Why Selfish People Are Better For Society

Are you selfish or selfless? In this episode, Patrick Bet-David talks about why selfish people are a better net positive for society than selfless people.

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Yesterday we're having a conversation About who's a bigger net positive to Society selfish people or selfless People and I wish you were there to Listen to where this conversation went Because it was so entertaining no way we Need more Southwest people there's a lot Of selfish people but by the time the Conversation was done everyone said Maybe we kind of need more selfish People in the world because the world is Revolved around selfish people hang Ted Before you judge watch the whole thing I'm gonna make the case to you at the End if you say Pat you have no clue what You're talking about thumbs down if you Say this makes sense give it a thumbs up And subscribe to the channel let's get Right into it Foreign Let me tell you story about Mario Aguilar Mario has been with me now for 18 years Mario just had a wedding he got Married this past weekend at my house Beautiful wedding we had a great time But I want to tell you about a Conversation I had with him five years Ago we're sitting down in the office in Dallas I said Mario why don't you own a Car cars don't move me how come you Don't own a watch I don't need to have a Nice watch how come you never have money In savings I don't care if I money if I Have it I give it to other people and

I'm going through like what selfish Goals do you have in place nothing I Said You Realize by you being that way You're not a positive to the world he Says what do you mean I said if you're Slightly more driven other people win I Win you win your family wins your peers Win your legacy wins your future kids Win everybody wins if you have something You're going after the world is a better Place if you're in the hunt for some of Your selfish goals so he sits then he Starts thinking about it this guy's Ubering around all over the place he's Wearing the same thing pretty much every Day same shoes same shirts same pants Maybe changes it up here and there but It's pretty much the same routine things There's nothing think exciting going on That he's looking forward to except for His job we have this conversation Mario Starts making changes he makes a video About alcohol I think the last time Mario drank alcohol was three and a half Years ago the video inspires a bunch of Different people and then he says Pat I Want to buy this he buys a nice red Challenger car comes in it's in the back Of the building I see his eyes light up So look at what it feels like then a Watch then a nice suit and nice shoes And you start saving money fast forward To today he's been living on the water In Florida for a few years now drives a

Nice car has more savings than he's ever Had in his life and I'm talking a few Hundred thousand dollars of savings just Three years ago he had one thousand Dollars in a bank he's got 300 000 in Savings today doing good for himself Just got married but to be a father Parents was here family was here they're Looking at him so proud of him what Happened to this guy just in five years We don't recognize this guy anymore what Happened to this guy he finally chose to Be a little bit more selfish so watch This I create this chart yes and I want You to think about it and kind of grade Yourself as well then I'm going to give You different levels to it say we have a Chart in this chart that you're looking At on the top left this is a person That's a 100 selfish and there's zero Selfless the center where the two Collide is 50 50 meaning they're 50 Selfish 50 selfless and then the person On the top right is a person that's a Hundred percent selfless meaning they Don't care anything about themselves Everything's about other people and in The bottom right of somebody that has Zero selfish Gene its meaning all I care About is as much as I do for you I don't Need anything from anybody so then we Continue this conversation and we said So which one is more realistic and which One doesn't exist so we created a chart

And gave it a name with 11 different Levels on where people would be based on The breakdown and here's what we found Out on the top and the bottom if a Person is a hundred percent selfless and Zero percent selfish on the bottom That's non-existent it's a myth you know Why it's impossible for a person not to Be selfish if you're not selfish you Don't eat you don't drink you don't take Care of yourself you don't wash you Don't do anything you don't exist so That's a myth a person cannot be 100 Selfless you have to be selfish in order To live or else you're dead however at The top when you look at the person That's 100 selfish and zero percent Selfless those people can actually exist Some of them are criminals sociopaths They're a danger to society because They're willing to sacrifice friends Family relative business career it Doesn't matter they're 100 all about Themselves however we looked at at the Different tiers and here's what we came Up with so the next level would be Somebody that is 10 selfish and 90 Selfless meaning they're selfish enough To eat to shower to have a job to do the Basic type of things but they'll agree With anything anybody tells them these Are people that are weak willed and Generally cowardly they're a net Negative to society one minute they're

Having a conversation with somebody Saying did you know what that person Said yeah yeah oh yeah wow I can't Believe it then they'll go to the next Person who completely disagrees with That person no that person said oh yeah Yeah zero backbone okay there's other Words for it but that's the level of 1090. the next person is somebody that's 20 80. these are folks that are Indecisive they're conforming to Everyone they can't make a decision so I I don't know I I don't know they're Afraid to make selfish goals and selfish Dreams and I I don't know if this is Good for me I don't want to offend Anybody I'm like just kind of like Conforming again I'm indecise so I'm Staying out of it no problem the 30 70 These are people that are passive Meek Submissive tame still a little more Selfish than others but not enough yet To start getting some kind of progress About them there's still more in the net Negative Community then you have 40 60 Supporting Cast very good Supporting Cast very helpful they're great people To be having in business to help out With different structures but during the 4060 Mode still and in the middle is Thinker advisor these are people that Are 50 50. they're good thinkers what do You think about this I think we should Do this what about that I don't know let

