Why Valuetainment Picked Florida

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So complete screw up on the marketing Side I have I don't understand what they Did there we were with them a couple Weeks ago at the Governor's Mansion for Six hours they invited a small group of 10 or 15 people to sit there and watch Them on what's going on just to see how He handled himself and and I'm kind of Watching the whole thing these are all Guys that are descended great guys you Know some of these names that are in There uh I'm in Florida because of him When we were in Texas and we're thinking About where to build a media company it Was going back to Newport Beach it was Coming down here to Greenwich It was going to Tennessee it was Tampa Fort Lauderdale or staying in Dallas DeSantis is the reason why we are in Fort Lauderdale because if Texas which We love in California which we love many Parts of if those two guys maybe it's Florida

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