Why Are We Lowering Standards?

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I'm worried about a society that now in The name of inclusivity oh we need to Have a certain number of women a certain Number of men they're just lowering Standards and in turn creating a very Weak country at large yeah no listen the Same people that want women to be equal They want women to be treated fairly all This other stuff are the same ones that Are law and standards so why are you Lauren's standards what is what is the Interpretation if we were to say what is Alluring standards to someone mean if I Lowered my standards to my nine-year-old Over my 10 year old what am I saying It's an it's an indirect way of saying You're not as capable as my 10 year old Is that's a form of directly telling my Son you don't have the capacity that my 10 year old has right now right so if we Lower the standards for women in the Army versus men what are we saying you Don't have the capabilities that men Have so what they're fighting for They're actually working their argument Is working backwards against them so Right they're looking like fool

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