Why You Should Start Charging More #shorts

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I think a lot of people under charge I Mean I used to race cars full-size cars I used to have a guy used to do a lot of The mechanic him for me on that car and I'll deliver it to him and tell me what He's done and he said 75 quid sorry About that and I think God expecting 200 Pound on that bill and like I have 125 Really yeah yeah you have it he went out Of business and I know why he went out Of business I told him why he was gonna Go out of business and he wasn't Charging enough You know but he was so afraid and I Don't know why people don't try because Trying to charge a little more is an Experiment in business isn't it and you Push it to as far as you can because you Can only make that profit once from that Customer you know you don't want to rip Anyone off I would never Say go and rip people off but you're Providing value and it's what you put us That value and that's an important Amount of money

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