Why Men Live Harder Lives Than Women

Are men living harder lives than women? In this episode, Patrick Bet-David talks about dating stats and how you can use these statistics to your advantage.

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Men live a harder life than women and I Got data here to show you now obviously This upsets a lot of different people Saying Pat how could you say something Like that blanket statement men live a Harder life than women yes praise for Impact whether you're gonna like it or Not wait till the end if you do get Value out of this and you say this is Kind of a good point he's making give it A thumbs up subscribe to the channel if Not go watch a different video okay so Let's get right into it so based on a Research done DNA research by Dr Baumeister he explains that in today's Human population is descended from twice As many women as men now what does this Mean in the history of mankind 80 Percent of women have reproduced and Have had kids only 40 percent of men Have ever reproduced so 80 percent women 40 men what does this mean that means Four out of five women reproduce only Two out of five men reproduce now why is This so when we were looking at this Thing here we said let's look at data Let's look at some of the stuff that we Have access to right now it could be Tinder and then let's look at what women Look for in men in a short-term Relationship and what women look for in Men in long-term relationship and then You get to make a decision for yourself On how to increase your market value so

According to Tinder this is what you get On how many women swipe right versus how Many men swipe right if you've never Been on Tinder like I've never been on Tinder swiping right means you're Interested in this person swiping Leftists I don't have any interest when It comes down to men men swipe right 53 Of the time that means they're Interested 47 percent of the time they Say nope I'm not interested however for Women you ready ladies this is you now Okay this represents your number According to Tinder you ready women only Swipe right five percent of the time 95 Percent of the time you say I am not Interested swipe left a rejection to the Man so if you're a guy watching this at The same path I'm on these dating gaps And I gotta take this absolutely sucks Because I'm trying to get a relationship Well let me give you some more bad news Before we go tell you how to measure Short-term and long-term value we found This chart showing in the attractiveness Of how attractive you are in the women Category like are you in the 80 Percentile 10 percentile 90 percentile How many men are still interested in a Woman that's this percentile Attractiveness so it's a little bit of a Crazy chart but I'm going to put it up And we'll go through this together so Here's what it is if you look at the

Charge you see the female advantage to Male Advantage right on the left it says Male attractiveness percentile right on The bottom it says female attractiveness Percentile so let's look at the left if You are in the top 20 of male Attractiveness you have only available To you roughly 20 of women that you can Compete for okay now for women if you're In the bottom 20 of attractiveness you Still have access to eighty percent of Men that would be interested in you of Course if you're in 100 it's 100 of You're the best looking guy you're like A Brad Pitt for your Rachel McAdams Everybody is interested you're at the 100 percentile right so if you look at This it's quite depressing because if You're in the bottom 20 of men in Attractiveness if you look how small That is you're only dealing with two to Three percent of women if that means one In every 50 women that's your pull on Who to choose from so you you may watch Us and say Pat is this supposed to be a Motivational Monday video there's Nothing motivational about this I Totally get it but you're either going To watch this and you're going to say Screw these stats I'm gonna go have some More chips and cheesecake and quit my Job and sit here and play video games All day or are you gonna say I better Get my act together so what are women

Looking for short term and what are Women looking for long term let's look At the data women looking for short-term Relationship versus long-term Relationship on six different criterias One is looks one is resources meaning How much money success you have three is Your game four is your personality five Is your status and six is your age looks Is 35 of decision making process Resources only me six percent game is Thirty percent that's the second most Personality is nine percent status is Thirteen percent and an H whatever seven Percent now if they're looking for a Long-term relationship priorities change When it comes down to looks it drops From 35 to 15 okay when it comes down to Resources it goes from six percent to Twenty seven percent when it comes down To game it drops from Thirty to seven When it comes down to personality it Goes up from 9 to 18. they know they Have to deal with a personality long Term short term I don't care how Annoying you are you're handsome you got Game long term main your personality is Annoying so personality has a lot to do With it then you have status goes from 13 to 23 percent and an age goes from Seven percent to ten percent so there's A couple different ways you're going to Be listening to this you're going to Watch is going to be discouraged you're

Going to watch this and saying okay Maybe I need to change my Approach let Me give you an idea when I started Working I'm working Stanley Dean with Her and they said well the profile of The clients we're looking for is those That are million dollars or higher back Then it was a half a million or a Quarter million but it was a million Dollars or higher that's the clientele You got to be looking for and I sat There and I'm like how the hell am I Going to meet millionaires my dad's a Cashier at a 99 Cent Store I don't have A four-year degree I don't have a Two-year degree I know nothing about Money my parents have never owned a 401k Never owned the stock we've always Rented I've never lived in a house you Want me to go find million Auto accounts How the hell am I going to find it I Just got out of the military here people In the military are broke my friends go To nightclubs how am I going to find all This money right so I could have said That and said you know what that's right Financial industry is not for me I'm out Or I could have sat there and said how Can I get into the market who do I need To become to get into the market that I Want to become right and I made my Adjustments I was 22 years old 23 years Old just got out of the army we go to The club my friends like Pat I found

