Why You Can’t Fall In Love On A First Date – Matthew Hussey #shorts

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A big problem when we come from a needy Place when we come from a place of Insecurity we start giving people credit They don't deserve yet I just had the Most amazing date with the most amazing Person oh my God they're incredible Based on what Based on how on what basis what Information could you have possibly got On one date that enables you to say this You have been seduced by a kind of charm Charisma maybe all of that is great I'm Not saying be inherently suspicious I'm Saying you don't know on what basis are You giving them all of this value Already based on projection and based on Insecurity there's immediate putting Them on a pedestal and putting yourself Down here and when someone smells that They don't see an equal anymore that's What I mean when I say challenge I don't Mean artificially constructing games or Hoops for people to jump through I mean That the criteria you have for someone Has to be real

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