When Should We Stop Being Tolerant?


When Should We Stop Being Tolerant?

I think you have to isolate in what Areas tolerance is bad we can be easy to Jump to one side or the other I got four Kids trust me you need tolerance I run a Business with 45 000 insurance agents in You know 49 states trust me you need Tolerance when you're working with People that are going through the Evolution of growing their mindset and All this other stuff if you don't have It if you don't have tolerance you would Fire a hundred percent of people you Hire you need a level of Tolerance what I believe we need a level of intolerance Towards is towards intolerance meaning The people I have the easiest time Working with I have a lot of respect for Any man who raises two boys who love Each other and are friends and are Laughing and your father did that and When I see you and Andrew I got two boys I don't have to only look at Conservative two sons to see how close They are it doesn't matter what it is I Respect the fact that you guys are tied You guys are close I see you as a stud Obviously we have opposing political Ideas and philosophies but that's where We can have the exchange I think you are Respectful and we can have a respectful Conversation together

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