Why Blackwater Hired Army Veterans to Form an Army of Mercenaries: Exploring the Building of a Private Military Company

In this blog post, we delve into the decision-making process behind Blackwater’s strategic move to recruit army veterans and assemble a private military force. Join us as we unravel the intricate mechanics and motivations that drove the establishment of this renowned private military company.


In the realm of private military companies, one name stands out – Blackwater. Known for its controversial operations and widespread influence, Blackwater has been a point of discussion in both military and civilian circles. But how did Blackwater come to be? What led to the decision to recruit U.S. Army veterans as the backbone of their operations? Let’s dive deep into the intriguing story behind the formation of this powerful private military company.

The Birth of Blackwater

Blackwater, now known as Academi, was founded by former Navy SEAL Erik Prince in 1997. The company initially started as a training facility for military and law enforcement personnel but quickly transitioned into providing security services in conflict zones worldwide.

Recruiting U.S. Army Veterans

  1. Attracting Talent: Blackwater sought out experienced individuals with military backgrounds, especially targeting U.S. Army veterans who possessed valuable skills and combat experience.
  2. Fit for the Job: The decision to hire Army veterans was based on their discipline, training, and adaptability to challenging environments, making them ideal candidates for Blackwater’s missions.
  3. Building an Elite Force: By assembling a team of seasoned Army veterans, Blackwater established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the private military sector.

Patrick Bet-David’s Perspective in “Choose Your Enemies Wisely”

In his new book, “Choose Your Enemies Wisely,” Patrick Bet-David delves into the strategic decisions made by companies like Blackwater in shaping their workforce. Bet-David emphasizes the significance of selecting the right individuals to achieve organizational goals effectively.

The Role of Valuetainment in the Business Landscape

Valuetainment, founded by Patrick Bet-David, is a media company that encompasses various ventures aimed at empowering entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts. The recent Boss Set giveaway by Valuetainment created a buzz among aspiring business owners, highlighting the company’s commitment to fostering growth and success.

Contractor vs. Military Pay: Bridging the Gap

The allure of joining private military companies like Blackwater lies not only in the nature of their operations but also in the competitive compensation they offer to contractors. A comparison between contractor pay and military pay sheds light on the financial incentives that draw Army veterans to companies like Blackwater.

Addressing Anti-Trust Concerns

The expansion of defense contractors, big tech companies, insurance providers, and banks has raised concerns about anti-trust issues and monopolistic practices. The intertwining of these sectors necessitates a closer examination of their impact on market competition and consumer welfare.


The journey of Blackwater from a modest training facility to a prominent private military company underscores the strategic importance of recruiting U.S. Army veterans. By leveraging the expertise and experience of military personnel, companies like Blackwater have established themselves as key players in the global security landscape.


  1. Why did Blackwater hire U.S. Army veterans specifically?

    • Blackwater sought individuals with military backgrounds for their skills, discipline, and adaptability to challenging environments.
  2. What role does Valuetainment play in empowering entrepreneurs?

    • Valuetainment offers online courses through Valuetainment University and provides valuable business advice through Bet-David Consulting.
  3. How does contractor pay compare to military pay?

    • Contractors working for companies like Blackwater often receive higher pay compared to military personnel due to the nature of their work.
  4. What are some concerns regarding anti-trust issues in various industries?

    • The expansion of defense contractors, big tech companies, insurance providers, and banks has sparked concerns about anti-competitive practices.
  5. Who is the founder of Valuetainment Media?

    • Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media, a prominent figure in the entrepreneurial community.
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