJ which is an executive are Actually perfect fits here because Basically if your personality type ends With a TJ you're going to be a perfect Fit for this path if it ends in an FP Like infp which is the mediator and isfp Which is the adventure you should Strongly consider avoiding this path and I'll explain to you why because these Types are typically more creative and Emotion driven and may actually struggle With the Strategic and managerial Demands of running a business now the

Next PATH on the other hand is actually Ideal for the personality types ending With FP and that's really why it's so Important to have options and to choose The right one now let's talk about the Second path because the story of how I Found out about this path is actually Quite interesting you see I didn't find Out about it myself interestingly enough The person who opened my eyes to this Other possibility was an employee of Mine and his name is Paul Daly now Paul Came to work with me almost two years Ago after having sold his own Agency for Almost seven figures and initially he Started working for me as a sales Manager managing a team move to and a Few months after he actually ended up Becoming our CEO starting multiple teams Inside of the company and today he Actually leads three different sales Divisions with more than 40 people Inside of them and actually ended up Appointing him as the CEO of my Education platform three months ago Paul Has had quite an interesting Journey you See he started his own business and was Very successful with it for years then He realized that he didn't really enjoy Having his own business he then sold his Business and came to work in my company As an employee and the interesting thing Is most people would consider that a Step backwards especially in the whole

Entrepreneurship world but funnily Enough he now makes more in one year Than he made from the entire sale of his First company and more importantly he Now constantly talks about how fulfilled He is how he has never been so happy in His life and how he wouldn't trade such Position to even make 10 times them out Of money so really what I want you to Get out of this is that you don't need To Be Your Own Boss or start your own Company to Achieve Financial location And time Freedom starting a business is Definitely a viable option as I've Already shown you but also definitely Not the only one now before I go ahead And tell you what this path is let me Real quick explain how it works so I Want you to think about the way that People make money with our previous path The ROI agency it's essentially by Helping businesses make more money now Whether that's by running their ads Helping them to sell more through their Email marketing content creation Developing a website that makes more Sales you see whatever the vehicle is at The end of the day the end product is Always the same you are helping Businesses make more money and that is Why such paths have the potential to get Paid so much because when you follow Them your perceived value becomes very High I mean really think about it from

The businesses point of view if they Stop paying you they will stop making a Lot of money way more than they will Save from not paying you it's really all About the perceived value now the real Beauty of this path that I'm about to Show you is you can actually have this Exact same effect without having to Start your own business and deal with All of the headaches that come with it Such as having to hire and manage Contractors managing expectations and The Fulfillment of the services or Having to find new clients as well as Dealing with the overall risks of Starting a business but how is that Possible how can you have the same Upside from starting a business without Actually even having to start one and Here's how you can do that you already Know that there's a lot of businesses Online selling very expensive products Or Services I mean even think about a Simple email marketing software it's Basically a tool that allows you to Collect email addresses and blast emails To your list and I can tell you I Personally pay more than ten thousand Dollars a month for a tool just like That now obviously we don't want to deal With all the complexity that comes with Having to create and upkeep a tool like That I mean it requires a full team of Dozens of Engineers and a lot of cash to

Put such team together but there is Still a way for you to get part of the Revenue from such companies without ever Having to worry about any of that how Well is you can imagine people just Don't go on websites and drop ten Thousand dollars a month on a checkout Page you see it's not like buying a 50 Product from some e-commerce store they Need to talk to someone before they buy In order to figure out what's the right Plan for them as well as if the tool has All the features that they need then and Only then after talking to a human real Person that is when the sale happens and The thing that most people don't realize Is that person that helped them figure Out what the best plan for them will They get paid anywhere from five to Twenty percent the value of the sales so If they sold a plan for ten thousand Dollars they just made anywhere from Five hundred dollars to two thousand Dollars and that's from one sale and the Beautiful thing is they don't have to Worry about fulfilling the services or Product because once they sell there's Obviously a team that takes care of the Back end and the Fulfillment for them so They don't have to lift a finger all They have to do is talk to people and Help them take a decision and the truly Best part of it in my opinion is that These interested prospects they come to

