Why Americans Lost Trust In The Government & The Media

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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, David Rubenstein, Tom Ellsworth and Matt Sapaula talk about why Americans lost trust in the government & the media.

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Have we ever been in a Time David where Uh the amount of things experts are Getting wrong right now has been higher Than today and the reason why I'm saying This the following reason so for example Hey you know if you keep printing money Gold's gonna go to five thousand nope Hey if you keep printing money you know The Bitcoin is going to go to 100 000. Nope hey uh guys if we keep printing Money you know we're going to get the Money to go to the port nope the money Went to the poor and poor spending and The billionaires became richer and they Kind of favored them because anytime you Give the money to the poor the poor is Going to spend the money and it goes Into private economy they don't save Money because they don't have the habits Of saving money hey anytime we hey this This inflation is going to be transitory Hey recession is going to be soft Landing like the level of trust the Average consumer today has an expert Saying what they think is going to Happen to the economy I saw a score the Other day it's a very interesting score I don't know if you've seen this or not The score was the correlation between The trust the American voter has in the Government in the last since since the 1970 I think it was how important from 74 we trusted the US government's like 25 right now and then the score you put

It right next to trust and mainstream Media from where it was in 1970s to Today David you got to take a look at This it's literally identical here's one Of them this is what trust and public uh In the government from 58 till today From 75 percent all the way down to less Than 20 percent if you do the same thing With mainstream media it's down as well I would say if we put it with experts Today would be the same why are experts Getting so many things wrong today well First maybe they're not experts but uh Secondly the trust in federal government Has gone down from the time of the Vietnam War when the Vietnam War was uh Was being waged many people's lost Confidence in government Watergate Compounded that yeah and then since that Time we've had a lot of government Officials say a lot of things are just Not true and I think the Trump Europe Also had some impact on that as well uh But also remember in the old days when I Was young you were not even probably Born and we had a situation where you Had three news shows in the evening That's where you people got their news CBS NBC and ABC no cable everybody Newspapers are very you know only a Couple newspapers that were really National newspapers that's what you've Got your news from now everybody's got a Podcast everybody's got a TV show

Everybody's an interviewer uh everybody Watches things you know there should be A bumper sticker say honk if you don't Have your own podcast Everybody's got a podcast everybody's Interviewer so there's so much Information coming into people you're Bound to be wrong and you're bound to Disappoint people so I don't know that The experts are less good than they used To be but the willingness of people to Accept Authority except the government As knowing what it's doing or for Example take the most recent elections Everybody said it was gonna be a red Wave and the house was going to be Overwhelmingly Republican and the Senate Would go even would go Republican would Be dramatically wrong yeah people are Wrong yeah so but then also when you Were given the stories at the time when I was in a run and there was only three Shows you you know how right now Tucker Carlson's number one at 2.7 million at The time number one was 33 million right Yeah right 33 million can you imagine Like you're the number one guy 33 Million but to say the thing about Podcasts which Um What did Jamie Diamond say to you in an Interview I love what he said to you he Says he said David uh uh this is the Interview you did when did you do the

Interview with Jamie I've done several Of them over the years but um the one What he talked about his relationship With Sandy how hey I asked Sandy to go To lunch after a year and I sat and I Said let me tell you this is where you Were wrong here's the areas I was wrong I thought it was a fascinating interview Yes five years ago that was in 2017 when He died that's right and if there was an Audience when you were doing that I Agree with him he said something he says He said David We got 145 million people that are Working today give or take he says only 20 million they're working for the Government only 125 million are working For uh uh what do you call a free Enterprise free market right and Whatever that number is 120 20 or 125 20 But the number was and he says the only Thing I think they get right in the Government is what military that's Jamie's words what he said to you you've Done many interviews you may not Remember that but he said that in 2017. So for me when I hear that I'm like okay Free enterprise gets things right more Than the government gets things right They're not operators they don't know How to build you give them money they Screwed up you give the money to you I Would trust giving you a billion dollars And giving anybody at the White House a

