Why Indian Immigrants Become Rich and Raise Successful Kids

Did you know that Indian Americans have the highest median household income among all ethnicities in the United States? Have you ever wondered why Indian immigrants seem to have a knack for raising successful and accomplished children?

In this eye-opening video, we dive into the fascinating reasons behind the success of Indian Americans and explore the factors that contribute to their incredible achievements. From cultural values to educational priorities, we’ll explore the unique characteristics of these families that set them apart from other communities.

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So why is it that Indian immigrants from India the country and the ethnic group Of Indians in America are crushing every Other ethnic group in America not by Five percent not by ten percent by Twenty percent in income we have stats On their divorce rates against everybody Else we have stats on how they raise Their kids we have stats on how they put Their kids in certain majors over other Majors it's just mind-boggling and Everybody else is going to learn a ton About how Indians raise their kids [Music] Thank you All right so if you get value from this Video give it a thumbs up and subscribe To the channel let's get right into it Income is one of the ways to measure Who's more successful than others okay This is according to the U.S Census Bureau where Indian Americans rank Amongst other ethnic groups if you look At this chart here this is 2018 Indians All the way at the top at 120 000 income Taiwanese is number two they're ahead of Them by nearly 25 24 Chinese third Japanese fourth and it's Pakistani Filipino Indonesian Korean Cambodian Monk and then Vietnamese and look where White Americans are at 65 000 Indians Make 55 more thousand dollars per year Than white Americans by the way white Americans you're trying to go to four

Days a week work week try convincing An immigrant coming from India Taiwan China Japan Pakistan Filipino Indonesian Korean Cambodian Persian Hmong Vietnamese trying to convince them to Only work four days a week not their Kids who are born here maybe and they've Been Americanized try convincing an Immigrant to only work four days a week They will laugh at you the whole purpose Of coming to America is that they can Work as much as they want it's called Free enterprise but let's kind of take a Deep dive with some of these other stats Indian population living in poverty Amongst percentage-wise with Americans All Americans roughly 13 of Americans Live in poverty all agents it's ten Percent look at Indians only six percent Of all Indians in America live in Poverty now let's look at education what Percentage of them have bachelor's Degrees what percentage of percentage of Them have Masters or mbas and what Degrees they have look at this year in 2021 80 of Indian immigrants over 25 Years old or older reported having at Least a bachelor's degree versus only a Third of all foreign born and U.S born Adults again eighty percent versus 33 Percent 80 percent of 25 and older have A degree for your degree 49 of Indian Immigrants adults have at least a Graduate or professional degree in 2021

Compared to 15 of foreign born and 13 of U.S born nearly four times of U.S porn Is what they have now what do they major In let's kind of go a little bit deeper Into that one lots of people waste money On degrees that have no amount of high Paying jobs most people agree that you Plan on going to college you need to Major in stem to make it a good Investment but Indian Americans abide by This it's like a religion STEM Science Technology engineering and math look at The chart here on what they major in at The top you see the blue engineering 36 Percent then it's math in computer Science 35 then that 10 at the top you See it business management so they're Intentional about what areas they're Gonna go major in now let's go even a Little bit deeper than this on how they Measure amongst other ethnic groups this Is according to the U.S Census Bureau if You look at the top right you'll see all Immigrants it's a darker blue you'll see Indian immigrants it's a lighter blue And then you'll see U.S born okay Furthest to the left is management Business science art occupations look Who's in the middle 79 of Indian immigrants versus 43 Percent of U.S foreign versus 37 percent Of all immigrants they major in Management business and science look at Service occupation they're the lowest by

At five percent U.S is 15 and all the Other immigrants 21 they're like no You're not going to major in service When you go into this look at sales and Office occupation 10 15 21 National Resource Constitution maintenance Occupation they're one percent it's Almost as if you do go and major in that You're going to get a lot of pop out From your parents there but it's a one Percent eight percent for US foreign Twelve percent from all immigrants then Production transportation material Moving 6 13 15. look they're not Interested in that you know what they're Interested in management business Science is what they're interested in They want to do stem so obviously this Leads to them making a lot of money but Let's look at business are they start up Entrepreneurs do they do they produce Billionaires I don't know let's take a Look so here's what it looks like According to Oxford academic Indian Immigrants represent one percent of the U.S population but eight percent of the Founders of high-tech companies and one Third of Technology startups in Silicon Valley one percent of total US Population eight percent of all founders Here's some of the names of billionaires That produce Jay chaudry net worth 8.3 Billion dollar Co Z scaler zenot coachla Network 5.3 billion former Sun

