Why People Hate Andrew Tate & How That Reveals What’s Wrong with Society Today

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth and Vincent Oshana talk about why people hate Andrew Tate & how that reveals what’s wrong with society today.

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Tate okay let's talk about Tate uh I I Don't think we need to say anything for People to realize we like what he says And how he challenges uh the people of Power and he goes and targets them and All that stuff he's a very very very Good communicator by the way potentially The best Communicator in the world today He could potentially be the best Communicator in the world today and I Don't know if I put anybody ahead of him Wow who do you put ahead of him he's a Communicator he's a talk he's an Incredible Communicator the way he Delivers his message right okay All right so He's trying to get out of a uh you know He's still in detention uh uh trying to End Detention of Romania they're not Giving him the opportunity to come out Who knows what's going to end up Happening with this year we're in talks With his lawyer I'd like to talk to his Lawyer to have him on and uh to have a Kind of fair conversation with him just Some questions that I want to ask this Guy we'll see what happened there all Right so you look at Tate with this Scenario Some things came back with Vice a Recording of a guy that he once Interviewed with that started asking him All these questions and then tastes like Men where are you going with this they

Stopped the interview that guy follows Up and finds the girls Gets recording now Vice is coming out With something today no one knows what's Going to be said but some of the uh WhatsApp recordings came back and you Know certain statements that he made etc Etc and everyone's texting me saying you Support this guy you support that you Support this you support that I'm able to isolate Areas That Tate crushes The globalist and crushes the people of Power that love to bully And I'm able to isolate that and say man What a freaking way of doing it good for You guy keep challenging the status quo And keep pushing these guys but I'm able To isolate and say what are you doing Sending audio recordings on WhatsApp Do you think you're untouchable none of Us are and then I'm able to isolate and See his relationship with his brother And say man tell me you wouldn't want to Have a brother that has your back the Way they have each other's back and then I'm able to isolate and in my own mind Say what was the upbringing like to have A father and a mother the way they did Him the two of them and their sisters And kind of say maybe and then isolate And why they fought and isolate how Disciplined they are in certain and then

Isolate and Hey what you're doing with the way You're making money and isolate you you Ought to be able to isolate these Different areas instead of just saying Hey uh uh everybody falls in the same Camp no and again earlier when we were Talking about you know how about this Person does that person get the 50 50 All this stuff we still don't know Things still got to come out to see What's going to happen with this and When we have the conversation with the Lawyer we'll have follow-ups uh uh you Know so that's the part when you're Looking at this we have to isolate and See what happened with covet who got it Wrong did fauci get it wrong let's Isolate let's address this and let's Make sure it never ever happens again Right we had audio issues today on the Podcast this is the second time in two Days you know my message was to our guys Guys this can't happen we have to Isolate this concern what is causing it Let's get to the bare bottom of what is Called the root cause of this so once we Learned what happened with covet who Left up we got to move on if out she f'd Up and used powers and other people Empower them they got to be held Accountable what the hell happened with Afghanistan we just lost 8 82 billion Hours of weapons there what the hell

Happened with Iraq 20 years you know What happened now what happened with Iran what happened with this isolate Move on learn and cause people to Realize If you do this again and you use this Method of abusing people to make money You take deals from other countries and You give access to them of what we're Doing Insider information you deserve to Go to jail isn't there a name for that What's the name for that it's a treat no No what happens when you're given the Enemy information Listen and by the way I'm convinced dick To Arnold I'm convinced there was some Of that that happened the last few years Those people it's the ultimate Accountability I agree 100 the ultimate Accountability which is why if we by the Way I'll pause you I've been going for a Minute any thoughts you guys got on Tate I'll pause because I want to go into the Prince Harry stuff and then we'll wrap It up well I think I think what you're Basically saying is not everyone is all Good and all bad we all have a little Bit of black and white and it's not all Black and white everyone has a little Gray area I agree with you that on one Hand I could think Tate is a freaking Stud an awesome speaker and has a great Message and male empowerment and Self-improvement and that's awesome and

A lot of what he says I fully fully Fully added Advocate and agree with but I could also sit here and be like he Might have done some of this sex Trafficking [ __ ] I don't know I wasn't There none of us were so to blindly Trust someone and blindly follow them is Is gonna get yourself in hot water Whether it's republican or democrat or This influence or that influencer and I Agree with you everything should be What's a term that you like to to use uh That you've been using for the to Isolate isolate yeah so yeah I think if You want to isolate each of the Components of what Tate stands for I Think there's a lot more positive than Negative I think that's what great Coaches do the Excellence listen Johnny You got you're you're our best defender Yeah but man you're lazy to get that Rebound yeah okay great job on the Defense side you're terrible on the you Know and in the locker room sometimes You say stuff that's off you know like You [ __ ] too much like bring the team Together we have to isolate areas but It's like it's like um you ever play uh Video games Madden Sports yeah and they Give every athlete their breakdown their Score all right so Hustle so they're 92 Percent offense they're 85 percent Defense they're only 62 percent effort Teammate and everyone has their

Different score in different categories Right like I try to I I every day I say Health wealth happiness health wealth Happiness all right how's my health Today [ __ ] feel great I'm doing it I Just worked out yeah I kind of went out And drank too much I had my health did a Wealth all right I make some money all Right now paycheck the paycheck whatever Happiness am I happy am I not like I'm Constantly one through tening myself and Your score can constantly be be Malleable and moving around so to get Back to Tate there's a lot of high Scores a lot but there's also some high Negative scores that could end up biting You in the ass yep so I don't know what Are your thoughts on no no I'm happy That you said it too and my thing is uh Uh everything that you said it's like And I think we can't be quick to judge Because I mean we do Americans love Doing that [ __ ] oh right we've got rape That's no it's like you don't know [ __ ] I don't know I wasn't there there I Don't know nothing about this guy in That capacity and bro you could overhear Now especially with all this Ai and all This [ __ ] any voice recording now it Might not even be you I don't trust any Of that [ __ ] bro I don't trust any of it I saw a video where somebody made uh uh Barack Obama was sitting there and Speaking it wasn't him it looked exactly

Like him and this was years ago bro who Knows that so like I said we're quick to Judge slow down give the person the Benefit of the doubt until it's real but Then you nail it held him accountable When this [ __ ] does come out so we'll go Back to Pat and we'll wrap this up but I Think what we're really talking about Here is the thing called intellectual Honesty and intellectual honesty this is Going in to evaluate something isolating The issue and just being really Objective about what you see and the Weakest Debaters you will ever encounter Are the ones that have to slip in the But what about them or not as bad as the Other and that's the whole pendulum Thing it's like they can't Intellectually honestly look at Something isolated evaluate it with a Critical eye and objectivity and then Leave it be they it represents a threat To their side so they gotta pull in the Other bit but what about them but it Wasn't as bad as this and that is just Weak-willed arguing that that great Jurists in this country when you read About the Supreme Court Justice and some Of the great jurists we've had have the Ability what they call it's not carrying A rope into the into the uh into the Courthouse right you're not bringing in Something with you that's going to judge Your ultimate decision you

Intellectually honestly look at it and I Think that's what we're talking about Here and I think that the media has lost The way to do it and I think if you look At yourself in the mirror at times you Each one of us loses the ability to do That and this is what Pat's talking About isolate it judge it assess it to The benefit of our audience wants to Know and wants to hear these let's use So if you like this clip and you want to Watch another one click right here and If you want to watch the entire podcast Click right here Foreign [Music]

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