Why The Law Of Attraction Isn’t Working For You #shorts

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Manifestation has become a bit of a Buzzword in recent times so I asked a Neuroscientist whether the Law of Attraction can actually change your life There is this idea that you can create This fantasy of the life that you want And sit at home and wait for it to come True and do nothing about it the science But also just my way of going about life Is that yeah create that dream that Ideal and and and do the collage and Have it somewhere in your house that you Look at it all the time and visualize it Becoming true Also you have to go out there and do Things to make it come true you know if You say oh I really want to get married And have a baby well start looking after Your health and meeting suitable people Rather than going out partying all the Time if you think I really hate my job But it pays the bills but I'd love to You know go off and be a freelance Whatever ask yourself what you can Actually do about that

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