Billion dollars right so I think the one Thing that has happened in which the Honking part about the podcast I'm loving that because we thought all These years the best people on podcasts And news were the guys that we were Supposed to admire and they were like no A guy that's tatted who smokes weed and Likes UFC and was on fear fact a former Actor who can beat up 99.9 percent of Men in the street He's embarrassing everybody the guy's Name is Joseph Rogan you know this guy's Kicking everyone's tail combined so I Think that whole concept about podcasts What it did do is it got the rest of us To kind of say listen if this this Dr Faucy thing got a lot of things wrong That other expert ground Finance got a Lot of things all these people we were Supposed to trust men some of them are Full of because there's marketing Dollars Beyond and they got exposed and I think that made a lot of people Uncomfortable because the club Behind Closed Doors but we were all supposed to Be like look I understand we're going to Kind of respect what you're doing Because I know we're doing business and We won't say anything about it but you Owe us a favor some of that stuff I Think now people are like holy moly These guys are exposing the rest of us I Think it is a

Progress type of a direction we're going In where people can no longer be as I Kind of like experts being held Accountable I like it well there's no Doubt that sometimes there are no right Answers so for example let's suppose you Had been Dr fauci yeah Um at the beginning of covet what could You have said or what would you have Done that would have made the world Better we didn't have a vaccine at the Beginning so we didn't really have a lot Of knowledge about what we could do Obviously the masks were one thing that Were done that's not a perfect solution I think the government lost a lot of Trust when when we didn't really solve The covet problem as quickly as maybe we Should have and we we did a lot of a Million Americans died we could have Done a better job I think everybody Would agree on that what do you think we Could have done differently though I Mean I know you and I are not doctors But like okay let's just let's process That and say what could we have done Differently you know never in the History of mankind have we made a Vaccine faster yeah it's the fastest Ever yeah never have we like can you Imagine like to tell people I'm in the Military Mike you were just talking About the Marines you know you guys yeah 60 000 soldiers and a little over 3 000

Marines kicked out and discharged with Other than honorable discharge it's a General discharge for what reason for Not taking the vaccine okay I mean that That that that that part for me it Wasn't necessarily you know uh uh Thought she had been through the AIDS Pandemic you know epidemic right you Know he had gone through a lot of these Things and he saw what happened with AIDS he saw what happened with a lot of These other things and The weirdest thing for me was when we Went from a country of you know choice Like you know how progressives say Pro-choice approach I like to Pro you Know this election submit terms you know What it came down to you know that I Know that I mean we read it everywhere No it's going to be this it's going to Be that's going to be economy is bad no It came down to rho V weight and you Know if the Republicans strategically Would have done it later some are saying McConnell intentionally forced it to Happen before because he wanted Trump to Get a black guy so the Republicans would Realize hey it's us really that are Running it not Trump you guys got to get Away from Trump so a little bit of Strategy credit maybe to McConnell if it Was intentional to get Roe Vape before Who knows but it was Choice even some People on the other side wanted the

Choice the part that made Americans a Little bit uncomfortable which was like Dude like listen I'll take the vaccine God I've taken 30 vaccines in my life Just don't force it down my throat let Me have the choice to take it I don't Think there's anything else that could Have been different because you know how Long does it take to do research on a Vaccine you mean to tell me after nine Months of you doing testing on who on Animals maybe you want to now test it on Me and we've never done anything where We need a three we've always had three Years of testing for vaccines unless you Want to expedite now you want me to Trust it 100 I just a little bit Uncomfortable for an American to say yes Did you take the vaccine I did not but Everybody in my family did meaning my Dad did he's 80. my nanny did you know My dad took five boosters he lives with Me did you get covered of course I got Covered yeah of course I got covered the I got the first covet I got covered I Didn't get Delta or I didn't get uh that Was the more serious one yeah I got the Real coven I lost 21 pounds yeah I lost 21 pounds in four weeks we moved our Entire office we had 80 percent of our Office at one point get covered it Sucked I'm not sitting here telling you It was a you know euphoric experience And everybody should try it but I think