Microsystem co-founder Rome radwani 5.1 Billion Rakesh gunwale 4 billion Indigo CEO founder narij shazio wafer 2.8 Billion Anil bursi Network 2.3 billion CEO workday this is working on how They're producing and what they're Majoring in now let's look at Family Perspective what do they do that's Different when it comes down to the Family well one thing that's interesting Is it's very common for multiple Indian Families to share a home while building A business together and continuously Expanding the business so it's almost Like the concept of delayed Gratification hey let's live together Let's minimize expenses let's put all The money we're making back into the Business rather than splurging and Wasting money all over the place couple Other things to be thinking about when It comes down to divorce rates did you Know Indian Americans have the lowest Divorce rates in America very Interesting right now some of you are Going to say well of course they have The lowest divorce rates in America Because they have arranged marriages They may in India but not necessarily All in America it does happen but it's Not as high of a number as it is an Indian has gradually gone away anyways Well let's look at the stats here According to National Center for Family

And marriage research blacks they have The highest divorce rate 30.8 percent Hispanics are 18 and a half whites or 15.1 other is 12.4 but for Indian Families you ready there's some stuff is That say 1.3 percent and some that show Six percent but they're lower than Anybody else when it comes down to this Obviously uh some of it has to do with Culture ritual all of that but they have A lower divorce rate than others again This is purely based on statistics Couple other things we looked at this Website called India Parenting.com and we saw these 10 things That they do as parenting that's Different than others some of it you may Say I had some of that with my parents Or I apply some of it myself and some of You may say yeah we definitely don't do That in America here let me kind of go Through it number one they promote Kinship Indian parents make it a point For to Foster relationships and Association with their social and family Acquaintances they edify their children To be in Social connections and also Maintain healthy connections with their Relatives more so they stay as shelter Beside their children till they are Married off right from the children's Infant ages to their marriage times even After that the parents support their Youngsters emotionally in order to

Provide the much needed support ideal Indian parents created so social Environment where the concept of family Is expanded to all so they're selling Family they're selling kinship they're Selling let's stay close they're Edifying that lifestyle and the kids are Emulating whatever the parent the leader Edifies that's what they want to do Number two self-sacrifice and almost Every Indian parent sacrifices their Lives in some way to devote themselves And raising their kids Indian mothers Orgo their dreams and passions to take Care of their children fathers often Make compromises in their careers to Ensure well-being of the young ones Interesting everything about life Becomes about pouring into their kids And look at the types of kids that They're developed number three Trustworthy and friendly trust is one Thing that Indian parents mostly possess This Factor makes them the best friend Of their children at least till they're Adulthood Indian mothers become the best Friends their sons while the daughters Love to confine their secrets in their Fathers what let me say that one more Time Indian mothers become best friends Of their sons black daughters feel Comfortable Sharing and confiding Their secrets to their fathers does that

Sound American or is it like do you know What I'm saying very interesting Rob When you think about the dynamic here of How this looks let's go to number four Quality time Indian parents amidst their Busy schedule give quality time to their Children they spend great time with Their words instead of just letting them Grow in their own way they're involved They're not letting them go and let Society raise their kids they're very Much involved with their kids number Five nurture the talents when it comes Down to Indian parents they're extremely Good at identifying the skills and Unique talents of their children they Told her to enhance those special gifts That their kids are blessed with you Would often find the Indian kids Teenagers and young adults getting well Acclaimed in a number of creative Fields Thanks to the dedicated and loving Indian parents number six inquisitive That's one quality of Indian parents That many children are annoyed about Very interesting however Indian parents Being curious in nature keep a careful Watch on their kids instead of breaching The freedom and privacy of their Children parents stay watchful about Their offspring's attitude and behavior To prevent them from entering into any Misleading paths you know some of the Things you hear parents say leave your

