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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Kyle Kulinski, and Adam Sosnick discuss why people are moving to the US. PBD Podcast Ep.219.

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If America is so bad that some people Sell it as being so bad why do people Keep coming here what is what is so like Okay when we were in Iran we had options People were going in to spend some were Going to Australia some were going to This only because they couldn't make it To America but everybody's number one on The list was to come to America you know What I'm saying it wasn't like they Wanted to go anywhere else again going Back that that is my biggest argument Where if America is so bad if capitalism Is so bad and abusive why do so many People who are actually leaving an Abusive environment are willing to come To a place that offers capitalism where A person who has not got the last name Of Mitt Romney his last name is BET David my parents haven't given me a Penny last time I got an allowance I was 14 years old I'm not an allowance I Don't even know what allowance is to be Honest I'm not even being sarcastic I Don't know what an allowance is right And so I come up here I'm like dude I Don't give a if you give me Allowance I'm just happy to be here and I'm gonna bring my middle eastern work Ethic and I'm banking on something's Good going to happen to me I don't have The money to go to school I don't have The grace to go to school maybe I'm Going to go in the military get my act

Together be away from some of these guys That are doing drugs because all my a Lot of my friends were you know ecstasy You know pot they were selling they were Done like I've just got to get away from This I go into the military And then I come out I'm like okay I'm Gonna learn how to I was a bodybuilder I'm going to learn how to sell this is My way out so again for me it goes back To the same thing if if America if Socialism or social democracy is so Amazing why don't people go to those Countries first before they come here Well so I would say number one there Actually there is a refugee crisis in a Lot of those countries there are people Kind of pouring into those countries but Number two I think we're talking a Little bit past each other because I Wouldn't say America's Best of course I'm here I love this country right the The question is I think it's just the Wrong conversation to happen I'm not a Capitalism guy you're not well social Democracy harnesses the best aspects of Capitalism so so there is an element Maybe maybe unpack the difference So that you know there's socialism There's Democratic socialism and there's Social democracy social democracy is a Hybrid of capitalism and socialism where Basically you you take the best aspects Of capitalism the best aspects of

Socialism and you have this this mixed System which you know in theory would Yield the best results and I just the Reason why I believe in that is because I think there's a tremendous amount of Empirical evidence to those ends so like For example they do this study every Couple years this Commonwealth fund Study where they look into the Health Care Systems of basically you know a lot Of the developed countries 11 of the Developed countries and when they do That we always rank the U.S ranks 11th Out of 11. so we're doing worst on that Front so Um now when it comes to the issue of Capitalism look I mean I could I can Make the argument for you here when you Look at for example the cars that came Out of the Soviet Union They were abysmal they were you know They were made by one government agency There was no uh competition so you Didn't get a better product at a lower Price and that's that's what I'm trying To avoid which is why I believe in Something like social democracy because You can still have uh particularly when It comes to consumer goods I think it's Good to have competition I think it's Good to try to get you know the best Price with the the best product and and Compete in fact I believe in uh and I'm Curious if you would agree with this uh

I think we really need to start doing Antitrust action again I think we should Do anti-monopoly stuff again because When a business becomes a monopoly what Do you get higher prices worse product And so you need to break them up just Like Teddy Roosevelt did to get it to The point where you have more Competition you can harness the best Aspects of capitalism so when you talk About that so I believe in that while at The same time I also believe in taking Care of the basics so in other words Um they have like sectoral bargaining in A lot of the Scandinavian countries that Means you set wages the union negotiates With management and you set wages kind Of across an entire industry I think That's a good idea because it helps Working people out more I believe in Like I said universal healthcare Universal education or trade school you Could you should have your choice and I Think they do that in Germany they give You an option you want to go to trade School or you want to go to college I Just hate this notion that in this Country some people come out of college And they're 80 000 in debt and they're Like well what the do I do now and I can't even pay this back and then they Got to go take a job where they're way Overqualified to even take that job I Think that's up I just think

There shouldn't be such a thing as Medical debt or or school debt uh and I Don't think these ideas are all that Radical I think most people would agree With this even people who would consider Themselves capitalists so what all the Craziness taking place I believe future Looks right if you believe future looks Bright get your latest Future looks Bright hat of valuetainment it says Future looks bright here future looks Bright here we got them in white we got Them in Black we got them in red are Black on black sold out these are about To sell out if you haven't ordered one Yet we had a person in Michigan but one Then he bought three then when those Three people wore it in the office they Had to order 58 of them because people Wanted the future looks Bright House Especially during times like this Because ain't nobody's saying future Looks spread toward your future looks Bright hat click over here and to watch The entire podcast click here take care Everybody [Music]

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