The biggest thing is To to get people to be forced to do Something they didn't want to do I think Certain situations in the military we Did it wrong I think New York certain Things was wrong I was living in La for 24 years I left LA because they were Trying to control every decision I was Making I moved to Dallas so I left my Insurance headquarters in Dallas I was Just there yesterday we got back last Night at 8 30 Addison uh private Our office in Addison we like Edison two Years ago we moved here from Addison to Fort Lauderdale right here Because I was watching everybody I'm Like dude what is so the best case Studies was Disneyland Disney World Perfect case study California Florida One the perfect case study all the People that were complaining in the NBA By black lives matter they chose to do Playoffs in Florida I'm sorry aren't you Supposed to hate the state all the People that politically hated what the Santis was doing in LA or New York or Chicago for Christmas they were clubbing Here in Miami they all came vacation in Miami so you watch some of this stuff And they are like I don't know man and I Know you know it's made me feel very Uncomfortable that they were forcing That's the only thing I thought was Uncomfortable why did you have your

Children get it but no my my parents got It my kids didn't get there no my kids Didn't get that uh the vaccine my kids Uh you know I'm a guy that went to the Military when you're going to the Military first week we took 11 shots They give it air guns and all this stuff And you know if you go you simply line Yeah assembly line just eat shoulder no Joke and if you switch it cuts you and Our kids got the vaccines got the Vaccines but for me and the reason why Even some of the vaccines are a little Bit you know the whole story with autism And how Robert De Niro was at that one I Don't know if you've seen this interview Where uh there was a video that was done Vaxed and he was talking to the reporter That they removed him and he was upset Because he didn't want to talk about it Because he's got a 22 year old son that Has autism and he thinks it's linked to Vaccine and you know Robert De Niro Cannot stand Trump but he just want to Learn a little bit more about that and But for us like even that has Decades of Research we don't have Decades of Research on this for everybody to just Make you feel guilty if you don't want To get a shot it's a little bit Uncomfortable well I I don't think Vaccines cause autism but there was a Report by a British doctor at one point That's since been discredited who was

Alleging that I don't think any Scientists that are reputable believe That autism is caused by vaccines in my View but I didn't say that I know it's Not what I was saying I know but but not Just to deal with that in terms of Vaccines about a third of Americans have Not been vaccinated against covet so That shows you you know but the same Percentage is true in Europe too about a Third of people in Europe as well have Not been vaccinated there's a certain Percentage of people who just either Don't want to be told what to do or just Don't feel comfortable with it and You're not going to change them but did You see the data that's coming out that Some of the guys now That are vaccinated are getting sicker Or they're getting covered more often Than the ones that they and by the way This is not a Breitbart article or a Yeah box article I uh I I was vaccinated All the time you could be vaccinated I Did get covet subsequent to that but Maybe it was more model case a milder Case I don't know so vaccines are not Perfect uh solutions to dealing with These problems they can mitigate the Problem but they're not perfect but for Example all right you're vaccinated Against polio so that one you're you're Comfortable with because it's been Testified it's a research sure yeah I

Think it's a research my only thing was That so if for me uh you know you kind Of are able to say all right let me see What's going how much research do we Have in this how many years okay great Perfect then let's go do this rather Than like can you guys give us some Natural maybe Eastern medicine without Having to put something on my body That's a different way that's can we get Some of those Solutions why does it have To be immediately this and then The average person who's a little bit Skeptic is going to sit there and say Let me get this straight so your uh oh You're sponsoring the guy that is giving You millions of dollars of sponsorship And you're saying we should take that Product well why would you tell us not To take that product pick pharma's Advertising gift well that makes sense For you to support them because if you Don't you're not going to get that 52 Million or 10 million dollar budget per Year okay I get your loyalty to the Money that you're getting it doesn't Make sense for me to do the sponsorship About this company and after afterwards I say by the way they suck I just want To let you know this these guys are not Good but they gave us money so here's a Sponsorship so those are some of the Levels where I think the level of trust In mainstream media went down because

