Why You Should Schedule Your Relationship For Long Term Happiness – Sahil Bloom

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People say that by the way about Personal crms like you did the whole Idea that no one you know there's like Salesforce which is like a CRM tool for Businesses to like remind you of people You need to Ping and where they are in Your sales cycle Etc and a bunch of Companies have tried to do that for Personal things like birthday reminders Or like when's the last time you spoke To so and so for your network Development and a bunch of people push Back against that people say like oh you Know you're making it unnatural you're Making it like this automated like You're just managing human beings and Those are humans you shouldn't do that And so it just depends on where you sit On the spectrum of wanting to do that or Not I actually don't care if if I give This piece of advice and I say that this Is the life tender is something that Helped me if it's not for you that's Totally okay like if you don't want to Systematize your relationship that's Fine and I'm not going to tell you that I think you're going to get a divorce Because you're not doing it like I just Won't say anything it's not you know if You have a great relationship without Doing these things I think that's Awesome if you talk to your wife tons And you somehow with a newborn find time To have these discussions daily you're

Like a superhero in my book that's a Amazing we don't do that it's very Difficult I find and so doing these Things finding these little systems I Find is just super super helpful yeah May I'm fully fully on on the same page With you on this I've tried so many Different systems for personal CRM over The years never quite stuck to one yeah But the thing I'll come back to is I Actually have a list in my Apple notes Just of people I want to stay in touch With and the other day I was inviting Some friends over for dinner and I just I was thinking have I have I invited Everyone I I think I've invited the People that I I think I want to group up With this thing and I just thought you Know what let me just consult the list And I realized oh I actually should Invite this person but I didn't think of Them in that group because that group is University friends and University Friends I lump as like a category in my Mind but this person I met sort of Outside University but he gel with the Group so I saw his name on the list That's a great idea messaged him and He's coming and now he's going to meet My meet my uni friends and just the by Virtue of the fact I have a list of Friends I want to stay in touch with it Is now encouraging those connections to Happen I did this at one point with

People in cities so once College ended And I was no longer like with my core Group of friends in one place everyone Had moved all over the place like people Were starting jobs in different cities Different countries whatever I realized That I needed to be deliberate when I Traveled about making sure that like if I was in London I need to make sure that I see my couple of friends that are in London that I know I like really want to See and so I made a list of like in These big cities that I might be going To who are the like five people that I Know in those cities and it's a reminder For me because like LinkedIn is okay for That you can sometimes like search who To you know who are my first year Connections but you know this at scale LinkedIn becomes a travesty like it's a Real disaster for me at this point and So I can't really use it for that and so Having like a little list of that like What's my little black book of people That I know in these different cities is Actually a you know remarkable little Hack but yeah people like this sorry to Cut you off the systematizing uh Relationships thing does really bother Some people Um and I'm just a big believer that like Systems is actually a misnomer people When they hear systems they start to Think like oh we're becoming robots and

We're not going to have a normal Conversation and like you know when People will read my content they're like Oh you know he must not be normal in Person because you're not able to just Like have a conversation with someone That's not what it is to me it's like Finding little heuristics shortcuts ways To save yourself time and energy that Make your life easier in some way that Make your life better and easier Um you know at whatever it is you're Doing and so why not have those for Relationships the same way you would for Work hey friends thank you so much for Watching if you enjoyed this clip then Click here for the full unedited episode And if you like that then do please Consider subscribing to the channel it Means a lot thank you so much and have a Great day

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