Why You Should Start A Bullet Journal

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The best way to think about the bullet Journal method as a whole is as your Laboratory for life it's a blank page Essentially and you create whatever game Or goal you want to play every day What's beautiful about this methodology It's powered by your intention what is It that you're curious about what do you Want more of what do you want less of And then you start finding the tools That's help support that I provide a Bunch of different tools to help you Organize your thoughts and different Rituals to help you check in but a big Part of this is about self-discovery for Me the thing that was so challenging Growing up is people kept shoving Productivity systems down my throat like This will make you smart this will make You more productive but none of them Work the way that my mind worked and a Big part about bullet journaling is Discovering what works for you and that Changes all the time which is what makes It relevant over time right like when You're working nine to five it's one Thing when you become a parent it's Another thing when you start traveling It's another thing when you're reading This it becomes a different thing you Know and that's what keeps on making it Relevant

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