Why ‘Don’t Care What Other People Think’ Is Bad Advice #shorts

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So I'm pretty certain you've been given The advice don't care what other people Think but here's why you should think Twice before passing this advice on to Someone else you have what I thought was A pretty hot take in the book which is That this whole thing of don't care what Other people think is not necessarily Like good advice yeah because we are Here we are social beings aren't that Aren't we and however much you tell Someone not to care what other people Think they are built to care and if you Didn't you wouldn't be a very social Person right you know if I was in here And not caring what anybody else thought Of me I could be really anti-social and Destroy relationships that I could have Otherwise made and then I'm not going to Fare very well if I'm not able to Maintain relationships and so there are Opinions that matter some matter more Than others and I think it's all about That is working out whose opinions do I Value yeah and how can I then manage the The discomfort if those people whose Opinions I value disapprove of me or Criticize me in some way and then There's a whole set of skills around you Know managing criticism and things like That

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