Why Hook-Up Culture Doesn’t Work For Women #shorts

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The argument that I make in the book is That a lot of women are trying pretty Hard to have sex like men and are being Quite strongly encouraged by the culture And by the men in their lives to attempt The high sociosexuality kind of way of Being one of the things I examine at one Point is articles in women's bags about How not to catch feelings and they're Always framed very carefully in a Gender-neutral way so that a person Didn't want to catch feelings from their Relationship with another person how Would they do that but it's very obvious That actually what we're talking about Here is women getting emotionally Attached in these sexual relationships And not wanting to I think this is like Holding me back I want it to be behaving As if I had unrestricted socio sexuality I want to be like participating in Hookup culture like a man but I have These like niggling feelings which keep Getting in the way unless you want to Say I suppose it's socialization the Childhood socialization goes that deep That it can't be undone maybe but I Think Occam's razor says it's just the Difference there's a difference that's By far the simplest explanation for what We see across the world Oh

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