Kids alone let them do whatever they Want you know they kind of got to go Through it Indian parents would say You're a fool to do that when they're Kids you got to be involved so they Don't go out there and do crazy things I Remember well I'm listening to this some Of it's reminding me I'm thinking my Mom's maybe a little bit Indian Middle Easterns have similar Tendencies by the Way they're on these lists too my sister Went on her first date I'm a younger Brother by six years she says your job Is to spy on her you're gonna go Everywhere she goes so I'm like no Problem yes sir you know it's like yes Ma'am so me and the friends everybody Had a job I watched you from the top He's here to take care and then boom did You follow I'm a 14 15 year old kid We're trying to follow exactly where This guy's doing watching everything to Come back and report look at that Concept this kid had to do this with his Sister some tells me Indian parents Maybe do a little bit of that as well Sisters are watching the same you would Annoying brother were you I was very Protective power to all the protective Brothers out there we need more of them Out there I'm hoping will be the same as Well I'm sure they will be okay culture Indian parents instill the fundamental Culture and religious values into their

Children right at their childhood India Is a country that has deep rooted Cultural values its traditions and Legacies are well maintained Indian Parents make it a point to impart the Same value into their children don't go Away from your values and principles Keep selling the tomb number eight Religious tolerance India is a land of Diversity with multitude of ethnic races Having dissimilar values and Ethos Indian parents Infuse their Ethics in Their children that let them respect People hailing from different religions Cast Creeds and racist respect so it's Like hey you got to respect everybody That's out there make sense number nine Ready this one's going to be a little Bit confusing for some of you judgmental Indian parents are highly judgmental That definitely helps them in keeping Their children safe from negatives this Is also one of the best qualities of an Indian parent to implant the same Insightful abilities in their successors And last but not least number 10 Multitasking most Indians are Hard-working they are diligent when it Comes down to handling their parenting Tasks the moms and ads in India do great Multitasking while managing their Personal and professional life they Strike a fine balance between their Times and dedicate adequate time to both

Their children and their jobs alright so Look you may agree with some of the Things you may not agree with some of The things but the results is there it Shows you the numbers what they've done And there's a lot to be learned from What they're doing here's a few Different takeaways number one if your Kids are going to go to school don't Wing it speak to them about what things To be considered then get involved in What degrees I watch how involved Tom is With his kids going and taking degrees It's amazing seeing parents that are Involved in saying hey look at this look At that let's research This Together Rather than do whatever you want to do Number two Superior work ethic they Don't compromise their work ethic No One's Gonna Make them not work hard Including the four hour work week Business Insider Bloomberg huffle type Of people that are journalists who came Out of Colombia want to convince Everybody to do for their work week good Luck doing that to the Indian Community And you shouldn't let that happen to you Either number three they're intentional About what they're doing they're not Winning it they're saying hey here's What we're doing and this is why this is What we're doing with our our kids and Here's why there is intention behind the Next vision and discipline extremely

Disciplined in how they're raising their Kids based on some of the things that We're reading here next delayed Gratification is is there and they're Constantly teaching their kids that There's many ways to do that you know I Can ask my kids sometimes I'll say hey Let me ask you a question would you Rather have me buy you an ice cream Right now but you get no video games for Four weeks or would you rather not have Ice cream for a month but you get four Video games a month from now they're Sitting there oh my God I would much Rather not have to do this I'll wait Versus I have this these are ways to Develop the muscle of delayed Gratification by you putting them in Positions where they have to make the Decision themselves strong values and They keep selling the values and Principles to their kids and they don't Compromise it they're not embarrassed by They don't let the world or American Society make them feel guilty about what They believe in and become softer and More gentle no this is what we stand for Kid here's who you are here's a family You're a part of this is what we're Going to be doing now let's figure out Your talents and help you go out there And do big things within your life and Make us proud make the family proud but More importantly make you an incredible

Net positive to society hey quick shout Out to Indian parents out there I salute You I respect you for doing what you're Doing you make the world a safer place By raising kids based on high standards And high values and principles thank you For your hard work and dedication Anyways if you got value from this video Give it a thumbs up subscribe to the Channel and I got another video who shot Us a year ago I want to say in Boca how To raise successful kids if you've never Seen it before click here to watch the Video take care everybody bye-bye Foreign

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