This book it's called The Game Neil Strauss watch these pickup lines I'm Going to use with the girls we go out First you treat them this way you do That you do this and then he got the Girls like oh I'm like well our style in The military with similar to Weight I've Just never read before but it was Effective but what were we doing who are We getting together with short-term Relationships right so look some of you Are watching this you're getting one or Two reactions you're discouraged you're Saying okay now at least I know what They're looking for when you're a Businessman and you run a company you're Gonna have three different types of Clients low ticket item products you're Selling 99 Cents eight bucks 28 bucks 89 You got mid ticket item thousand dollars Fifty thousand dollars you got high Ticket on for example I'm selling a Rental apartment at Oakwood Apartments Four grand a month I'm selling a rental Apartment right middle one I'm selling 600 000 houses I'm selling multi-million Dollar homes right in this example if You as a man want to have more options And saying your clientele I want to have A pool of bigger options of women to Choose from who do I need to become to Be able to sell two million dollar homes Okay what language do I need to speak to Get the client that's about to sell

Their 2 million dollar home to look at Me and say this guy can sell this 2 Million dollar home who do I need to Become what language do I need to have How do I need to present myself how much Capability skill said what do I need to Do to increase my market value this is Why a lot of people 95 of people in Sales don't make it because they get Discouraged because they don't want to Become the person they need to be to Sell those products to the clientele in That market the same thing goes with This if you watch this and you said well If it's 40 of men reproduce but 80 Percent of women reproduce if the Options are that how do I become in the Top 20 percentile and if I'm chasing all These short-term women the short-term Women I'm chasing they're looking for Only physical and they're only looking For game they're not really value and Personality or for me to be somebody Where I am somebody that has status or Resources I can go fix those things now If you're watching this insane you can Fix yourself physically and get in shape Maybe change your diet you can be Somebody at whatever company you're Working at if you're a person that's got A voice you become a leader somebody That's doing what you got status if You're somebody that has a personality You're afraid you're shy maybe you show

Your personality a little bit more if You want to go watch some of the old Tape videos there's a part of him that He will shy if you look at the younger Version of them a lot out of the people That end up having big personalities at One point they were kind of to Themselves and then boom they break out Of their shell and they say oh my gosh I Never knew this existed in this guy you Have that but you got to tap into it Okay so now look obviously a lot of this Is directed to man I'm gonna talk to Women a little bit and you this could Also apply to men but here's what I have To say about this because some people Are like you don't even know what you're Talking about I dare you to live a day And walk a day in my life and all this Other stuff totally get it here's what I Do believe in there are a lot of men who Are bitter towards women and some of the Bitterness from mentors women is I gave Everything for her and she did this and She went with that guy and she left me Okay cool yep that happens and then the Other one is I gave everything to him And he did this and he left and it's all His fault okay no problem just so you Know it takes two to make a thing go Right but it also takes sometimes two to Make a thing go wrong you made the Choice I made the choice some Relationship didn't work what part of

The role did I play in this thing here And I'll man up and I'll take it the Same with you one of the ladies that Commented I'm known this lady for about Eight or ten years and I remember when She chose career over her marriage and Her kids and she said I'm gonna go this Route to choose career over kids I said Listen man I totally get it Mary Sometime doesn't work out I've been Married now 13 years going on 14 years We take marriage one year at a time it's A very hard thing to do it is not easy You can control what you do sometimes You can't control what the other side Does and No One Ever Knows the whole Entire story to any marriage but she Specifically said I am choosing my Career because I want to compete with The men above me in this sector that she Was in over my marriage and over my kids I said I don't recommend it to do it for That reason I have to do it she did Today she is so bitter but who's she bit Her at her husband her kids her Competitors the industry or her choice It's pretty bad when you're bitter Towards really the choice you made Nobody put a gun to your head do you Know how many times I've been annoyed With a decision I've made and I'm so Annoyed with myself no one knows about It but I know I made the choice and I'm Bitter towards myself for making a bad

Choice that happens to the best of us so All this that we're talking about this Is really over younger men and younger Women this topic here that we're talking About for some of you that are watching That you're a little older and you're Frustrated about this totally get it but You made the choice nobody forced you to Do it for the most part so if you get Value out of this video agree or Disagree but if you got value out of This video give us a thumbs up Subscribe to the channel and if you want To watch another video I did a video Titled the rise up week man if you've Never seen this before click here to Watch it take care everybody bye-bye Foreign [Music]

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