Them they don't need to do any marketing Or spend any money to get people to talk To them because the marketing team takes Care of all of that all they do is just Sit on their computers and talk to Interested prospects that come to them And as I mentioned earlier they get paid A lot of money because they generate a Lot of revenue for these companies and I Call this role a remote sales rep and by The way this isn't only software Companies that need remote sales reps Pretty much all companies that offer Services online well they need them and Even companies that don't offer services Online I remember this was maybe four or Five years ago I was about to order a Very very expensive mattress online and They had a feature where I could speak To someone in their team and you know They were very sweet and kind and Courteous and ran me through the Different options and told me which one I should get and I only realized a Couple years later when I started Building big sales teams myself Especially for my software companies That dude just took a five or ten Percent chunk of the super expensive Mattress that I just bought he got paid Like a thousand dollars for that Zoom Call so you need to understand this Applies for any company that sells Products for over a thousand dollars and

I personally employ over 15 remote sales Reps in just one of my software company And by the way in that company they make Up for the largest chunk of the hundreds Of thousands of dollars I spend each Month on payroll even though they're Actually a pretty small Department Within that company now why is that Because without them I wouldn't make a Fraction of the revenue that I make Quite candidly quite honestly they make Me a lot of money so they have a very High perceived value as a result they Get paid a lot of money now what most People don't realize is this if you get Good at being a remote sales rep a lot Of the time you actually end up making More money than a majority of business Owners out there and that is without Ever having to deal with the Fulfillment Of the services or the marketing of it And that's really the power of becoming A remote sales rep and the real beauty Of this path is that you don't need to Have any previous experience and by the Way we prefer to hire people with no Previous experience now usually Paul is The one who takes care of the hiring Processes for this position in my Company and as I said the majority of The people he hires have no previous Sales experience in its for a specific Reason and that's because we have a team Of sales managers and Senior remote

Sales reps that are very good know our Processes and train these candidates From scratch and here is the Mind-blowing thing about this it is Actually easier for us to train someone From scratch than to hire someone who's Already experienced because usually they Have a lot of bad habits and in that Case we have to first work on removing These bad habits and then train them on Our methodology so it's actually easier To just train someone from scratch and The same applies to pretty much all the Companies out there that need sales reps Which by the way are a lot of companies They already have a team and they're Looking to hire people and are happy to Train them up from scratch if needed and By the way this is such an easy role to Get jobs because from the company's Perspective it only makes sense to hire As many reps as they can get since they Get paid on commissions so it's zero Risk on the company's end and from your End you now have prospects coming to you And you can sell a service or product Which you don't need to fulfill and Since you get paid on commissions your Income potential is unlimited sounds Like a pretty good deal to me now here's Where most people get this one wrong I Never actually thought about this before But Paul was telling me a few weeks ago How the best remote sales reps are not

Actually extroverted and that is a very Very big misconception that most people Have you see we think that in order to Be a good sales rep you need to be a Social butterfly that's super outgoing And who's always talking and I actually Used to think that too until Paul really Opened my eyes saying that it's actually The exact opposite of that you see Extroverts can definitely perform well In this role and majority of the sales Reps in our team are extroverts but the Best remote sales reps we have are Actually all introverts and there's Actually very specific reason for that You see as a remote sales rep your Number one job is to help people make Decisions and in order for you to be Effective at doing that you don't need To talk a lot instead you need to listen Along in fact for around 80 of the Conversations you have you shouldn't be Speaking at all you should simply be Listening and try trying to pinpoint What is the exact problem the prospect Has and what's the best action plan to Solve it and that's why the best remote Sales reps are introverts because they Listen and just like I said before Personality types ending with FP perform Very well here and that's because They're more compassionate and are Emotion driven which is exactly how we Take decisions emotionally you see we

Take decisions emotionally and then Justify it to ourselves with logic and That's why personality types like infp Which is the mediator isfp the adventure Esfp the Entertainer and ENFP the Campaigner are perfect fits here whereas On the other hand personality types like Istj the inspector and intj the Architect tend to be more logical and Task focused and may not really enjoy The interpersonal demands and Unpredictability of sales Well that was a lot but if you make good Use of this knowledge it really is going To go ahead and pay dividends for a Lifetime so let's go ahead and talk About the third path because if you've Been paying close attention to what I'm Saying you've probably noticed the two Previous paths require you to actively Take the role of a sales rep that's Whether you're working as a sales rep to A company or whether you're assigning Clients to your own company but what if You just don't like doing that what if You don't like being in selling Environments the question is is there a Way for you to generate more sales to a Company so that you still have a high Perceived value and get paid accordingly But without actively having to put Yourself in the position of a sales rep Well that's a very good question and I'm Very happy you're paying attention and