They stopped doing one thing you know Why I love watching the interviews I Have a friend of mine a very successful Armenians in La very And they've made very good money okay Huh Oh they made very good money and they Will say Pat there's a lot of guys on YouTube You can name them all I only watch one Guy Who's the one guy he's the best Who David Rubinstein I don't watch anybody Else but David tell me why Because David asked the questions I'm Thinking about That's great so then I'm like I know David but I didn't know David had a YouTube this is five years ago we're not Talking about like this is when you just Had started you got a couple hundred Thousand Subs right now but at that time You're just kidding so I'm like let me See damn this is sick This guy keeps doing more interviews so He's gonna have 10 million Subs he's Freaking legit and what are the moral Authority does somebody give you to be Sitting on all these boards and these People you've dealt with like you met Presidents all of them probably you met Billionaires probably all the Fortune 500 guys you probably met most of the CEOs your clients some of them are some

Of the most powerful people in the world That you're dining your president stays At one of your places you've you've met All these guys Jimmy Carter so you've Worked on all these different spaces Fantastic The one thing that I got uncomfortable With was the final one At the beginning of covid I have no idea What's going on we're in L.A we have a Board meeting it's March 12th or 13th That's the day when NHL shutdown NBA Shut down Disneyland show I'm in LA with Three of my kids and I'm getting ready To take my kids to Universal Studios we Love going to Universal Studios and we Have a board meeting with Gabrielle Brender and and uh Greg chair Greg Sharon Oscar De La Hoya okay cool I'm Gonna do the board meeting then we're Gonna go to uh you know uh whatever Universal Studios so we're staying at Beverly Hills Beverly Hills whatever the Hotel is and then First person cancels second person Cancels but I'm like what are you guys Doing hey it's because of uh covet covet Yeah seriously yeah Let's turn on the news let me read it Listen babe we got to go back because Everybody's afraid right now let's see What's going on should I go back and I Go into research mode first thing I do I Got a podcast with a few million

Subscribers Let me call people from both sides to Come and discuss this solution vaccine All this stuff at this point I have no Clue what's going on I got to make the Right decision for my field I got to Make the right decision for my Executives or my family do I take the Vaccine do I not take the vaccine you Know what was one of the biggest reasons Why I didn't take the vaccine here's What I'll tell you the guys Who were skeptical about not taking it Like RFK Robert Kennedy Jr you know who He is and others they were willing to Debate anybody but when I called Dr Paul Offit when I called all these other Doctors A hundred and I told them I'll give you 10 grand then I went to 20 grand any Charity 50 Grand 100 Grand they would Not take the debate to meet Robert Kennedy Jr to discuss this that's when I Said something's off And then there was a guy named Dr Mike Who's got a YouTube channel I think he's Got you can pull them up seven or eight Million subscribers So he calls me out and uh calls out an Interview I do with a girl named with a Lady named Dr Judy mikovitz which I Don't know who she is but I interview Her because I'm interviewing all the Doctors at the time that only gets taken

Out real quick he gets a million views Gets taken down he's texting me and he Says yeah absolutely I'll do I'll do Debate her anytime any day or uh Bookers Like he's booked he's coming three times He confirms all of a sudden last minute No I don't want to talk to her why I'm Too busy really while he was busy he Took 20 different interviews from other People we have a hard time interviewing You know and I thought you went on this Show God knows how many times right on His YouTube channel And I'm a street guy you know I'm a guy That came from the streets divorce Family my parents got divorced twice I've seen drugs I've seen everything I've seen gangs I've been around all These different gangs and lesson man That's a anytime you don't want to face Off somebody there's a little bit of Fear or concern that you got and who's RFK like a gangster is your mobster is It going to come after your family Everybody went after his family not your Family sit down with the guy that's when I said I don't know what's going on I'm not an Expert in this space I'm not a doctor I'm not a scientist But anytime you're not willing to sit With some other debate a topic like a Qualified person like this or other Doctors that I even invited

