Why A $1,000 Tip Pissed People Off

Have you ever given a waiter a huge tip? In this episode, Patrick Bet-David talks about leaving a $1000 tip for good service and why people should share their good deeds. Skip the waitlist and invest in blue-chip art for the very first time by signing up for Masterworks:

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So the other day I give a thousand Dollar tip at the restaurant and I post The receipt with a story behind it and People some of them lost their minds I Want to tell you today why when you go Out there and do acts of kindness why You ought to share it publicly and I Know many say don't do it I'm telling You do it my argument is coming here Shortly if you get value from this video Give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the Channel so I don't know how close to Your following on what's going on with Art as an alternative investment but a Lot of major companies like Goldman Sachs Pimco they're starting to talk to Their clients about alternative Investment matter of fact this last year I was at Art basil and guess who was There Goldman Sachs I had a dinner with Them and it was all around people that Are investing millions of dollars into Art as an alternative investment here's Some stats 2022 was the biggest auction Year ever highest total from Victory Auction houses nearly 18 billion dollars So now you may say Pat that's great I Can't afford to buy five million piece Of art or an 800 000 piece art I don't Have that kind of money you sometimes Talk about baseball cards you bought Four million dollars I don't have that Kind of money I understand the same way They created mutual funds a company

Called Masterworks allows you to buy Into art by Andy Warhol Pablo Picasso Whoever may be Banksy but you buy shares Of that art so you'll say here's a Million dollar piece I own a share of This art and then while they sell it you Make the return on that piece of art so Today with what's going on with Inflation what's going on with the Economy what's going on with the stock Market people are a little bit concerned One of the asset classes people are Looking at is alternative Investments Specifically in art and if you want to Participate in this I highly recommend You look into Masterworks everything They do is buy the books SEC you you Have to do your own due diligence while You go through but if it is something You want to participate in click on the Link below if you get involved with them It's By Invitation Only they have 600 000 people already that are working with Masterworks and if you want to diversify Your portfolio I highly recommend you Consider Masterworks my wife is born on Valentine's Day February 14 so we're Going out there in Miami we go to this Restaurant called Joe stone crab we go Grab a seat this lady comes up her name Is Kira and she's giving us incredible Service and while we're eating I love Learning about a restaurant so tell me a Story about this place I've been here

Before but I don't really know the History well see that picture that's the Family but here that's Joe this is how This place got started in 1913 just less Than 20 years after Miami got started in 1896. this place was nothing Miami was Nothing people only came here for this And he started this and it's been around For four generations and it's the number One restaurant in America for grossing Top-line Revenue I'm like you got to be Kidding me pre-pandemic number one Restaurant ingross Revenue only one Place like wow that's intense and I'm Looking around my wife and I I'm like Babe how many people think work here I Don't know let me ask here Akira comes Back hey Kira how many people work here Well we have this many waiters and Waitresses I'm number 24 out of whatever 89 I think she said we have nearly you Ready 400 employees One Restaurant nearly 400 employees she Walks so I'm like oh my God 400 Employees every Arnold Palmer refill she Brought it I never asked for it my wife Lemon lime everything we ordered she was Flawless on the way she handled us and Then at the end we got a surprise came And desert all this other stuff and then I noticed everybody that was coming in That would go to this lady with their uh Whatever they're bringing to the Customers and this lady had to look at

There's a receipt and Vermont like what Did they do in their stuff I don't know What they're doing over there so secure Is just out of curiosity why do all Those waiters and waitresses why do you Guys all stand in line there and you Talk to that lady says well I've been Here for 20 years and boom this is what She said today is actually my 20 year Anniversary I'm like oh wow so what do You talk to that lady for she says we Take our receipt and she checks portions Portions yes She checks portions yeah like did I put Too much salad did I put too much crabs Did I put too much this I said damn you Know portions why would they do this Interesting so somebody if you have a Friend coming and they don't put more Crab legs I said is that why they do That's exactly why they do it how long They've been doing it for they've been Doing it for 20 years as long because I've been here what an incredible system So I said so I noticed every food that Came to us you brought it to us yes here We bring it to you and we're held Accountable I said so if I tip you There's a tip go to you does a tip go to Everybody shares it together she said no It goes to me because I'm held Responsible to bring in the food too Great system I said so tell me how do You like working here are you kidding me

I'm so grateful I'm so happy this Company's changed my life I've been here For 20 years today's my 20 years you Know that I'm like wow she got emotional Listening to her story and by the way You know how this lady was super humble Like the tap of a person you want as a Mother as a sister as a friend man like Emotionally so likable I'm like babe She says I know what you're gonna do I Said I'm gonna do it babe do your thing Great I'm going to give her a thousand Dollar tip so I give her a thousand Twenty dollar tip so the receipt was Like 400 bucks and getting a thousand Twenty dollars tip twenty dollars to Represent 20 or she's been there Thousand dollars and I give it to her And she says what's this what are you Doing no you you what do you do what is You're kidding me so the reaction was so Innocent so awesome so grateful exact Reaction you would be hoping to get I Got okay and I said I'm gonna post this On Instagram Facebook LinkedIn give her Love and encourage everybody to go there And take care of her when they go to This place I post it comments awesome Pad your top G you're great you're this Your dad all these affirm me positive Comments now I know what comments are Coming though and you know I do it Intentionally anyways because I know What they're going to be saying and what