The answer to your question is yes such Things actually exist and that is really Where a third path comes into play and This is another position to which I have Personally paid multiple six figures to A person in my company and which has Generated me more wealth than I can put Into numbers now here's the thing the Downside to sales is that it's a One-to-one activity you know you have to Sell one person at a time but what if You could simply apply that same skill Set to make business more money but Instead of having to work on a One-to-one setting you could apply that To a one to ten setting now what if you Apply that to a 1 to 100 setting do you Think you'd be able to generate such Businesses more money well what if we Went ahead and imagined a one to one Thousand setting or even a one to a Hundred thousand setting well I'm here To tell you that such thing as possible And I call it salesmanship with words When I need to make money today do you Know what I do I write an email and I May not be as powerful as a one-to-one Conversation but with it I have Something that no other form of selling Has scale there is no limit to how many People I can send the same email to with The work that it takes me to write one Email I can have a one-way conversation With one person or a hundred thousand

People and the work on my end is exactly The same because I have scale and with One simple email I can reach more people Than some of the most popular stores Reached an entire week here in Dubai Mall which by the way is over the mall With the most foot traffic in the world Which means as long as I can do a good Job writing this email I can make a lot Of money from it and that's why Businesses pay such copious amounts of Money for people to write their emails I Mean imagine the big online brands that Invest millions and millions in Advertising every single month they have To pay for every single click that they Get but they're smart what they do is They capture the email addresses of Their visitors and once they do that Marketing to these people essentially Becomes free because now all they need To do to communicate again with such Visitors is just send them an email and Everything that happens after that is Pure profit for the store because They've already paid for the cost of Getting this visitor on their website in The first place and this is especially True if they're businesses that live on Repeat purchases the amount of money These businesses can make by sending a Simple email is insane and the same rule Applies here you get paid based on your Perceived value if you're the one

Writing these emails that make Truckloads of money for online brands Well you're gonna get compensated Accordingly and the best part without Ever having to get on a sales call or Sell someone one to one and by the way Email is just a part of how you can make Money with this path by the way I've Gotten paid upwards of thirty thousand Dollars by a client to write a single Sales video for them and by the way I Didn't actually write this video myself The person who wrote this video is Another long time employee of mine his Name is Luis Berger and Luis actually Started working for a very modest salary As an intern in my agency three years Ago and today he's my chief marketing Officer and gets paid nearly a million Dollars a year and he went from an Intern level salary to an executive Level of salary all because he knows how To do one simple thing he knows how to Write messages that generate me tens of Millions of dollars every single year it Can be through emails videos Pages the Medium is really irrelevant as long as The message is compelling the money just Follows and it really all goes back to The same principle he has a skill that Makes his perceived value extremely high And as a result he gets paid accordingly It's as simple as that now imagine Getting paid for every single email you

Write or video that you script and today This is the position with the highest Demand from online businesses because Listen at the end of the day every Single company that sells online wants Someone to write their emails ads videos Etc and they are willing to pay top Dollar for it and there is not nearly Enough people to fulfill the service as There are companies looking to hire for It so getting a job is actually quite Easy now some people call this position Copywriters some people call it email Writers some people call it scriptwriter I simply call it making money with words Now at the end of the day whatever you Want to call it companies are looking to Pay high sums of money for individuals Who can fulfill this demand and the real Beauty of it is that like a remote sales Rep you can also get paid commissions For every single email video or page That you write you see a majority of Companies pay anywhere from a thousand To five thousand dollars a month salary For this so that way you really have a Safety net of a base salary every month Plus anywhere from two to ten percent Commission on top of that so by the way That can range from few thousand dollars Every single month to hundreds of Thousands of dollars every single month But be careful here because there's a Very big misconception out there about

