Why Women Get The Ick #shorts

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And the ick is one of those things that You read about in women's mags women get The air con meant and not to get the and What's been described there basically in Colloquial terms is the fact that women Sexual disgust threshold is a lot lower Than men's and that's one of those Things that you can measure quite Objectively because you can measure People's disgust response through things Like sweating and heart rate it's much Easier to trigger in women than it is in Men there's interesting evolutionary Theories around this I mean it might be Partly to do with the fact that women Care more about it than men do it might Also be to do with the fact that women Tend to be more vulnerable to sexual Disease so women are more easily grossed Out by signs of disease in a potential Sexual partner and that might be because The nature of sex just means that women Tend to be more vulnerable to disease Transmission from sex and also that Women are more likely to pass sexual Diseases onto their children through Pregnancy and breastfeeding so there's Maybe a more like deeply embedded Instinctive protective Factor there

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