Who Gets The Worst Out of You?

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Who gets the worst out of you? In this episode, Patrick Bet-David reveals the consequences of surrounding yourself with negative people, and where you should position them accordingly.

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So if I were to ask you right now who Gets the best out of you who in your Life gets the best at you meaning a Coach a mentor or boss a father and Uncle a brother a sister somebody that Gets the best out of you would probably Come up with a couple names right but What if I ask you who in your life gets The worst out of you somehow someway it Agitates you they get under your skin They make you feel insecure bad not good And it doesn't make you perform I'm not Talking about a guy that drives you I'm Talking about a downer do you have People like that in your life you can Probably think about somebody in your Life so here's a question what's more Important is it more important to Surround yourself about around a bunch Of these guys that are the winners who Get the best out of you or is it more Important to try to just avoid at all Costs people who tend to get the worst Out of you Russell Wilson was a Super Bowl champion got a hold of this one guy Who was Premier at developing a Winner's Mindset his name is Trevor my one when He got a hold of Russell Wilson in 2012 They talked every single day on the Phone until he died in 2021. I'm going To share with you five techniques he Used to to get people mentally strong That'll give you some insight into it if You get valued from the video give it a

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With over a dozen uh first round draft Picks 700 athletes coaches start Believing in this Trevor guys mindset of Developing leaders when him and Russell Wilson met for the first time Russell Wilson said hey man you know it's good To meet you he says I hear you're Supposed to be great and he says what Are you supposed to be great at he says In developing a Winner's mindset so what Is a Winner's mindset he had five Techniques used here's the first one go Neutral he says neutral thinking means Accepting the idea that when something Good or bad happens it just happens Instead of getting caught up in the Negativity of a bad path or a mental or Physical mistake you just accept that it Happened and move on meaning a lot of Times when you're doing things if you're Trying to do something big you're going To make mistakes or you're gonna be Winning or you're going to be losing You're gonna feel like oh my God I Shouldn't have done this I shouldn't Done that so that's his first technique Here's the second technique stop giving Credence to feelings feelings are Confusing and misleading sometimes they Are accurate depictions of reality and Sometimes they're not the more we pay Attention to our feelings the more we Move away from our capabilities and our Training so that's why I say don't pay

Too much attention to your feelings Interesting feelings they come they go Don't give a lot of credence here's Technique number three use what you have Russell recognized that he did not meet The very specific rigorous standards Predetermined by the NFL relative to Height and other evaluations instead he Combine his behavior along with his Aptitude for football and said I'm going To use what I have rather than let the Outside world tell me what I don't have Again remember people that get the best Out of you people that get the worst out Of you people that get the best out of You typically work with what you have People that get the worst out of you Typically will compare you to other People on what they have and what you Don't have why you can't be as good as Them and somehow some way they get the Worst out of you not effective technique Number four focus on reducing negativity Not increasing positivity less negative Is significantly more powerful than more Positive look what he says less negative Is more powerful the more positive Having fewer people in your life that Get the worst out of you is more Effective than having more people in Your life that get the best out of you What that's exactly how this thing works Going back to how we started let me just Give you the last technique and I'll

Give you some thoughts here's this fifth Technique watch your language what you Say out loud is far more powerful than Your self-talk great teams are great at Communicating powerfully and positively With each other it matters less what you Tell yourself and more what you tell Your teammates you really got to watch Your external language if you're going To succeed and so look pick and choose Whichever the five techniques apply to You but for me the biggest one is I was Watching a video the other day of game Dash and he just opens it up he says I Hate negative people he says if the First thing I come up with while I'm Thinking about ideas is your negative Ideas why you don't think it could work Out I don't need you in my life there's A time and place to talk about the Problems but when I'm Dreaming don't be Negative so again go back to the first Question I asked you who gets the worst Out of you you know what the problem With this whole concept is let me tell You why this thing sucks you ready you Know why this thing sucks when I ask you Who gets the worst out of you you know Sometimes why this suck because Sometimes that person is blood and you Love them it's hard your dad it's your Mom it's your brother it's your sister It's your cousin your grandpa your Grandma you're like dude I love you but

What the hell is the matter with you and You get the worst out of people the way You do it is so difficult to do what I'm About to tell you to do and most people Will not do it you know how you go on a Diet to not eat sweets I'm not gonna eat Sweets for the next 30 days I'm not Gonna eat any starch or I'm gonna go do This I'm gonna do that for six months I'm not I haven't had any soda since July of 2019 I believe okay I don't know How long that is that's a long time I Haven't had soda I used to drink three Coke Zeros a day I haven't had any right How long do you think you can go Avoiding Those people that get the worst out of You you think you can go on a 30-day Diet what do you think If you live with them you have a problem Foreign If you live with them you got a problem But man you got to do your best it's Like the ice cream is in the fridge and Somebody else eats it you have to avoid That ice cream you gotta avoid the People that get the worst out of you see If you can do for 30 days see what Happens to you see if you can do for 60 90 days see what happens to you Life-changing I'm convinced as much as Somebody can lift you up and how Powerful these people are to say I Believe you can do it go get them I

Believe as powerful as these guys are The people that know how to pull you Down are a hundred times more powerful In these gets I'm convinced because if It wasn't the case more people would be Winning in life but they're not because These guys are so freaking good at what They do and they got you as well many Times now some of you are watching this This one's gonna hurt so brace for Impact uh you're not gonna like this Part and then you're gonna give me a Thumbs down or whatever you're gonna do It's all good I'm a big boy I can handle It some of you guys are watching it's Like you know what it's my boss It's that person it's this person all The people that get the worst out of me That's why I'm not winning no you maybe That person for somebody else not saying You are and he said how do I gauge this Very simple you ready how many people Around you the five people you hang out With the most are winning in life They're positive and they're happy if They are and they're advancing and life Is getting better you're not that person But if the fat people around you in your Life are all bitching complaining Struggling financially always blaming Somebody else you get to pick and choose This was not a message for everybody but Either way whatever it is I was at Church this Sunday and the guy was given

A message it was a powerful message my Son decided to go to the big room with Me Tico was your Center sitting here and We're sitting there listening to this Guy give this message powerful Um the great thing about life reason why There's this word called Grace I was a Screw-up for a big chunk of my life I Chose to change at any point you and I Can change however some of you that are Watching this St Patrick the reason why I'm still hanging around people that get The worst out of me because I believe I Can change them what if I can change Them and they say you could change them So God could change them if you think You can change them you think your god Oh that's a big risk you're taking right There I don't recommend it one of the Most powerful affirmations of my life at 26 years old I added you know what it Was stop trying to be God that job is Already taken and some of you may be Trying to be God you can't change those People only they can change people only Life can change them only God can change Them and if you want to be God you can Spend 10 20 30 years wasting your life Thinking they're going to change and They're going to suck you down to their Level heavy message congratulations it's Monday this is when the video goes out If it's the right message can change Your life for the right person watching

This you may even be emotional right now In the car listening to this glute pull Over the car because you got some Thinking to do I understand how heavy Today's message could be because it was Very heavy for me 20 years ago 18 years Going out to make this Choice very very Hard very emotional very hard but I'm Thankful I did it and you will be as Well if you got value from this video Give it a thumbs up subscribe to the Channel I got another video for you to Watch they deal with negative team Members if you've never seen it click Here to watch the video take care Everybody bye-bye

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