Why You Should Learn Values and Principles In a Early Stage

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The sooner you teach values Later on if this kid wants to go sell Cocaine and go become a drug addict and Do whatever he wants to do or she wants To do that part's on them you can't Teach the right values and principles After 18. it's very hard it's not Received the same way as you teach it Early on so the sooner somebody teaches You the right habits the sooner you have An edge the later somebody teaches like For example insurance industry if I were To tell you haven't been in this Industry for 21 years that's going to be 21 years September the people that gave Us the most problems when they came in Were people that came in who left three Other insurance companies and we would Sit there would look at and say why are We having so many problems with these Guys well they brought bad habits from Another insurance company the people That we train ourselves we have the Least amount of issues with because They're learning how to sell the proper Way

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