Who You Have Sex With Matters #shorts

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The argument I make in the book for why Prostitution invariably causes trauma to Women in particular is partly with the Fact it's extraordinarily dangerous and Has very high rates of violence but also I think the reason it's invariably Experienced as traumatic is because a Very very deep-seated Instinct within Women which has a very obvious and clear Evolutionary background is we really Care a lot about who we have sex with But make choices very very important Which does make sense if you understand The fact that men and women have Different making strategies and it's Very much in women's interest to be Picky about who they get pregnant by Because pregnancy is extremely demanding On the body labor is dangerous you then Have a baby to look after however many Years afterwards which is abandoned on You burn on your community you don't Want to get pregnant by some Bozo who Either has terrible genes or is it going To abandon you so that desire to invest Wisely unisexual Partners is very very Deep-seated and what prostitution does Is it violates that choice and I think That is a big part of the reason why it Has this very deeply felt emotional Response

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