Why Hollywood Isn’t Necessary: An Interview with Brett Cooper

In this exclusive interview with Brett Cooper, we delve into the theme of whether Hollywood is truly essential in the entertainment industry. Join us as we explore the intriguing insights shared by Cooper on the relevance and impact of Hollywood in today’s cinematic landscape.

Why Hollywood Isn’t Necessary: An Interview with Brett Cooper


Have you ever wondered if Hollywood is really necessary for creating groundbreaking entertainment? Let’s dive into an exclusive interview with Brett Cooper, where we explore the realm of film and TV projects that challenge the traditional norms of the industry. From discussing upcoming projects with Dr. Peterson to exploring the latest animated comedy series on DailyWire+, let’s unpack why Hollywood might not be as essential as we think.

Brett Cooper’s Perspective on Challenging the Norm

  • When asked about his upcoming projects with Dr. Peterson, Brett Cooper emphasized the importance of pushing boundaries and creating content that resonates with audiences on a deeper level.

  • “Mr. Buram”: An animated comedy series on DailyWire+ that brings laughter and thought-provoking moments to viewers, challenging the conventional humor standards.

  • Cooper’s involvement in the “Pen Dragon Cycle” signifies a shift towards ambitious storytelling that defies the limitations set by mainstream Hollywood productions.

  • Playing the role of Merlin’s wife in the “Pen Dragon Cycle,” Brett Cooper showcases his versatility as an actor willing to take on unconventional roles that break the mold.

The Evolution of Entertainment Production

  • Physical Stunts and Filming in Hungary: Cooper’s dedication to his craft is evident in the series’ rigorous physical stunts and months of filming in Hungary, demonstrating a commitment to authenticity and immersive storytelling.

  • “Snow White and the Evil Queen” Project: This project aims to rewrite the traditional narrative by infusing modern themes and perspectives, challenging the audience to rethink classic tales in a contemporary context.

  • Meaningful Values and Impactful Content: Cooper’s collaboration with DailyWire+ underscores a shift towards projects that prioritize meaningful values and societal impact over flashy visuals and superficial storytelling.


In conclusion, our conversation with Brett Cooper sheds light on the evolving landscape of entertainment production and the shifting attitudes towards Hollywood’s dominance. Through innovative projects like the “Pen Dragon Cycle” and “Snow White and the Evil Queen,” Cooper and his team are spearheading a movement towards creating content that challenges, inspires, and resonates with audiences in a profound way.

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