They don't realize is I intentionally Posted it because I know pisses a lot of People off let me read some of the Comments here's what some people said That's all good but you're supposed to Do these Good Deeds things out of the Goodness of your heart not to post on Social media and Brad set a better Example okay great so listen logically You would see that if you gone to church Or you're raised in a Christian family Or any kind of denomination you'd say He's right you shouldn't do this perfect Let me give you my argument social media Do you see things that people pick up That are bad habits things they Shouldn't be doing how do you fight that So let me get the straight so the bad Habits promoted as much as you want but Listen all the good people do don't Advertise it God forbid you're going to Be judged for it how do you fight Negative habits and negative behavior by Showing good gestures Mr Beast every Time he goes and changes someone's life And gives ten thousand dollars fifty Thousand dollars here's the car here's The house he's got thousands of other YouTubers now are doing the same thing To be like Mr Beast are we teaching Giving that's a good thing because for The most part everything's promoting What taking taking these guys are Teaching giving and we should say hey Mr

Beast stop giving away money to people You're not doing a good deed stay quiet While you're doing this I say keep Giving because God knows the way Mr Beast is going in the next 10 20 years He's going to be giving away billions of Dollars and you ain't paying taxes for That he's choosing to give that away Keep giving Mr Beast let me read the Next comment to you I can't even afford A 400 meal let alone a thousand dollar Tip so how do you think it feels to Millions of Americans out there at these Times this is a boast and a lot of you Will be impressed yeah okay there was a Time I couldn't afford to have a Lemonade or a Coke but I dreamed of one Day possibly doing more there was a time I went to a Christmas party with my Sister and my father sitting there and Her husband and they didn't go to a Honeymoon and I didn't have a dollar to Give a gift to neither one of them and I Saw other people doing it and it Inspired me I didn't about it I Said I'd love to one day do it you ought To start thinking bigger so you can Contribute to your own family and the People around you shouldn't say I can't Believe you're doing this and I can't Ever do it you should say wow if he did It I can as well that's an identity flaw On you day you gotta check not me what Feels better leaving a thousand dollars

Or tip or telling people about it both I'm very comfortable with it I think you Ought to give a thousand dollar tip and If you can get a chance to challenge and Inspire other people to do so do it but In this situation how do you think hero Feels how do you think she feels being Recognized what do you think she got This kind of recognition getting Millions of views you think she's happy She got the love you think she's happy She's being recognized for going above And beyond you think she's going to go Tell that story and say you know what Happened today today 20 year anniversary I got this do you think that message of Encouraging people to not quit not give Up stay somewhere be a leader make it Work be grateful have the right attitude Do you think that is an example more People need to emulate I've been in Business for a long time I tell you not A lot of people have that attitude Positivity grateful let me give my best Let me do good even when some of these Things are not going good I'm keeping my Chin up I'm still doing my job I'm being Dependable reliable accountable yes I Think a lot of people ought to emulate Kiara's habits and the story needs to be Told this next one here really messes With a lot of people's minds and I had a Hard time with this one 15 years ago 10 Years ago but you're going to see what

Angle I'm going to take with this here's What one person said pbd is worth Approximately 200 billion dollars it's Like me tipping a dollar two cents we're Not impressed by you big fella okay let Me explain this to you my wife and I are In Monaco we're sitting down okay we had Sold the company this is the biggest Amount of money that came into our Accounts and the first time you look at It like wow look at this I said let me Explain to you what's going to happen Next you're about to be a taxi so what I Mean I'm about to be attacked this Here's what's going to happen if all of A sudden people realize how much money You have all the money you give them They're always going to say you're so Greedy that's all you gave us that's all You gave us that's all you gave us People who don't want to work for their Money no matter how much you ever give Them it's never enough it's the Entitlement attitude right Steve Jobs And apple never gave away to charity why Not interesting right you think about it Kirk accordion owner of MGM catalog Movies all of that casino died at one Point it was worth nine billion dollars He died at 98 years old one of the most Successful entrepreneurs of all time Incredible story what this guy did right And he gave all this money to Armenia at One point like around a billion dollars

A lot of money you know what they said That's all you get that's not enough if You read this book you know what it said He never wanted to help that Community Out even though he's Armenian he didn't He's like I'm done I don't want to help Out anymore because he was discreet he Says I'm going to do it in a completely Different way he made a movie because he Could control it he didn't give away to Charity anymore so this is the part that I want everybody who was like well That's why I don't want to do it because No matter what I do you know there's Going to be people that are not grateful It doesn't matter that's the risk you Take you don't give hoping that Everybody likes it you don't do certain Things hoping everybody supports it this Is one of many stories of what we do you Don't go advertising every single one of Them but I do believe you if you do a Good service or a good deed out there Share it with others don't feel guilty About it we need more stories the Question and the debate this led to is The following debate which by the way Some of you guys are going to love this Year if Jesus was around today and their Social media say he's around today you Think he's on social media I don't think He'd ever be on social media really Really So you think he would only spend time at

Churches you think he would only be Places because it's only other Christians that's where he would be no I Think you'd be on social media telling His story matter of fact I'm willing to Tell you not enough Christians are on Social media the churches that are Growing they're leveraging social media A lot of these guys that are trying to Groom kids and the negative mindset They're on social media and you don't Want to match that with goodness I don't Know about that I think that's a Outdated philosophy that needs to be Challenged today and I think people like Mr Beast and others are doing a great Job giving and they're inspiring kids Which is very important to be Comfortable to give in a society like This so this whole thing was to give a Shout out to Kiera and to encourage Others to tell stories of people who Give 20 years of their life and service To a company and do it in a grateful Positive attitude Kiera this whole thing Was for you I got a lot of respect for You so I'm reading a book right now that I'm fascinated by which I've recommended On my Instagram phenomenal book is about Service I did a video years ago on the Concept of customer service versus Customer experience my whole experience At Joe stonecrap was an experience not Just because of customer service if

You've never seen this video I highly Highly recommend you watching this video To create memorable moments for the People you're serving if you've never Seen this click here to watch it take Everybody bye bye Foreign [Music]

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