Why Rich People Care More About Time Than Money

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When you go to start a business or you Pitch your services as a freelancer you Need to understand that the person You're talking to Thinks about money totally differently Than you do right like now that I have Made some money the way I look at money Is totally different you know and I make Decisions not on oh how much does it Cost I make decisions around well how Much time is that going to save me you Know or a really great one is you know When I was broke I would look at like a Five thousand dollar a month Service as Oh that's so expensive you know but then As soon as you have a business a Business that's doing a million two Million three million four million right You start looking at the 5K a month as a Negligible expense and you don't realize That when you're starting out yeah right Because to when when you're living in The rundown apartment you're like 5K a Month is a lot who would spend that Right and same thing with now Restaurants it's like I noticed that my Default if I'm in a new city and I'm Looking for a restaurant what's the First thing that I do I pull up Google And I sort by most expensive right Because there's a there's like a a bias Of well if it's more expensive it's Probably better right so if you're Pitching your services and you're

Pitching them at a discount the person That you're trying to sell to is like I don't want the Honda Accord I want the Ferrari right so it's it's all these Very interesting ways of thinking about Money that I it takes a while to see it From the other side Yeah yeah I think one of the one of the Ways that I often think is like these Days is just in terms of uh sort of very Back of the envelope Roi calculations Like I I booked a flight last night Um I'm going to Pakistan in the new year For a cousin's wedding and the economy Class flight was 200 pounds and the Business class flight was 3 000 pounds But doing the business class flight Would allow me to leave a kind of team Annual planning thing an extra two hours Later and I was like 100 valuable Because me being there with a team of 13 People or for to give two hours more Input on vision and direction of the Business is worth way more than 2 800 Pounds hell yes that's a great example That's something I just would not would Not be even able to Fathom had I not Were I not running a business because It's like why the hell would anyone Spend 3K on a flight well you could Spend 200 quid for exactly the same Thing totally it's like you know the Value of money is just completely

Completely changes yeah where are you Staying do you have access to Internet Or not does that allow you to work yes Or no you know can you make use of your Time by meeting someone else there There's so many other things that have To do with the decision than just the Price tag the price tags often like the Easiest part that's not what people get Caught up on it's how much every every Single ghost writing client that I had It wasn't the price they would ask me How much time is this going to consume Of mine yeah so if I pay you three grand A month four grand five grand a month do You need an hour of my time or do you Need 20 hours of my time that is the Decision it's not the amount of money And again that takes that's really hard To wrap your head around when you're Especially when you're first starting Out yeah and you're trying to charge for Things like you you can't understand That decision Hey friends thank you so much for Watching if you enjoyed this clip then Click here for the full unedited episode And if you like that then do please Consider subscribing to the channel it Means a lot thank you so much and have a Great day bye

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