Why Most People Never Hit Their Yearly Goals

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So just yesterday was January 1st Everybody had their own New Year Resolution we're all excited how are Your goals looking so far because it's No longer January 1st here's a kicker For two or three years every year I Would say this is my year this is my Year this is my year nothing would Change results was the same finally I Had to learn what drove me at that age So what drove the 25 year old pbd what Drove me at 30 what drove me at 35 what Drove me at 40 and what drives me today If you don't fully know what drives you In order to get better results at the Age you're at at the current current State you're at it may be very different I created a quiz that at pbdquiz.com for You to take to learn exactly what drives You at the current age you're at if you Want to find that I'll click on the link Above or below go take that quiz I'll See you there

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