Why Chris Licht Got Fired: Investigating CNN’s Damaged Organization & The CEO’s Inheritance

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The recent departure of Chris Licht, the executive producer of CNN’s flagship morning program “New Day,” has triggered rumors and speculations about the turmoil within the news network. While some reports portrayed Licht’s exit as a mutual decision or a reassignment, others suggested that he was pushed out due to conflicts with management or underperformance. Whatever the true cause may be, Licht’s departure exposes a larger issue at CNN: the challenge of balancing journalistic integrity with corporate interests, especially under the leadership of Jeff Zucker, the CEO who inherited a legacy of controversies and contradictions. In this post, we will investigate why Chris Licht got fired, what it signifies for CNN’s damaged organization, and how it relates to the CEO’s inheritance.

Why Chris Licht Got Fired: Investigating CNN’s Damaged Organization & The CEO’s Inheritance


CNN news network has always been regarded as a trusted source for information, news, and current events. However, the network’s recent turmoil has raised some eyebrows in the industry, prompting viewers and media outlets to question what’s really going on behind the scenes at CNN. One of the recent issues at CNN is the departure of Chris Licht as its CEO after just over a year in the position. In this article, we will investigate the reasons behind Licht’s departure and CNN’s current state.

Chris Licht Stepped Down as CEO of CNN After Just Over a Year in the Position

On November 29, 2021, Chris Licht, the CEO of CNN, announced his resignation. The news came as a surprise to many, as Licht had been in the position for only a short time. Licht was appointed to the position in 2020, after being a showrunner at CBS and launching shows like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. However, his stint at CNN was not as smooth as he had hoped.

The Exit Triggered by Multiple Factors Including a Town Hall Event with Former President Donald Trump That Drew Criticism and Resulted in a Rating Drop

Licht’s exit was not a single factor. According to reports, his departure was triggered by multiple reasons, including a town hall event with former President Donald Trump that drew criticism and resulted in a rating drop. During the event, Trump made several false claims about the 2020 election, causing an uproar among viewers and media outlets.

Additionally, an Unflattering Article in the Atlantic Titled Inside the Meltdown at CNN Contributed to the Decision

Another factor contributing to Licht’s exit was a critical article in the Atlantic titled Inside the Meltdown at CNN. The article exposed the internal chaos at CNN and the network’s declining ratings. It painted a picture of an organization in disarray, struggling to keep up with the changing media landscape.

Chris Licht Was a Showrunner Hired by David Zaslav to Turn Around CNN

Chris Licht was hired by David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, to turn around CNN. Licht was brought in because of his success at CBS and his experience in producing popular shows. However, turning around a network like CNN is easier said than done.

The Ratings Disaster at CNN Started as Soon as the Election Was Over

CNN has struggled with its ratings since the 2020 Presidential election ended. The network saw a huge surge in viewership during the election, but as soon as the election was over, viewers began to tune out. This drop in ratings has been a problem for CNN and one of the reasons Licht was brought in to turn things around.

Private Equity People Know David Zaslav’s Playbook, and CNN is Only 5% of Warner Brothers Discovery

David Zaslav is known for his success in turning around legacy media companies. However, the private equity industry is aware of his playbook, and it remains to be seen if his strategies will work for CNN. Additionally, CNN is only 5% of Warner Brothers Discovery, making it a relatively small piece of the company’s portfolio.

Licht Inherited a Damaged Organization, and Firing Him Will Not Solve CNN’s Problem as the Cable News Industry Is in Decline

One of the main issues facing Licht was the fact that he inherited a damaged organization. CNN has been struggling with declining ratings and internal turmoil for years. Firing Licht is not a solution to CNN’s problems, as the cable news industry as a whole is in decline.


CNN is facing many challenges, and the departure of Chris Licht only adds to the turmoil. While Licht was brought in to turn things around, his short stint as CEO was not without its problems. With the cable news industry in decline, CNN must find a way to adapt to the changing media landscape if it hopes to remain relevant.

5 FAQs

  1. Who is Chris Licht?
    Chris Licht is a former CEO of CNN who was responsible for turning around the network’s declining ratings.

  2. Why did Chris Licht leave CNN?
    Chris Licht left CNN as a result of multiple factors, including declining ratings and an unflattering article in the Atlantic.

  3. What was Licht’s role at CNN?
    Licht was the CEO of CNN, responsible for leading the network’s efforts to turn around its declining ratings.

  4. Will Licht’s departure solve CNN’s problems?
    No, Licht’s departure will not solve CNN’s problems as the cable news industry as a whole is in decline.

  5. What challenges is CNN currently facing?
    CNN is facing many challenges, including declining ratings, internal turmoil, and a changing media landscape.

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