Why Hollywood Elites Don’t Want You To Watch Sound Of Freedom

In this short clip PBD, Lauren Chen, Adam, and Vinny discuss why Hollywood Elites Don’t Want You To Watch Sound of Freedom.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller Your Next Five Moves (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Next topic sound of Freedom have you Seen the movie yet so a lot of people Have asked me this uh as a new mom I Don't think I can emotionally handle it Just because of the subject matter and I I cry during Pixar movies that'd be a Total mess have you seen Elemental I yes I did get it I didn't even like the Movie I got teary-eyed I'm very very Easy so so I saw the movie so here's What happens we're we're in uh Bahamas Uh and we're trying to find a movie Theater to go see this we can't find it Finally tikra finds the movie I'm like we're going with 25 of us and the Kids want to watch Indiana Jones what do We do so Indiana Jones is playing at one O'clock sound of freedoms playing out Two two o'clock good news Indiana Jones A two and a half hour movie which is Great because we got like a 30 minute so We go into Indiana Jones we're watching Indiana Jones and then me Matt sapala Sheena tikram with sneak out and we go To what sound of Freedom we're sitting There and from the beginning you're Gonna feel the pain of the father taking His kids a daughter and a son who is Approached by a recruiter saying your Kids can be models they can be in movies He says tonight audition is at such and Such time today the audition has a Tomorrow's audition of such and such Time father dresses in a suit takes him

To this room And he takes the kids there they're Excited put the kids in the room and the Girl says come back to pick them up at Seven o'clock he said what do you mean Come back to pick him up at seven O'clock he leaves comes back seven O'clock no one's there shut down that's How the movie starts yeah by the way It's disturbing it's emotional it's Tough it's painful at the end Jim Caviezel gives a message when the movie Ends three minutes later he's given a Message profound message that you have To watch The stats that they gave that uh 20 plus Million child pornography pictures were Uploaded on the internet the last year a Five thousand percent increase in the Last five years the idea where they said Every year two million kids going to Trafficking going into being sold in a Black market and then stats about how You can sell cocaine one time but you Can sell the same child five to ten Times a day for 10 years is what you can Do and it's a 150 billion dollar a year Industry and Jim is in it the story of Tim Ballard what he did and then while This is going on everybody everybody Needs to go watch it I'm taking I want To watch it first it's a decision you Need to make I want to watch it first I Know what it is to be a you know I don't

Know what it is to be a mother but I Have a wife that's had four kids and I Know how tough it is for a mother to see It then a father our perspective is more Protective yours is more you gave birth It's your body Um I recommend everybody to go watch This thing here and share it with Everyone you know because this has Really taken place this led us to Yesterday having a conversation with Many of the people in Glendale that are Going through the challenges they're Having with gusd with the zoom yesterday We're excited about launching the event In Glendale the biggest concern right Now is every major Hotel will announce What these places are and we'll give the Names out so people know has said no Every Armenian Hall in Glendale has said Come and do the event on what's going on With LAUSD and gust with what kind of Content they're trying to put into Schools and we will announce the date Here very soon first we're going to Announce that underground because we Want the right people to show up then I'll announce it publicly and everyone's Worried about you know rioting Protesting all this other stuff here's The point while this movie comes out and It's doing so well can you show up how Rolling Stone responded to I send you those different screenshots

When I airdropped it to you what Rolling Stone said about cuties versus this what Different platforms said about cuties Versus this and by the way while you're Looking for that maybe show the clip of The video of what the CNN person said About this if you know which one I'm Talking about where the CNN uh is asking The question so what do you think about This movie you know there's a lot of People that are saying that there's some Right-wing Q Anon you know what do you Think about this and this guest you Should see what this guess right there If we can make that bigger you should See what this guest says about this Movie familiar with him watch his goal We play this of course watch this And you seem pretty familiar with him Because he doesn't really hide his Association with this real wild plot That that involves you know drinking the Blood of children and things like that No he doesn't hide it at all and you Have a lot of people who are in this World of Q Anon who say oh they don't Know what that is they've never heard of It they're just asking questions with Somebody like Jim Caviezel he is openly Embracing it he's openly using its catch Phrases and its Concepts he's speaking At Q Anon conventions and this film is Being marketed to either specific Q Anon Believers or to people who believe all