This position most people think that you Need to have the talent of writing or be Very good at grammar to excel in it Which couldn't be further from the truth Just take my example on this I have made Millions with words and I haven't even Graduated high school so as long as you Have graduated high school I guarantee Your writing and grammar skills are Probably better than mine and same for Luis by the way he's not even a native English speaker he's from Brazil so if You were born in an English-speaking Country you probably have better grammar Than him by default so don't worry about Being a good writer or having impeccable Grammar those are not the things that Will stop you from making money with Words because we're not writing novels Or movies here you don't need to be Extremely creative what we're simply Doing here is putting arguments together And there are very specific formulas and Frameworks that you can follow to put Those arguments together so creativity Actually plays a very small role in this It's a little bit more like cooking As Long as You Follow the right steps and Put the right ingredients in the right Order your final product will be a Success plus what most people don't Realize is that we now have the world's Most powerful brain at our disposal chat GPT you see if you need to get creative

With your arguments just ask chat GPT You can now literally Outsource Creativity and not only that you can Feed chat gbt with the structure and the Frameworks I'm going to teach you and it Will actually write everything for you It's literally that simple you just need To know which structures to use and when And by the way those are the same Structures and Frameworks I've used to Sell more than 50 million dollars worth Of products and services online then Would be the best fit for this path well Contrary to what most people think Personality types that are very logical And analytical tend to perform extremely Well here and that's because they Understand exactly how to mix and match Arguments together in the best possible Order to elicit the right emotions at The right time and if you can pair that With a good understanding of human Nature this path becomes a superpower You basically get to a point where you Master the ability of printing money on Demand and listen that's no exaggeration So this is a perfect fit for infp the Mediator infj The Advocate and isfj the Defender even to appoint istj which is The inspector and intj which is the Architect can perform extremely well Here and the personality types that Should consider avoiding the specific Role are the most extroverted ones that

Require a lot of human interaction from Their work such as isfp the Entertainer And ENFJ the protagonist and that's not Necessarily because they can't perform Well in this path but rather the Day-to-day work of such position doesn't Really have as much human interaction as The others and it may make such Personality types feel miserable in the Long run while for others working in Front of their computers without having To talk too much is like a dream come True so just Choose Wisely and that was A lot to take in and it's even going to Take you some time for you to process Everything so if you're feeling slightly Overwhelmed don't worry about it because That's actually a very good thing it Means you're learning something new as I Always say you just need to put one foot Forward in front of the other and just Start walking and as you walk the path Is going to become more clear now you Have three options to choose from and Let's say you make the right choice and Go with a path that is the best possible Fit for your personality type does that Mean that you're guaranteed to be Successful is choosing the right path The secret to success I mentioned Earlier well the easy answer for me here Would be say yes it would be for me to Tell you that as long as you make the Right choice you are going to be

Successful but listen in my life I have Taken the decision that whenever I have Two options the easy one and the right One I will always choose a ladder even If it means that I'll probably be harmed By doing so so I need to be brutally Honest with you now no just because you Chose the right path does not mean that You're going to be successful you still Got to put in the work and that is the Truth fit now listen there's always People that hate me when I say that you Can make ten thousand dollars a month Online if you follow this and listen I Know that depending on where you are in Life right now that may sound like Something that's unachievable or just Too good to be true but that you can Make ten thousand dollars a month with This that is an absolute fact you see Earlier today I actually just scrolled Past a post on my student Community from A guy that made 19 000 in less than two weeks now does that Mean that you are gonna have the same Results I can tell you with 95 certainty That that's probably not gonna happen Now here's the deal I have given you the Plan to make more in one year than most People make in 10 and I have opened your Eyes to the unconventional path I have Shown you the three best paths to take Now how much you're gonna make and in What time frame is only dependent on

Your ambition and determination what I Can guarantee is the following you won't Have to study five years or pay 250 000 In tuition and pray to get a job in a Crowded saturated Market because the Beauty of what you just got here is that At the same time that you learn you can Already start applying and seeing your First results this is the most important Point the risk is exponentially lower And the gains potential are Exponentially higher now to finally Answer your question if you follow the Right path is it guaranteed you're going To achieve success no but what I can Tell you is that every single person That succeeds on those three different Paths have one thing in common what that Thing is they all know the secret to Success and obviously you're now going To ask me what is the secret to success After all and now I ask you what do you Think it is I want you to really think About it I doubt you will get even close But give it a shot anyway now open your Calendar and go to Friday because I want You to create an event on it at 5 PM UK And Market it as the day you are going To find out the secret to success Because on Friday at 5 PM UK I will Reveal the answer I will see you there

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