Me think about the other person's side Well you know what their their site is This this side is that so they get you To think because they can both be Selfish and they're selfless so they're Actually a good person to have on the Team because they can give you both Sides of what to do and what not to do The synergist and a great teammate is The 60 40. they have goals they have Dreams they go out there and get it done They push other people there's somebody That you're going to want in any great Organization because there are 60 40 and They have their own things that they Still want to drive to improve the Company improve themselves they're Reading they're improving they're doing All that they're not content with where They are so they have bigger selfish Goals than being selfless then you have The king maker the driver these people Are misunderstood these people are going To be pushing everybody raising Standards disturbing people but at the Same time there are selfless enough it's About a bigger dream a bigger cause a Bigger Vision where everybody wins Instead of just being about themselves That is the 30 mixture of selfless and Selfish to be able to drive the Organization to the next level the next One is a solopreneur 80 20. selfish 20 Selfless they're still in that positive

To society they set an example of Success but they're bad at duplicating Meaning look I'm good I'm not Disrespectful to you I don't hurt you I Don't take advantage of you but I'm just Taking care of myself you do you I do me And I'm still a net positive to society Not a great leader not great at driving Other people but they're good at for Themselves then you have the next level Which is 90 10. this is a narcissist the World revolves around them and a Narcissist is actually not a net Positive to society they're bigger net Positive to society than the weak World Cowardly but they're not a net positive To society it's purely about them and They're willing to do it generally at All costs they'll use you as a pawn They'll look at you as a way to get what They can get out of you it's not about How they can help you it's what they can Get out of you rather than making Everybody one at the same time so when You look at the chart here some people Will come back and say I can't believe You just said that path you mean to tell Me somebody that's this there we quote Cowardly yes that's generally what Happens you just called me out Pat I Don't like this feeling you're giving me I'm not doing this to make you feel good When I create charts like this I go and Think about myself how I was at 18 then

28 and what I have to choose to change And it wasn't easy then 34 then 35 the Only reason I'm looking at this because The last 20 years and having been in the Insurance industry haven't trained 40 000 different licensed agents in the Insurance industry you look at traits of Qualities and you say man that guy could Have been very big but man it was all About him that person could be very big But dude he couldn't get over the fact That his wife kept telling him you got To come home early you got to come home And if you wanted to please everybody could have been amazing but her mom Made her feel so guilty all the time and She fell for it that person could have Been amazing that they could never make Up their minds it was always one day Just one day that that person was an Incredible driver and they built so many Different leaders they pissed a lot of People off but they also built a lot of Different so if you judge him on success They helped a lot of people become Financially free these are case studies On different people now somebody may say Well Pat does this apply to every aspect Of your life you know as a mother if I'm Pregnant shouldn't I be selfless yes This applies to business let me read a Quote you that maybe this makes sense to You and this is by a Naseem Talib he Wrote a book called Skin In the game and

He said this he said I am at the federal Level a Libertarian at the state level Of Republican at the local level Democrat and at my friends and family Socialist pretty weird right wait a Minute you can be a socialist and you Can be a Libertarian and a Republican And a Democrat yes at different levels I'm simply giving you who benefits if You are somebody that you have some Selfish goals your wife wins your Husband wins your kids wins your last Name wins your family ones your heritage Ones the company you're working for wins The industry wins everybody wins the Challenge with this conversation is this You ever rented a car and you're like This is supposed to go 120 miles an hour How come when I go to 80 it goes back Down that car is a speed governor and What it does is it doesn't allow you to Go over 80 miles per hour right and the Rental companies do this so they don't Have too many accidents because it's Expensive and done the research to know What the numbers they don't want drivers To go about because it's not their car They don't treat it like their car the Reason why this chart is being shared With you is you may be watching this and You may say man I'm kind of part of the Narcissist community no problem bring Your Governor down 270 okay and no Anytime you go above 70 people don't

Like to be around you because it's all About you but you may be somebody that's At the other level you're a little bit Of a cowardly weak will or you conform Maybe you need to bring your Governor up And start talking about your selfish Goals like Mario did you know what Happened to his life it changed almost Everybody I know that's bitter they tend To come more from a place of selfless Than a little bit of selfish the world Is a better place if you have a little Bit more selfish Gene in you than Selfless Gene in you everybody around You wins if you have that so if you want The net positive index chart sent to you Text the word selfish to 310-340-1132 once again text the word Selfish to 310-340-1132 we will send the PDF to you So you can take a look at it and score Yourself having said that the video I Want you to watch is a video I've not Recommended before it's Mario's video When he talks about what happened the Day he chose to stop drinking alcohol if You've never seen this video this is a Perfect example of somebody who can go From having a life that was chaotic to Not having an amazing wedding one of the Most beautiful weddings I just had went To this past Saturday which was Phenomenal the man's life has changed Because of the decisions he made if

You've never watched it Click you to watch the video and if you Love the video send Mario a direct Message at Aguilar social either on Twitter or Instagram take care everybody Bye bye Foreign

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