Of the same tenets as Q Anon but claim They don't know what it is And the sound of Freedom does focus on a Real issue of sex trafficking but that Theme it's sort of like that kernel of Truth that feeds the Q Anon conspiracy Theory tell us how those two things work Together Sure and the most durable and the most Believable conspiracy theories are not Entirely false there's something in them That is true and the rest of it is false But the Believers point to the one true Thing and they say oh you don't believe That this particular thing is true in Terms of child trafficking we know Trafficking is real we know it has real Victims no one is denying that but these Films are created out of moral panics They're created out of bogus statistics They're created out of fear and with Something like sound of Freedom it Specifically is looking at keyword on Concepts of these child trafficking Rings that are run by the high-level Elites and only people like Tim Ballard And only people like Jim Caviezel and by Extension only people like the ticket Buyer can help bring these trafficking Rings down so there's a very Participatory element you're not just Going to see a movie you're just killing Two hours on a hot day you are helping Bring down these these pedophile rings

And save children now it's not true but It's a very comforting and it's very Warm feeling you know why you have to Trust this guy Pat he has books behind Them anyway that sits with books smart But but notice it if you work out you're A white ring you're you're a white Supremacist whatever if you're by the Way this movie was docked like they Actually have footage of everything that Happened uh Tim Ballard because it Happened did you see the movie I saw Them you saw it well I saw the movie and Uh I was telling Pat some some crazy Moments or what they actually had Footage undercover footage or Surveillance footage of people in third World countries and stuff going up to People like a kid wanders in the street They grab them in a van and they're gone It's not a conspiracy theorist and then It begs the question when people are Like why does one side uh want uh open Borders and why is it if you think about It pat there's a fact 350 000 Unaccompanied miners come across the Border since 2021 till right now 85 000 Of them have gone missing and then that Begs the question why is one side just Like no the board is secure my orc is That little rat no the board is open That is just an end inventory of just Human beings coming in and it's like for Them to say that it's Q Anon and it's

Fake it's like they're almost they don't Want people messing with their influx of Children it's a huge problem and yes They made money off this movie but now Look how many people are talking about Sex trafficking and these and these kids And at least somebody now is opening Their mouth and by the way this movie Was made five years ago I don't know if You guys yeah this movie's old now with Which movie does that sound Freedom yeah Nobody wanted to put on go ahead lord Well it was it was made by Fox before The Disney acquisition so then Disney They essentially didn't release it they Didn't want to release it they sold it To this other studio and the studio Actually had to crowdfund to get a Theatrical release so that's kind of What's ironic about the fact that it did Beat Indiana Jones at least for one Weekend is that this could have been Money going to Disney but it's also kind Of suspicious why didn't Disney want to Release this movie was it not in line With their their branding and by the way Isn't Disney a kids channel isn't it Like about kids and protecting kids so Why wouldn't you want to protect kids Worldwide is that kind of weird perhaps They don't really want it and isn't a Shock and learned that there That they're like Epstein For a fact that this happened he was

Murdered don't believe the hype he was Suicide himself that's all uh CNN producers getting caught left and Right for for pedophilia the the numbers Are staggering it's in the news it's not Reported a lot and just just perverted People have to catch a predator you guys Know that show yes we had Chris Hanson On here guess what that show couldn't be Can run every single day for forever Because there's an imp there's there's No shortage of pedophiles the only Reason that shows stop is because one of These idiot demons ran in the house and Killed himself and that's what's Frustrating about that CNN guy he's Acting like moral outrage over this is Bad or unwarranted he's asking oh it's To spread fear yeah you should be afraid For your children you should be actively Trying to prevent this why is Mortal Outrage bad when this is something That's objectively evil this is an area To be intolerant in like zero tolerance For this by the way watch this so Rolling stone look look how different The the titles are sound of freedom is a Superhero movie for dads with brain Worms the Q Anon thing the Thriller About child trafficking is designed to Appeal the conscience of a conspiracy Adult Boomer okay pretty wild now let's Go to the next one watch this next one Here the guardian cuties review

Netflix's controversial child Exploitation film is bold flawed and Misunderstood Misunderstood okay so here's the next One cuties review a coming-of-age movie Caught in the culture wars thanks to a Major marketing mistake this Award-winning French movie has been Accused of sexualizing girls it's Actually a sensitive portrait of growing Pains that deserve to be seen Go to the next one okay the human Traffic film sound of Freedom trash by Liberal Outlets as Q Anon uh adjacent so When you when you see this then go to The article about post-millennial That talks about if he can pull this up That talks about uh Rolling Stone Editor-in-chief Spike reporting on Friend getting arrested for child porn This was a story from March of uh 21st Of this year if you want to go to page 24 uh if you can pull that up that Picture right there good that's the Article right there I'll read it to you So Rolling Stone Editor in Chief Noah uh Shacked men removed references to child Pornography charges from a story about ABC's producer James Gordon Meek who was Later charged with possessing child Pornography shackman who was friendly With Meek edited the piece and Earth Journalist Tatiana Siegel not to include The words child pornography in the story

