Why Sex Isn’t The Same For Men and Women 👀 #shorts

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Men have a low bar when it comes to Casual sexual partners Julie Bend or Feminist friend of mine she likes to Collect new stories about men having sex With inanimate objects because they do Sometimes come up in like local news and She has a little like informal Collection of man found having sex with A pile of leaves man found having sex With a bike you know like imagine it and It's happened right so clearly there is An extent to which men can be persuaded To basically shag anything living or Dead but men aren't like that though About like potential wives right so when It comes to choosing a long-term partner Men have very high standards and care Deeply about the whole package not just How attractive a woman is with Everything else about her or women don't Seem to have those two modes the Criteria that women look for in a casual Partner and look for in a long-term Partner are the same criteria and Actually often women will have sex with A casual partner in the hope that he'll Become a long-term partner down the line And I think a lot of women don't realize That men have two modes which can cause Heartbreak Foreign

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