They lost a lot of trust with me because All they want all these experts ever Wanted to talk to was people that agreed With them and that made me very Uncomfortable Well I can understand that but sometimes People don't want to debate people Because they don't want to give them an Audience that they wouldn't otherwise Wouldn't have and and for example if you If somebody says I'm a virulent Anti-semite I hate Jews Should you debate them about why Jews Are not so bad if they're reasonable Well but you're when you do when you Give an audience to people who otherwise Wouldn't have it you're really helping Some people get a message to people that I think is a damaging message sometimes So you would you wouldn't presumably Invite people into this show some people Who say things that are let's say verily Anti-semitic you wouldn't do that I Agree I agree but RFK RFK like really I by the way and it's Such a great Point you're making because Some of them are like that and and I Filter those guys out very quickly where They come in and say let me tell you Guarantee you know it's this and it's Like I don't know if you know this guy Named David Ike I don't know if you've Seen some of his interviews I brought Some of these I'm like first of all let

Me get this straight you believe in Reptilian people you believe in this you Believe in this and you believe in this Before I ask you any questions I think It's important for the audience to know What you really believe in yes he got Upset what does that have to do with Anything I said your credibility has to Be stated before we ask any questions I'm not going to get a guy like that to Debate somebody from the other side I Look for reasonable people not by the Way he's got a big follow a lot of People follow his stuff and they say Half his conspiracy theories are right You know but at the beginning if you Remember was linked to 5G and these 5G Networks and all this stuff that was the Whole thing that was going on that People were worried about but uh when When two reasonable people are afraid to Sit down against each other like Thomas Soul against uh uh what's the other Guy's name that I had an interview with What's the other uh socialist Economist Slash uh communist Economist who's got a Very very big following aoc's hero What's what's his name I had him on the podcast you'd know who He is yeah it's about wolf are you no I Love talking to Richard Wolff I don't Know if you know who Richard Wolff is He's a socialist Professor according to For Forbes the number one socialist

Professor no this guy was a pure Communist at the UC Riverside I liked Him a lot uh debating him Aster he can Play the video because it's ours it's It's someone you guys all know everybody Knows this gnome Chomsky I'm sorry gnome Chomsky you know who Noam Chomsky is Do you know who Thomas soul is okay you Know Thomas Solis you know Hoover Institute you know coming from the Lineage of the great Milton Friedman And I say no you know a lot of people Say you're afraid to debate uh Thomas Soul is that true And his physiology changed Okay to me you lost the fight Because whose time is so what is so Scary about tomasoli is an economist and He's in his 90s Well you know my schedule's very busy so Is his once you reach a certain level I Think it's fair to say your schedule is Very busy I think it's fair to say that You have a lot of different options You're taking time to come here salute a Lot of respect for you so I always watch Like even boxing I don't know if you Follow boxing or not when a guy doesn't Want to face another guy to box Why don't you want to face him so that's The skepticism for that by the way this Whole thing's coming about the level of Trust we have in the US government or Mainstream Media or experts that's kind

Of how this conversation started I don't Know how we got into a vaccine but uh my My lack of trust came from people not Wanting to debate anymore My time I grew up in a family where my Mothers were Communists my entire Mother's family were Communists 100 our Bible growing up was a Communist Manifesto and my dad was an imperialist One love to Shah one love Stalin and Lennon So it was a house filled with debate and I'm in the middle so forget Hillary Against Trump like this was the best Debate I was here every night my mom and Dad debating So I enjoy a good debate we get closer To the truth so the last couple years What was always America's DNA we kind of Got away from the debate concept made me Very uncomfortable So what all the craziness taking place I Believe future looks right if you Believe future looks bright get your Latest Future looks bright hat of Valuetainment it says future looks Bright here future looks bright here we Got them in white we got them in Black We got them in red are black on black Sold out these are about to sell out if You haven't ordered one yet we had a Person in Michigan but one then he Bought three then when those three People were in the office they had to

Order 58 of them because people wanted The future looks bright hat especially During times like this because ain't Nobody saying future looks bright toward Your future looks bright hat click over Here and to watch the entire podcast Click here take care everybody Foreign [Music]

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