Why You Should Have 3 Kids

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I think three is a good number okay I Think three you know why three so I read A story about Billy Graham one time Which was great he says look he says There was an error where these pastors Were traveling on their own and they're Going and giving talks and these young Girls will be like oh my God that Pastor Is such a great speaker and they would Go to Pastor's room and Pastor would sin Right after you just gave a great Message so Pastor said moving forward We're only going to travel with twos We're not going to go with uh one we'll Room up with two of us together so these Pastors going what they notice is if one Pastor can sell the other one on doing Something and not telling anybody they Can generally do something bad then they Said no we have to travel in three Because in three at least one person is Going to say guys I'm not in it so one Is going to make the other one from not Doing anything dumb so if you have three Kids say two of the kids convince each Other to do something stupid one other Kid's gonna say guys I don't want to do That because that's gonna happen and Then if there's four there's two people That can agree on this and there's two People like and then you have good Debates so that's a good show

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