Claiming that the FBI's interest in Meek Was unrelated to National Security or Journalism shacklin's decision to edit The story and remove key information About the child pornography pornography Investigation race concerns within Rolling Stone Siegel was reportedly not Aware of the changes until the article Was published and was angered by what She saw as interference shackmans Justified is that it's by stating that Siegel had not adequately verified her Sources when you read this stuff this is What we ought to be intolerant towards Right and there I don't know if you guys Are familiar with the meme from Aaron McIntyre uh don't make me tap the sign And it's just this post that says it's Not that complicated they just wanted Little kids and I think we all have a Normalcy bias where we would like to Think this is just not that common Shadowy it doesn't really affect our Lives but this is like you said it's Everywhere it's very common it's too Common and there are a lot of policies That we could actively change that would Prevent this things like closing the Border because there is a huge porous I Mean I remember uh what is it Melania Trump she got made fun of when she was Talking about the coyotes uh on that Recorded tape and how that was an issue I mean the left-wing media is like what

Is she things happening blah blah blah Like you don't have to say anything About it but the fact that you're even Going out of your way to discredit this Problem it's very suspicious that's all It's very successful they're protecting They're protecting their own like that's That's that's how the left operates for That imagine that guy's name was Miles Clee the Rolling Stone guy who locked Down his Twitter account like a Because every he couldn't take the Flack Of like you mean to tell me girls Twerking is a coming of age and a Culture like what the hell would you Qualify that as whole tendency for him Too Okay yeah Rob I just sent you something Oh no how grooming Works check this out If you can play with show this Meme here Rob I just text you and I put it on your Computer so the question then becomes a Follow-on right we got five more minutes Here before we wrap up I wish we had More time and we got like so many Freaking stories to go through but I got 11 o'clock Max seven call so if you can Pull this up does this work is this an Effective strategy well here we go let Me just show you this picture here from A kid in 2015 to 2022 that's the kid on The left now grown man on the Right Bingo grooming works it's actually very Uh effective strategy and yes you can

Convert do to your environment do I did A video on um the the history of lgbtq The darkspose the dark history and I got A lot of messages about a piece of pad I Don't know if you should upload this I Don't know if you haven't seen that clip I suggest you go watch it because it Tells you How it got started and and how was Categorized just in 1973 50 years ago And what's been happening with this this Level of growth and conversion of people By Generations you know how they say the Older generation doesn't give a Like the older generation doesn't give a what do you think about them like Dude if they're going to smoke weed Guess what who the hell are you I'm 75 Years I'm gonna show what you think About me who cares more the younger Generation or the older generation about What other people think younger the Younger the older generation doesn't Give a do you know traditionalists What percentage of traditionalists this Is a generation before Boomers you know What Precision of traditionals are gay 1.7 percent do you know what percentage Of gen Z is 25 19.7 wow so the Generation that cares more about what People think you haven't seen this That's cool this up right I saw the Bill Maher the generation the generation that Doesn't give a about what you and I

Think only 1.7 percent of them are gay The generation that gives a about What everybody thinks 20 is gay oh it's Not because of the environment they're Born this well yeah yeah you're you're Totally right they're still 20. you Haven't seen this I don't know if you in Your video talk about the twin studies That they've done so they uh they do Studies or they did some studies on Identical twins so if if sexuality is Inherent you're born with it it's in Your DNA you would expect that 100 of Identical twins would share a sexuality I both gave both straight what have you Well what they've actually found is that That is not the case there are many many Examples of identical twins that have Different sexualities indicating that For at least some people yeah there There is a uh a nurture aspect of it and What's really interesting is that women More so than men were likely to have a Different sexual identity than their Identical twins so that means that Women's sexuality or whatever you might Call it is even more fluid than that of Men's and when we see the explosion LGBT Identities guess what it's mainly in Young teen girls who are saying they're Bisexual they're pansexual they're Gender fluid or whatever it is but by The way this is this is the poll from 2021 the one I quoted was from 2023 but

Even better look at this gen Z 20.8 Percent identifies lgbtq look at Traditionals before 1946.8 the point Eight doesn't give a about what we Think less than one percent of them are Gay okay the Gen Z that cares about what Everybody thinks about them one out of Five well I think there's a recent Report that says for Brown University I Want to say I don't know if it's that Specifically about 40 of students Identify as LGBT so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here Foreign

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