Why Japanese Culture Is Good For Business

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What's the oldest active business in the World 1500 years Japan when they Interviewed the CEO of this company and They asked them they said so let me ask A question what's the key to success With your company why have you guys been Able to do so well he says one tip don't Drink too much stay in control don't Make too many stupid mistakes because You creating momentum the Japanese Culture over short-term business plan is 20 years In America a short-term business plan is A year 30 years ago all these Executives From here flew out to go to Toyota There's this book called Toyota's way Phenomenal book Toyota's way so they fly Out to go to Toyota to see what their Headquarters is like and they said the Biggest difference between them and Everybody else is they're planning for 20 years from now they're planned for 40 Years from now we don't even think that When we're trying to hit the next Quarter's numbers right so there's a Very different cultural way of thinking About business competing that's why very Few people are intimidate you if you Truly are a competitor because most People are not going to last

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